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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how he sets up tomorrow. I know there’s an argument not to change a winning team, but I don’t think you can leave Dapo out again - he changed the game last Saturday and is by far our best player. His decision could be made easier if Lee hasn’t recovered from last week, but if he is then it will be interesting to see if Baka keeps his place or Dapo is back in.
  2. I think you’ve answered your own question to an extent Traf. They borrowed it as did the vast majority of other businesses - why plough your own money in during exceptional times when you can get cheap debt from the government? There are plenty more wealthy that used government schemes. Keen to quickly dilute their holding - as others (and you) have pointed out, having an offer that values this club at £60m is too good to turn down. Why pay it back when you can get such good value for the money? Also, at 8%, there is no reduction in the control they have and so the business continues to run as they wish, the only impact is that they get slightly less when they sell (but we would have to sell for more than £60m for them to lose out on this deal - and even then, you could argue the £5m that hasn’t been paid back has instead been used to generate the future value). Absolute no brainer and too good a deal to turn down with no actual day-to-day implications.
  3. Doubt it’s even the manager situation, it’s not like they’re going to get a new one in and suddenly it makes sense to keep him and let him leave on a free. I’d imagine it’s a combination of keeping him to play the most games possible before they sell, therefore contributing to as many points as possible, and also using the time to see if any better bids come in. He’ll come to us, because it makes sense to all parties, they’ve just been a bit clever (unless he’d have got an injury and then it wouldn’t have been too clever) in doing the deal.
  4. Completely agree on Fossey, he still makes us dangerous down that right wing, even though he’s essentially playing as a lone wing back, rather than with a full back. For me the wings are definitely the compromise with the new formation. We have less options and are less dangerous attacking down the wings as we are relying on only Fossey (who manages very well) or only John (who hasn’t seemed as comfortable as yet) to attack. Jones and Johnston often become the available option in this formation, and Jones is far more comfortable with the ball at his feet, being a natural full-back, than Johnston looks - who lost the ball quite a few times in the first half trying to find a pass into midfield - but it definitely makes us look better defensively and we always seem to have a covering CB. I still think that if we strengthen in CM, if Dempsey comes in and we look really strong in there, then 4231 suits better and would utilise Dapo to his best (which is essential as he’s our best player) - I also don’t think that 2 up front has exactly proven that it will translate into loads of chances, but maybe that changes with JDB v Baka - but then you can’t exactly argue with 2 wins out of 2 using this formation. Interesting to see how it goes, and it’s nice to have options brought about with a stronger squad, as long as we keep winning then I don’t really give a toss what formation we play.
  5. Joe Mason v Huddersfield in an absolutely nothing game at the end of the mid-table champ season (still a quality celebration).
  6. Top summary - and a last minute winner for the fans! Dapo changed the game going forwards, he needs to be in the team no matter what formation we play.
  7. Trying to figure out if MJ is injured because the game is passing him by - he’s definitely not his usual self.
  8. No - great run by Dapo but never a pen.
  9. Overrun might be a bit strong but we certainly aren’t controlling things. MJ definitely not having his best game and Morley is tidy without doing a lot. I’m not convinced the formation is helping us although we have come into it a bit more in the past 5 mins.
  10. Definitely look tighter at the back, and changing to a 4 might lose that - we just look really short of options as soon as we get the ball though and it means it just keeps coming back at us. Maybe harsh on Baka, because Charles hasn’t done anything of note either, but as Casino says it’s Baka’s job to win things and make it stick and he’s done neither.
  11. Need to just get to half time and re-group. It’s not working at all - no point having 2 up top when absolutely nothing sticks. Wouldn’t be surprised to see us shift to 4231 and bring Dapo on
  12. Not got any part of the game going yet - seem to be second to most things as well. Could do with something to spark a bit of urgency, sure it will come though
  13. Eddie

    Best 11

    No he’s not. Gordon has improved from last season and John hasn’t really been at his best… John is still streets ahead of Gordon.
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