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  1. If we go up then I’d think we’ll be somewhere between 7-10th in the betting for L1 promotion next season. We’ll only keep about 5-10 of the current squad and will have a bigger budget than half of the league to replace with L1 players - add Evatt into the mix, who will be seen as an even bigger asset if he’s added another promotion to his CV, and the fact that there are only probably 3 or 4 clubs that are as big or bigger draw to new players, and I can’t see that we won’t be straight into at least mid table. Let’s get there first though!
  2. Our crossing is bad enough from open play but set pieces are embarrassing. There’s one thing setting up the players to attack the ball, beat the defender etc., but there’s a bigger problem when we don’t have anyone that can cross a ball. For as good as John is, it amazes me just how bad he is a crossing from a dead ball - both he and Isgrove have now just resorted to floating it in to make sure they get it off the ground, which is a cop out and makes it easier to defend against, but John can’t even get that right with around 3 out of 4 just floating into the keepers hands. There will
  3. 2-0 Doyle x2 The promotion push continues
  4. They’ll surely choose the biggest audience. It’s like a cheat fixture for them, probably the same viewing figures as most championship games but they only have to pay the fee of a L2 game. It’s why Leeds were on so much in the champ - prem size viewing, much smaller cost.
  5. 🙌🏼 My life motto. It will, we’ll go up
  6. We looked all over it from about the 5th to the 35th minute, genuinely like we’d pick them off at will and the goal was a belter. Other than that though I just thought Exeter looked like a really good team and probably shaded the game. The defence never looked comfortable, I think it was them having 2 up top, we’ve not really had to deal with that before and Santos/Baptiste looked more hesitant than I’ve seen them for a long time. I just knew we wouldn’t win today, when have bolton ever done anything easy? I’m sure we’ll win next week and go up, but doing it with a game to spare, no
  7. Jesus Bolton. Still think we’ll beat Crawley but fucking hell, we just never do it easy
  8. It will go to the final day, it’s Bolton, it always was going to
  9. That cunt should have been sent off twice
  10. Thought that was in, I was up celebrating!
  11. Forest green down to 10 men Walsall had 71% possession v Morecambe If only we didn’t have to worry about them 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. Just me or have the defence looked unsure all afternoon - it’s like they’re hesitant with everything
  13. Get John off any corners or wide free kicks. He just floats it to their keeper for them to counter attack
  14. It’s gonna be 1-0 isn’t it? Can I pre prepare myself for a heart attack?
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