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  1. Really good article in the BN today about what’s happening behind the scenes - recruitment, data analysis, forward planning, new ideas etc. I love that type of stuff, it’s the kind of thing that can cost very little, or nothing at all in some cases, but can give you an advantage on those that are stale and set in their own ways. It’s obvious that this is driven by a young, progressive manager but is also bought into by a very clever and business savvy owner - it really does look like the perfect combination and I’m confident that if we keep both, we’ll be battling at the top end of the championship within the next few years. It might not happen this year but you can just tell the overall direction that the club is now going in, and it’s only one way. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/19583114.bolton-wanderers-believe-can-league-one-football-data/
  2. How many times has kick it out been discussed over the past 5 years? How many times has taking the knee been discussed this season? Whether you agree with it or not, it is starting a lot of conversation which is exactly the point. Long may it continue.
  3. This ref’s a fucking shocker. Not only is he shit but he’s one of them that loves a bit of power and is a twat with it
  4. Knew it when I heard it was him. He’s not the one
  5. Sounds inevitable this - I’ve just remembered why I hate listening to the radio
  6. Only listening to it, so might not be a fair assessment, but our right hand side of Brockbank and Fonz sounds poor.
  7. One thing I noticed was the amount of people that were still there at the final whistle, songs going round the ground after the whistle went, no mad rush for the exit like the fire alarm’s just gone off - people wanted to stay and revel in it which I’ve not seen even after other wins within the last 5-7 years
  8. Oxford knew how important he is, they had a man on him from the first whistle that didn’t leave his side. It meant he didn’t get the ball as much, and he had less of an impact taking the ball from the defence, but once again he was fucking brilliant off the ball and breaking things up. A top top player - I also hope he’s rested on Tuesday.
  9. Presume the team today will be the same as Tuesday but with Isgrove in for Baka and John back in for Gordon, if fit. It would be good to see that defence, with Dixon behind, settle and play some consecutive matches together. 3-1 Dapo, Doyle, Kachunga
  10. I’m the same. Joined in 2006 as a 15 year old - I’ve now been coming on here for more of my life than I haven’t. Can you imagine if there was something that told you how long you’d spent on the site over the years (please don’t tell me there is one)!? Anyway, all the best to Happy Wanderer - it’s great to see the site get behind such a good cause.
  11. Probably - I’ve erased that season from my memory
  12. Some performance that, away at last year’s play off finalists and looked comfortable throughout. First half I thought we were pretty average, off the ball we were doing the right things, but we were sloppy on the ball and so invited too much unnecessary pressure. Second half though was as good as I’ve seen us play, live, for years and years. Everyone knew their job, passing was more crisp, we hunted in packs and Lincoln couldn’t live with it. There was a good 15 minute spell where it was sustained pressure and when Lincoln did get the ball we turned it over within seconds and built again. Everyone had a good game but I would say MJ was the standout for me (as others have pointed out) - he is very very good and seems to fit perfectly with Evatt’s style of play. I think the biggest compliment for him is that he is now playing as the sole DM in that midfield 3, with Sheehan higher up and closer to Sarce - whereas last year Lee would play alongside him and share the duties. No surprise that Jones looked a million times better when Baka went off for Isgrove either. Baka is class and will be a big player for us this year, but just at the moment he leaves Jones very exposed down that side, whereas Isgrove’s workrate going backwards worked far better. It was class to be in an away end again, class to celebrate a late winning goal in an away end and class to see the players experiencing a Bolton away following after a win at the end.
  13. Does make me laugh stuff like that. We got put into administration, had a 15 point deduction, dropped to 20th in league 2, were 1 day from extinction - how much more “punishment” is expected?
  14. Any suggestions for best parking? Doing M62 / A1 and only likely to get there for 7 - 7.30
  15. Eddie

    AFC Dons away

    I reckon Gilks stays in net, after his public backing he won’t bench him yet. Santos will definitely come back in, he’s our star cb so will be no surprise to be brought in once fit. I’d expect Johnston to start next to him. Wide men is interesting because it works along with who plays up top. I think he’ll start with the same front 3 but Doyle will know that he’s not got long before Bakayoko takes his spot up top which would leave one of Isgrove or Kachunga to take the wide spot. So only Santos in for Baps for this game IMO.
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