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  1. Does it have to be a postcard? Can't i use a cut out bit of a cereal box?
  2. Its a times like this im grateful that i can work from home and use leg power. I dont even use a tank a month. But perhaps i should still PANIC
  3. Because it takes 99 seconds to demolish one? Havn't got a clue, always assumed it was because of the 99 pence but have never really thought how long they have been in existence. To be fair i just ate them.
  4. You could just boot the Duck sized Horses out of the way, im a bit scared of the beak of a Horse sized Duck. Do we get a choice of weapons thrown in with this question?
  5. Is it wrong that this made me laugh? Does she dress you up?
  6. Evidently some do. They are obviously wrong though. Why didnt you mock them??
  7. Widders, you can go in the miggul of us. I am in for the WW piss up. Its worth it to play 'how long will it take in minutes to peel your feet off the tower lounge floor' And BCG NB, i did the same thing, its a nob thing!
  8. Its not just about what the girls look like though is it, its their awareness levels too. I think 7/8 should be the cut off point regardless of their development. And yes NB, i bet it was horrid!
  9. Hindsight is a glorious thing. Bloody useless when you need it at the time and not years later though!
  10. I think its usually 7/8. I do recall that around that point my eldest no longer came into the female changing rooms with me. And frankly, you shouldve gone to reception and complained (obviously when dressed) Now they wont know which idiot is taking his kids in there. Writing a letter after the event is not always the best approach. A Member of staff couldve gone in immediately and dealt with the issue. That said, please do write in/see a manger in person. It has to be noted that there are concerns.
  11. I wouldve wrapped the cord round your neck for getting pissed so close to due date. But im a meanie Alls well that ends well though, at least you got there in the end. :-)
  12. You will look back on this one day Ryan and shake your head at yourself. Actually thats bollocks isnt it
  13. We love it, its ace when BCG goes to the Newsagents and knocks on at 5am to water pistol me in the face when she has been drinking antifreeeze.
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