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  1. Answer this......was he calling people wankers b4 he got the pie in the mush or was he reacting to the lad who he saw throw the pie? And whilst you're at it wot would you have done in his shoes?
  2. posting for a friend Dad and lad sat in club wembley with older brother and his missus.......freebie and first time at new wembley Life long wanderers supporter,hails from school hill, no shrinking violet but doesn't go as often nowadays due to a number of factors......stoke score, stoke fans behind and start gving it large, beer thrown down below.....bolton fans get upset and start giving grief to my friend and his lad mistakenly.....my friend is shouting down to the brave lads below that he's from bolton when one brave little soldier sends a meat pie into his lads face......pie burns his lad's face so my friend has words with the brave little soldier and his mates....they know he's from bolton now but instead of laying off they start giving it large bout sorting him out and he doesn't respond well to threats......next thing stewards appear and my friend and his lad are thrown out for throwing things below.....so "the wanderer" it wasn't quality, it wasn't a stokie, he ain't a cunt and the lad in question would like to say a big thank you to the lad who threw the meat pie which ruined his lad's day out......... Another happy tale from a crap day........
  3. You have been watching too much BBC - 3 month LIBOR this morning is 2.23% which is only 0.73% above BBR. This is the lowest cost of bank funding since September last year. The main reason personal finance is getting higher is that Banks are skint and have limited liquid money to lend. Good old supply and demand.
  4. been today good turnout, had a good drink after sent stu. on his way rip mate. marching all together.
  5. i would have it but they wont let me in i could go in disguise
  6. its on in the carters open early, day off work for me then a full session come on you whites :bb
  7. for some of us the dodgy chanels are our only option. well for the next nine years at least
  8. Is it on at yours mate?? You can post it on ITK as its members only :-$ thanks for the computer lesson jay maybe see you up there?. :bb
  9. yes jay its on at ours, and i am helping out behind the bar, no prob getting a beer and a good veiw. :D/
  10. the city game is on the dodgy channels, ART SPORT 2, SPORT 2HUNGARY,&C+ SPORT. at all good watering holes. :-$
  11. loosing to aldershot over two legs, to get relegated down to div.4 and any game we loose to the scum. :-&
  12. i want to be there, but will be in spirit. :-({|= hey! jay do you no who this is?[/b]
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