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  1. RIP Gary. I am stunned. Football legend.
  2. The fans should just not bother purchasing a season ticket then. I know I wouldn't bother. That is a fucking disgrace.
  3. Someone told me that Savage has only been red carded once. Not sure if correct and too ealy to search ha ha
  4. Being honest, apart from the month of November and odd glimpses here and there I would not say we have been playing attractive football under Coyle. Our passing is often very poor and we have many players who just do not look comfortable on the ball.
  5. Doesn't seem to be behaving like a prick to me.
  6. I reckon you change your user name to awoman rather than anewman cos you sure fucking moan like one. Ricky played well today.
  7. I don't actually believe Holloway is a good manager. If he was half decent he would not carry on with the all out attack leaving yourselves wide open when you are 2 nil up away from home. I agree it is entertaining for the neutral but sometimes you have to protect what you already have.
  8. Made me laugh on MOTD when it said we haven't won in the league since 19whatever it was at Bloomfield Road. Well that's because we have hardly played them in the league since then. When was the last time Man Utd beat Torquay at Plainmoor in the league? Fooking never cos they haven't played them so why do they come with such shite stats.
  9. Right then....we have one poster who always goes on about never beating the top teams. Now we have someone going on about doing badly in local derbies. Shall we have one about how we do against teams based in the midlands? It doesn't really fucking matter as long as we pick up points against other teams like we have done. The fact is apart from the top 5 or 6 the rest of the teams are on a par with each other and can beat each other on any given day.
  10. Wins for Blackpool, Birmigham and Wolves next week please and we can say fuck off to the dingles and Wigan. I don't think it will happen though.
  11. I hope by waving you mean v signs, wanker signs and pointing your finger to the ground in a going down kind of motion ha ha ha ha.
  12. For what it is worth I believe you should be able to pick whoever you like from your 25 man squad. After all who determines what the strongest 11 is each week?
  13. Success?? Aren't they getting relegated next week?
  14. We have a shocking run during most seasons. This season it has just come at the end rather than the start or middle. I agree the away form has to be looked at though.
  15. Wheater? I agree if you mean him. I am at a loss to understand what he has done wrong.
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