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  1. It appears to me that managers are less committed these days. Its just a thought i've had and put it out there
  2. Just seems to me that one club men are becoming a rarity, Benitez being a case in point and our own dear Sam, Maybe they should have their own transfer window between the players' window.
  3. First time I'd seen a squirrel in the ground yesterday. Was it a squirrel or a rat? Saw something dark shooting across the steps and under seats. Folk weren't so sure what it was it was so quick! You are never more than 2 metres from a rat. It was a rat, live with it. I could hire out my ferrets, sadly my ratting dog is no more
  4. Never saw Greaves but his record stood for itself. I saw Walker loads of times... If a linesman or ref upset him you just KNEW it would be in the back of the net within 10 minutes
  5. And "for fks sake beat the first defender"
  6. I can't knock Doyle, he runs the channels and feeds off scraps, does his best to polish turds. I'm going to repeat myself here... 11 corners and zero goals, Rotherham had 4 and got one goal. Don't get me started on long throws. 100% total football does not work in League 1, we need to knock it over the top and get more in the oppositions face when required.
  7. Dimron


    How that mighty can fall Local news should be interesting. Does Rooney now need a job?
  8. You know every time there is a sacking then Evatt's name is going to be in the frame. I have been long of the opinion that modern managers should be included in the transfer window
  9. American Gobshites in my opinion... wifey likes one song "Magic Mountain", hence the tickets. Now she's on about not bothering and watching the tennis... as I pushed her out of the door
  10. Fk Could've, Would've, Should've Black Stone Cherry had better be good tonight
  11. This is pathetic. One of our players has been assaulted on line and it could affect our entire season and all you lot can do is... I said, You said and massage your own egos. New site now required for "BWFC keyboard gammon warriors"
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