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  1. I think we'll do em tomorrow
  2. Dimron


    The managers in both circumstances were/are acting in the club's interests by projecting a day to day stability. Looks like Mel Morris has walked away completely with the property deeds in his back pocket whereas Parkie had to put up with Anderson's vanity and then no socks Bassinni
  3. Dimron


    You have a point there, I have been privately nodding to him when he has been on TV Parkie also conducted himself in a dignified way in the middle of all the shit
  4. Dimron


    Another Coventry?
  5. Dimron


    He's a scouse toe rag who would be nickin hub caps if he couldn't kick a ball
  6. Dimron


    According to the local news Rooney has turned down an interview at Everton so he's now a local hero. Planning a big march from somewhere to somewhere else with Forest Fans this weekend, wasn't listening too closely as I was looking at some tits on another thread. All pointless as we know, it's all about which bean counter can piss the highest up the wall at the moment, nothing to do with the fans and football
  7. Listened to it on the ifollow. I said to the missus the is going to be 1 nil but I don't know which way. There was a miss just before and I thought we had spunked our load again. But fk me that was a brilliant goal Onwards
  8. 7,532 Coningsby Dog Rescue
  9. Dimron


    Local news was buzzing tonight about an American finance house called Carlisle Capital putting a bid in for the asking price of 28mill excluding the stadium which is still owned by Candy Crush Mel Morris; one of the financial acts that led to the melt down. They might survive the month but become the next Coventry... I can only see it ending in tears
  10. Dimron


    Just joined the Labour Party Watch this space
  11. It was good pint in Churchills
  12. The new stadium and hotel complex will secure the future of BWFC
  13. Dimron


    Left Torquay under a cloud, something about kicking a player
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