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  1. What are you going to do with the extra time? The nearer it gets the more I'm dreading it... I'm on 4 days at the moment going down to 3 after the summer works. Wife was ready to stab me with the scissors on my day off last week, I'm going to end up going out like i'm off to work and sitting in a cafe somewhere making a cup of tea last for 3 hours 🙂
  2. Dimron


    Sounds like a job for Parky
  3. When we get an Ipswich Away thread going there will be a car going from Grantham/Peterborough area, both on the East Coast Main Line, if anyone needs a lift... Only rules will be no Brexit, Politics or Wars.
  4. I "retire" in two weeks time on my 66th birthday but have agreed to stay on for a couple of years, reduced hours etc etc, to train and help the poor fkkr who will take over my empire Good luck pal
  5. Dimron


    If you want to end up with a small fortune from football you need a large one to start with. Notts County had a similar local property developer owner and he ran out of cash after a major melt down where we all got to see his cock. Assets £266 mill probably with limited liquidity won't be enough to satisfy fanbase expectations
  6. Better get your car serviced... dot com
  7. If I was a player I'd be well pleased... probably means a bye on Boxing Day and a drink on Christmas Day
  8. I'd bet the Issa Brothers from Blackburn will have a "family" interest somewhere... I did a couple of jobs for them and loads more work came in from the connection. Good luck lads
  9. In 10 years time the Meta-verse will be fully established. We will have algorithms instead of players and the wealthiest clubs will be those who can afford the best programmers from silicon valley. We will have fabricated players like Bobby Best, Nat Matthews and Pippy Pele as our superstars. You'll all be watching your own virtual reality on a plastic box strapped in front of your pink and flabby eyeballs and gambling your ill gotten crypto currency away, for the extra experience you will be able to buy your own reality where you score a hat-trick and bonk a plastic blonde every week. Me? If i'm still around, I'll be walking a whippet around the rec watching some kids kick a ball.
  10. Dimron


    I wonder if he's brought himself a pair of socks yet?
  11. Dimron


    Agreed, there are no assets as Candy Crush man owns the stadium... at the end of the day all there is for sale is a football club empty of players with some history and a limited fan base with no bricks and mortar. Mel Morris always said he was a supporter and he doctored the finances to have a shot at the big time but fell short at the final hurdle. Now it has all collapsed, it's a case of holding on to whatever you have and fuck everyone else, Mel Morris owns the most. Rooney for Blackpool? 🙂
  12. Dimron


    I heard on the local news they cannot meet the June payroll as things stand, just five players on the books
  13. We were about 8 goals off the pace so maybe if we can work on the set plays some more we'll be there. Anyway, all academic now, summer is here. No World Cup or Euros so I'll probably sign off until August
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