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  1. I felt like the infection was trying to get down my windpipe and something was in the way... I had a tickly irritation just beyond my throat for several days which with normal colds and flu would work its way down and become a real cough but it didn't seem able to make progress... except for a short time on Friday night when I could feel irritation further down and it was murder, but after getting a sweat on it went back and then faded away. I can only put this down to the jab helping my white (cell) army to beat it. Probably mainly psychological but it helped as I feel totally healthy no
  2. No offence taken mate. This thing is weird, it really is nothing like I've come across previously... it might be a "natural" virus but it is different. I've felt it lurking at the top of my windpipe and trying to get into my lungs every night while lying in bed and also felt the resistance from the jabs, its been like a mini-war going on. Then without warning the fucking thing has gone, that is the freaky thing. As you have all said... lets see what the next 24 hrs brings
  3. Probably not, it all started as part of the original planning application
  4. two grand for our heritage What are we going to do guys? I'm deffo up for it
  5. I'm not a tin hatter but now I have had the fucker I know this thing is manufactured, how on earth could I have gone to bed last night feeling shit and wake up right as rain? I've been reporting to you all "live" over the past week that the thing was weird and how I felt there was something strange going on in my body (calm down Rudy). Will we ever get to know the truth? No we'll be like mushrooms in the shed, kept in the dark and fed bullshit. The politicians and strategists probably know in retrospect that they should have just adopted a pin point burnt earth policy on the initial
  6. I went for an interview for lorry driving but I smiled too much and told them I could only eat one Yorkie Bar per day
  7. We had our honeymoon in Llandudno forty odd years ago
  8. Nowhere near me, hate babies until they are old enough to play footie and have a scalextric
  9. Agreed. just because some very vocal gits are breaking the rules doesn't mean we should. Wife is pretty rough with it today but my symptoms virtually disappeared overnight. It is a fkin weird disease, now I've had it and my jabs the more I am convinced the thing is manufactured and it is now being fought by a similarly manufactured defence weapon, it just doesn't behave like any anything else I have picked up during my 65 orbits of the sun.
  10. A lorry driver grafting? That'd be a first
  11. I think it was Joe Gormley who said the Ted Heath that he wouldn't give up until every miner had a Jag in his drive. We've become an aspirational society where being a social media influencer or moving money around for a percentage is seen as a good job but lorry driving and having a trade is "oh dear you poor thing, that's what you get for not trying hard enough at school". The pandemic showed how society actually needs this "underclass" more than hedge fund managers
  12. That is what that Tory twat Bridgen was saying... Blair facilitated working class people to go to university rather than accept their station in life and become manual workers, as a result we became reliant on imported labour and now have fewer British lorry drivers. In his world we should all have accepted our roles in life and expected nothing better. On the plus side we are now going to teach latin in schools
  13. Its weird Definitely had symptoms yesterday and this morning they've gone. Just demolished a load of toast and orange juice and off out into the garden now. Hope its not like those films where you see all the seawater roll back from the coastline exposing wrecks and lost villages and then a 200 ft tsunami comes in!
  14. This is the weirdest disease known to man. I've woken up this morning and its gone away, just like that... a bit of a mucus like tickle on the throat and that's it. 2 days left on the app and I bet if I do a test later it'll be negative. First properly solid shit for over a week too. Starving hungry, going to get out there and cut the grass.
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