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  1. We skived off for that and ended up stood behind the music teacher
  2. You'll really enjoy it up there walking with the missus and the dog... chills me out every time I visit
  3. Agreed regarding Cragside, worth a visit. Always avoided Alnwick Castle, we head towards Barter Books when in town
  4. They do light ales as well, trust you'll like Carters though... sorry about littering the beach. Good return walk from Newton to Dustanburgh and Craster also, do it every time we visit (once or twice a year)
  5. Long walk along the bay (or you can drive) for a pint at the Ship at Low Newton, has it's own micro-brewery and does an amazing dark stout. Go to Carters butchers in Bamburgh for his freshly made steak pies and scotch eggs for your lunches, he does his own Bamburgh Banger, one of Rick Stein's Food Heroes... he's a season ticket holder at St James' and will talk footie all day. Ashes of all my dogs are on Bamburgh beach and that is where I'm going to end up.
  6. That is an advantage of masks... the bloke on the till at Wickes couldn't see my face when he charged me sixty quid for some scabby 4x2, if he could lip read he'd smacked me
  7. Round them up like sheep and put them through a sheep-dip
  8. An ex village co-op has been taken over by Asians... they don't enforce any mask wearing so I avoid it. I walk out of shops if anyone is not wearing a mask and make sure I tell them why; I wear a mask to stop me potentially infecting them and I expect the same courtesy in return... selfish bustards
  9. Jersey looking good for a visit...
  10. Not sure about when it all went into reverse gear but we all seem to be so much less tolerant and tribal these days. The difference between the haves and have nots has grown massively and the migrant population unfortunately tend to be in the have nots. So many of us have so much but are no happier for it, I recall being so much happier in the 70s/80s but maybe that's because I'm becoming a grumpy old cunt.
  11. Wifey is so keen to stay away from everybody she has actually agreed to let me fly her up to Mull for a holiday. She is used to me taking her into Bournemouth airport when we visit her sister but Glenforsa will be a bit different... We'll see if it all happens, I'll have to watch the weather. Dog doesn't care, just sleeps on the back seat like it's a car. Probably end up in Skeggy 🙂
  12. Not a bad call... I flat shared with a lad who got typhoid from a bag of brown rice, it can work both ways
  13. I have relatives from Bury who moved to near St Davids many years ago... lost touch now but used to love going there on visits, love to go back... I'll suggest it to the other half. Off to Glenforsa in Mull this year, looking forward to it.
  14. Could be we'll end up with a Mad Max type future where we have diseased mutants cut off in areas away from the rest of society and unable and unwilling to mix with the outside world
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