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  1. Invested in pair of adidas Sonic Boost cost £60 in JD sale should have been £100.Highly recommended and like running on air.Running Liverpool Half Marathon in March and Bupa Great Birmingham Half Marathon in October to hopefully build up for London Marathon next year.Our lass bought us Garmin sat nav running watch for Xmas and has really helped with my training.
  2. Basically yes pal and experience playing not only the best players week in week out but at the big tv tournaments.Watching floor tournaments is a great leveller.Taylor struggles at the floor tournaments but is a lot better in the tv tournaments
  3. Some of the lads that entered Q School and got there cards were complete unknowns that were probably just normal pub players.Great opportunity for anyone to try and mix with the big boys on the main tour.Glad that Joe got his card cos genuine nice guy and a top dart player.
  4. Standard all day was unbelievable pal.Players hitting 180's,ton plus checkouts and 12 dart legs for fun.
  5. Joe won his tour card today mate.Beat Lernbacher in the final hitting a 161 checkout.Would have got it on points earned over the 4 days but did it in style.Saw every game he played today and played awesome all day.Hit 133,130 and 116 checkouts.
  6. Yeah know Joe quite well.Top lad and off to support him Friday and Saturday.Got to last 16 today so 5 points he got may help in the mix up at the end of the 4 days.
  7. Lost 5-2 in prelim round pal.Van de pasAlcinas,Gilding and Kyle Anderson who got a 9 darter at ally pally won the 4 tour cards yesterday.340 players entered and sounded like a tough long day.Second day today.Seen that Lee Hayes around the floor tournaments.Do you know him mate?
  8. PDC Q school starts today in Wigan first of 4 days.360 players chasing a 2 year Tour card.Off on Friday and Saturday to watch a few mates play.Few from BDO playing and Hankey's gone back to BDO.Should be an amazing standard
  9. No mate but lives in Bolton and his GF is a Bolton lass and a Wanderer.
  10. Won his 4th PDC Challenge Tour event today of the season out of 18 to finish top of the Challenge Tour rankings.Went to the last event to decide it.This means he gets 2 year PDC Card,all entries paid for the first season.Also gets entry to Grand Slam of World Darts in Wolverhampton and World Championships at Ally Pally.Great effort by him.Hopefully the springboard to get into top 32.Great dart player and genuine top lad.
  11. Junior can't make QPR game on Saturday and want mate to use ticket.Can you upgrade junior ticket for 1 game to an adult.If you can what is best way of doing.Can you do it online and how much does it cost.I'm in ESL.Ta in advance.
  12. Just got back from there on Sunday after 13 days in Sharm. No bother when we were there.Talking to few locals and they hate that Morsi fella with a passion.Great country and locals very friendly.Sham really.
  13. Not sure pal.Staying at Sea Club Aqua park in Sharm.Only 2 quid in taxi so can't be far away.Can see why you love Egypt mate as I love the people,place and weather.Defo coming back ;-)
  14. Love to be at Turf Moor Saturday but will be watching it in Union Jack pub in Sharm El Sheikh.COYW ????
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