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  1. Junior can't make QPR game on Saturday and want mate to use ticket.Can you upgrade junior ticket for 1 game to an adult.If you can what is best way of doing.Can you do it online and how much does it cost.I'm in ESL.Ta in advance.
  2. Not sure pal.Staying at Sea Club Aqua park in Sharm.Only 2 quid in taxi so can't be far away.Can see why you love Egypt mate as I love the people,place and weather.Defo coming back ;-)
  3. Love to be at Turf Moor Saturday but will be watching it in Union Jack pub in Sharm El Sheikh.COYW ????
  4. Played all of second half and scored in USA 6-1 win :-)
  5. Didn't same happen to Per Frandsen or did i imagine that. He left club and didn't get a new contract. Fans only found out after he left the club so couldn't give him a send off last game of season.
  6. Lad at work told me today that Appleton went into dressing room after Burnley game and was so angry he offered all the players out.
  7. Mate said he is on gardening leave and still getting paid by the club. Not the case surely?
  8. Clean sheets are what it's all about ;-)
  9. Looked like he'd never been away when he came on last night ;-)
  10. Born in Leigh. Lived in Atherton till i was 8.Junior school i went to either supported BWFC or Man U. Saw Frankie Worthington and got hooked ;-)
  11. Said in Mirror today Samba has same agent as Harry Redknapp. !!!!
  12. fruitbat69


    Very sad to lose a wanderer at a young age.Thoughts go out to his family.RIP.
  13. fruitbat69


    The question i have a bwfc fan is why very few youth players have had opportunities to get in the first team. Can't just because they aren't good enough more to do with the managers not risking the chance of relegation from Prem so stick with more experienced players. Maybe we're now in the Championship we can take some risks as well as the fact we have no money. I just hope DF gives youth a chance.
  14. Only missed 1 home league game in 21 years.80 mile round trip to each home game. Only go to couple of away games a season. Didn't go yesterday as rather have money used elsewhere so that must make me a crap fan then.
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