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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Spa Lane Vaults as a starting point :-)
  2. I've not been on W/Ways for a very long time but had to come on to say how shocked and taken a back I was to hear the news earlier today about Gary Speed. Hours later I still find it hard to take in. Even though I didn't know him on a personal level it feels like I've lost a mate. Sounds strange that I know because Im not an emotional type of bloke, but it knocked me for six when I heard. Im 42 also and have a couple of kids and to think what his family are going through right now, it will be unimaginable. My heart goes out to them all, especially his kids. RIP.
  3. Who? I know an old lass I think called Margaret who used to frequent, 'Programme Fairs' who would also love this, but no idea how to get in touch with any of them.
  4. Hi - I'm having a clear out. I have 200+ BWFC footy programmes, from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's, both Home & Away. Im not looking for much for them. PM me if your interested.
  5. Watford was a No Show all them years ago, this beat that hands down. SHIT.
  6. In Stanmore in Witherspoons, just opened and serving ale.
  7. In Stanmore in Witherspoons, just opened and serving ale.
  8. In Stanmore in Witherspoons, just opened and serving ale.
  9. Set off, 16 of us ont M60 now. First beers cracked.
  10. Last one to the Greyhound is a Manc, first one get em in. TOTAL SUNSHINE all day, f@ckin great.
  11. Cant sleep, so going to watch Debbie Does Dallas 17, three times.
  12. Mini bus sets off 4.45am, first can, 4.46am, you may ask why wait a minute, well, l do need to get comfy. First piss 5.06am...into the can Ive just emptied. First butty, 5.10am. Called me old fashioned but getting pissed is part of the day and so is forgetting most of the game. Ive covered that side anyhow by setting my didgy box to record the match. So I can always watch it again Monday night.
  13. We're setting off 5am in our mini bus, no f@cking around ere. Weatherspoons open early, even Sundays AND serve ale, some serve from 9am some 10am on Sunday. We're stopping at one in Uxbridge around 9. JJ Moons say they serve ale from 10, the one near Wembley. The Greyhound is our pub, the main road on our side of groud A479, where you would turn right, coming down the road onto Dagmar Ave where the Green Man is, carry on down about 350m, do a left at the fork and the Greyhound is there. Its a decent size pub with a big standing area at the front. I reckon all the pub and front will hold 1000 plus.
  14. OK, its now open sale, so potentially those people who have just bought a ticket are looking for transport. Anyone? Cm'on ?5 a ticket, reserved seats...
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