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  1. I might stay in Torquay it’s a better night out and only 20 minutes on the train to Exeter.
  2. Fare play to Liverpool they have played some decent football, living in Manchester and having to listen to the City fans giving it the big licks I think this is hilarious.
  3. Worksop was worse than wank.
  4. Nobody mentioned that, it’s fucking walking boots not trainers.
  5. Used to get the no 42 back to Walkden and the Buff was already in the shops.
  6. Nobster


    Tram to Prestwich, good run of pubs down Bury New Road finish at the Friendship Inn with decent food and a fine pint of Holt's bitter, then a 10 minutes walk to the ground.
  7. Proper exited for this one, first win of the season, sunshine and a day on the lash. What more could you ask for.
  8. Weather forecast is looking good for Saturday, might need a couple of pints to avoid dehydration.
  9. I’ll make up for it next week, them Yorkshire ladies are already getting excited.
  10. I’m back and can’t wait, not been for 18 months.
  11. Plastic just can’t imagine sat there having a wank whilst looking at a lawn mower
  12. What a terrible thought, a group of Bolton lads sat in a shed drinking holts bitter and discussing the impending takeover while having a wank.
  13. Nobster

    Take Over

    I live in Whitefield love the stuff, Holts bitter absolute nectar.
  14. What about Bury, it's local.
  15. Nobster

    Take Over

    You must be a school teacher
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