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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. No sky = good kick off times - happy to never be on the tele !!
  2. or www.airport-weeze.de would be better
  3. For those arriving at Weeze Friday night, 40 miles to Munchengladbach - a minibus beween 7/8 should be fairly cheap - plenty to do in Munchen on a friday night. Go to www.airport-weexe.de - links to taxi companys who you can pre book with.
  4. 7 on the 20.15 from Manchester Friday in Munchengaldbach, Saturday in Dusseldorf. May be worth heading to Munchengaldbag on Friday as its only 40 miles away
  5. Football as we know it and have enjoyed will be officially dead if this transfer happens - English Premier League and English Football in genereal RIP Its a sad day.
  6. Just bought one extra so some left, 8.42 train from Manc, lots of ales in Hull. Trian is full so should be a good un, jsut need to avoid plod once we get there - no daft escorts
  7. If was any good he wouldnt be going to Hull. Simple as that.
  8. Got the Skill but too lightwieght, one more for the future.
  9. But its in Wigan so that negates and saving.............
  10. Well im going Dempsey & Makepeace on my Sky Plus from last night, couldnt care less !!
  11. Munich away, the Augustiener on Wednesday night. Top night. The Big Bald naked guy in the Lap Dancing bar who was thrown out of for taking over the stage. Beating the Scum. Boro away.
  12. So basically town is gonna be full of Wanderers tomorrow before and after - Beltin!!
  13. 12 o'clock start, crafty Thatchers in Scythe before last train up, back in town for Dirty Pub crawl taking in Albion, Gypsys Tent, Greyhound, Hen & Chickens then onto Bradshawgate/Churchgate, then sunday on the couch!!
  14. Word of warning, all trains on sat morning will be full of Red filth. Try going from Wigan to Euston?
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