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  1. Much love to Neil and his family. Was a pleasure to share his company, and yes Warwick Rimmer was the best ever name in football.
  2. Agreed, what if Evatt had told everyone the names of players who refused to take one? Fonz would have then been named as the poor soul who stood up. Either way its a fucking stupid reason to judge a player.
  3. 76th Minute - Sheehan MS Society
  4. Demi Moore Just need a thread about famous mothers maiden names and people born in your year and were all set 👍
  5. You've got good eyes if you can see through that table.
  6. Bare minimum?? The progress Evatt and the team have made since February is remarkable, a play off place would be excellent, automatic a real bonus.
  7. Didn't Browny have one in Huddersfield?
  8. Iiiiiivan Compo, Ivan Compo
  9. We weren't far off. Funny how lists of players from that era hardly ever mention Scott Sellars, a player so under rated he hardly makes the under rated lists.
  10. Brockbank looking lively, we seem to be playing it a bit longer down the channels. Doyle and Crawford standing out, Sarre looks a bit rusty. Need to cut out them crosses from their right.
  11. Especially a chippy next to stadium that relies on match day sales...
  12. And a fucking genius commercial decision to go into Admin 💣. Bigger issue being skint in the Championship is no fun, a longer death awaits.
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