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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. struggled to keep quiet in their end
  2. why should he not be sacked?
  3. said it straight after the game, just didn't tell you.
  4. should have gone after the last game of last season. changing the team round for a game we had to win. not having dawson available to play because he did not want to bend the rules!
  5. the interview - a bit of class - but lets not forget probably a pay off which will be more than i will earn in a lifetime!
  6. chorley


    on what i have seen towards the end of the season, more to offer than ngog.
  7. chorley


    looked sharp - another one coyles lot could not get fit? or was it megson?
  8. chorley


    apart from blackburn what must win games have we won under coyle?
  9. Even if we do stay up, would you trust him with money to rebuild?
  10. Lacks experience at this level (possibly out of his depth to), why not surround yourself with people with that experience?
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