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  1. If you’re on your phone then rather than clicking on “next” it works for me if I hold it and then the next page pops up and you can just click into it. Sounds more confusing than it actually is.
  2. See Villa‘s Dr Tony as a prime example. Won’t end well, guaranteed
  3. We will not make a better signing this summer. He is our biggest asset, by far, and will be on the radar of a lot of “bigger” clubs. He clearly sees what can be done here though and buys into it.
  4. There’s a player in there somewhere, we’ve all seen it. I can’t imagine his confidence is up to much at the moment and sometimes it just clicks at some clubs. He’s the one ex player that I’d be keen to see us interested in - as others have said, get him in training and trust Evatt to make the judgement. He’s got a lot to prove and if we get the proper Zach Clough back then we know how good he is in this league. Sentiment involved - definitely, but I do think there is a rationale to at least giving him a go as well.
  5. Isgrove signed up for 2 years. Happy with that!
  6. Could end up 5 a side with about 12 penalties each. Mad game - I know play offs usually are more heated but it feels like the having crowds back is adding some extra adrenaline to the players.
  7. That Mitchell at full back for Blackpool looks a decent player!
  8. Even though it’s only Blackpool... hearing a crowd at a football match is fucking brilliant. It’s just instantly better than anything we’ve watched for 15 months!
  9. 😂 I’m really good at betting me
  10. Brentford Oxford Newport £5 returns £159
  11. I’m not convinced there are too many massive clubs and huge budgets. Looking at the 3 going up from L2, we’re clear favourites and then the 3 coming down from the Champ, obviously Wednesday are huge but we’re a bigger draw and will likely have a bigger budget than Rotherham or Wycombe. Then you look at who will be left, 3 of the 4 in the play offs are Blackpool, Lincoln and Oxford - again, we should be beating any of the 3 to players we want. If Sunderland don’t go up through the play offs then I’d put them and Wednesday as clearly the 2 in the league with the biggest pull, crowds an
  12. Said this before and it’s a great point. For once we have a manager who can go and fill up spaces to his budget, as he wishes, whereas for far too long we have been going the other way and trying to offload players on long contracts that were taking up any playing budget. Looking at the list of contracted players, most will be on fuck all so Evatt’s got almost a clean slate to spend the budget that Sharon gives him however he sees fit.
  13. If I didn’t feel like death I might have a wander out and see if I can join in 😂
  14. Who the fuck are Morecambe
  15. Biggest asset we have. Sign up for as long as you like Mr Evatt
  16. We’ll be up there, no doubt about it. Go up, probably not but I wouldn’t bet against it
  17. Sheff Weds please. 5,000 of us there (and we always seem to win) Let’s play Wigan later in the season when we’re into our stride and we’ve got a better chance of turning them over
  18. They’re all fucking at it. Sarce leading from the front, some performance so far. 1 more please, once we’ve got that then I’ll fully chill and enjoy it
  19. That was left of the screen wasn’t it? Sure it was from any footage I’ve ever seen. Not sure Farrelly’s counts as iconic but that was on the right.
  20. Feel pretty calm personally. Not sure whether it’s confidence or I’ve just not let myself think about it properly. It’ll all change once that whistle goes!!
  21. If we go up then I’d think we’ll be somewhere between 7-10th in the betting for L1 promotion next season. We’ll only keep about 5-10 of the current squad and will have a bigger budget than half of the league to replace with L1 players - add Evatt into the mix, who will be seen as an even bigger asset if he’s added another promotion to his CV, and the fact that there are only probably 3 or 4 clubs that are as big or bigger draw to new players, and I can’t see that we won’t be straight into at least mid table. Let’s get there first though!
  22. Our crossing is bad enough from open play but set pieces are embarrassing. There’s one thing setting up the players to attack the ball, beat the defender etc., but there’s a bigger problem when we don’t have anyone that can cross a ball. For as good as John is, it amazes me just how bad he is a crossing from a dead ball - both he and Isgrove have now just resorted to floating it in to make sure they get it off the ground, which is a cop out and makes it easier to defend against, but John can’t even get that right with around 3 out of 4 just floating into the keepers hands. There will
  23. 2-0 Doyle x2 The promotion push continues
  24. They’ll surely choose the biggest audience. It’s like a cheat fixture for them, probably the same viewing figures as most championship games but they only have to pay the fee of a L2 game. It’s why Leeds were on so much in the champ - prem size viewing, much smaller cost.
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