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  1. One of the things that winds me up about Doyle at the moment is his inability to make any cross look like a chance. He is not the type of player that will ever look amazing by beating a man and dribbling, he hasn’t got the pace to play off the shoulder and he’s not big enough to be great with his hold up play (although he’s not too bad at it to be fair). He is however in the team to be in the box and on the end of crosses / finding pockets of space to get a quick shot away and at the moment he is completely failing at it. Our crosses were poor in general yesterday and there were plenty where he didn’t have a chance to do anything with them when they’re stood up and come down with snow on them into the keepers’ hands. There were a few though that were drilled low into good areas, which had he made a good near post run, or anticipated better, he could have got on the end of them and put the chance away. Instead, he was nowhere near any of them and therefore made them look like yet more poor crosses which was a bit unfair. Doyle is limited, he’s a goalscorer, a poacher but offers little else. He weakens our ability to attack quickly, directly or with any threat of getting in behind but when he’s scoring goals and getting on the end of chances, mainly coming from the wide positions, he can make up for it by putting the ball in the net. When he’s not doing that, which is very obvious at the moment, he’s a passenger and puts compete emphasis on others (mainly Dapo) to do something brilliant for us to score. We don’t have many other options at the moment, so I hope for everyone’s sake he can get a goal soon and find some confidence to help him get in the right places, but for me it’s no.1 position to be upgraded in Jan, which should make it easier for us to cross a ball to a viable target in the middle.
  2. Interesting point on MJ and we were mentioning it yesterday. There’s no doubt that the teams we have played recently have realised just how important he his to how we play and there is always now 1 player that seems to have the task of sticking as close as possible to him and stopping him controlling the game. It was the same for the first 70 mins yesterday, then they seemed to tire and he got free and it was a different game. I don’t know how we get around it but we need to, because teams have figured us out and now know how to stop us.
  3. Ball above head = I’m going to hit the front man Ball bounced on floor = I’m going to float it into the keepers’ hands
  4. This. Not much else to add. He’s going to make some mistakes along the way but I can’t believe anyone is doubting him. With Sharon and Evatt at the helm I don’t care if we have a bad run of games, I know that the club is going to move in the right direction overall.
  5. He is, undoubtedly. Sarce was good for us, but he was limited on the ball and for me things often broke down with him more than progressed. His first touch was atrocious and his passing wasn’t great - he could pop up with an important goal though and you couldn’t doubt his work rate. Personally I think he’d fit far better in a team that plays more direct and he could run off a big front man / arrive late in the box (a budget Nolan as has often been mentioned). I’ve never thought he fits the 10 role in an Evatt team, whereas Sheehan is perfect for it (although I don’t think we’ll see the best of him until we have a fast striker who plays on the shoulder). All very strange, agree with most that I wouldn’t be too fussed if it happened in Jan and we had a replacement, timing isn’t ideal and we’re short in midfield but if Sheehan stays fit and plays every game to Jan in the 10 role then I don’t think we’re any worse off from a starting 11 point of view. I’d love to know what’s actually happened though - got to be punches thrown for this sort of fall out.
  6. Eddie

    SW away

    L2 might be a bit harsh and reactionary, but there’s no way they’re good enough to get promoted from L1. 60% possession and no chance of a goal again, other than if Dapo does something special. Doyle with chances, Sarce with the game passing him by - you can’t point the finger at Dapo and Kachunga is interchangeable with Isgrove, so it points directly at Sarce and Doyle. Id be much happier seeing Sheehan start behind Baka against Wigan.
  7. Eddie

    SW away

    We weren’t great We dominated Sarce and Doyle are L2 1 shot on target
  8. As well as it turned out today, and we did smash them in the second half, the game changed when Dapo pulled something out of nothing, again. Having a player that can do that and change a game when the team isn’t playing well is a massive advantage - the fact he’s now doing it consistently means he’s now irreplaceable for us.
  9. Brockbank? Upshot is that it’s “only” Shrewsbury at home. Fair play to Jones for being someone that we’re now worried about who replaces him - doubt many would have been thinking that would be the case at the start of the season but he’s clearly put the work in and has become a very important player!
  10. Sarce at his best that, running beyond and finishing on instinct - there’s no doubt that he’s very good at that. Great finish, great second half, still sprinting in the 94th minute 4-1 up after playing on Saturday.
  11. Knew it! Dapo unplayable
  12. We’ll get more chances here when they’re pressing. A bit of composure and we’ll finish them off… if Kachunga had a final ball then we already could have done. Away support sounds unreal
  13. Sarce has got to be replaced by Sheehan. He can’t keep the ball
  14. Worst half of football I’ve seen us play all season, but when you’ve got him in the side something can always happen. Great time to score, Evatt will give them a rocket and we’ll win it in the second half!
  15. Interested to know if Johnston has a knock or whether Evatt just fancied being clever. There is no way Baptiste should be ahead of Johnston unless it’s enforced.
  16. What’s that now 8/10 games concede first?
  17. We’re a mid table side We’ll win some, we’ll lose some We won’t go up with Gordon, Sarcevic and Doyle in our starting 11. Happy clappers will want to say I’m wrong, but it’s bollocks. It’s not Evatt’s fault, he hasn’t quite managed to upgrade the squad in all areas, and we’ll probably go up next year, but we have too many faults this year, I’ll just enjoy the pretty football and a 8-14th finish. No malice meant but if we start next season with Doyle, Sarce and Isgrove then we aren’t progressing.
  18. I completely agree. I think we’re playing good football in the main and taking it to some of the “favourites”. I’m far from disappointed and absolutely perspective is needed when you consider where we come from. Early season results have increased this season’s expectations, and I’m as guilty as any, but the last few games have just confirmed for me that we are not where we need to be to challenge, we are still relying on too many good players in league 2 who haven’t managed to transition to anything more than average league 1 players. We have a brilliant manager and already have a “philosophy” or way of playing that is better than most. And we’ll go up soon enough, I just don’t think we have enough currently so expectations need to be aligned.
  19. I’m not after an argument, I like the guy, think he’s a good striker, he did brilliant for us last season and I wanted him to carry it on into this season. But, I’ve seen enough of him to know that he’s not the standard you need to go up from this division. His hold up play is good, and he’ll probably score around 10 goals, so he’s probably an average striker for this division which I don’t think is unfair - but he’s not the guy to lead the line for a promotion winning team. I hoped Sarce could make the same transition but I don’t think he can (again just average in this league) and I’m undecided on Isgrove and Jones. It’s not a dig, we shouldn’t expect to come up and win the league, and the start has increased expectations with me as much as anyone, but it’s the truth without the rose tinted’s on. If we can stay in the pack to Jan and make 2 or 3 decent signings then I might change my mind, but it isn’t happening as we are.
  20. We aren’t going up. We need another season to get rid of the rest of the league 2 players and transition the squad. I think my hopes were too high from our good start but we’ll be mid table with this squad and that’s alright.
  21. You can add Sarce to this too. Might get slated as he’s our captain and runs around a lot but he’s not league 1
  22. Does he, or does he have no reasonable alternative? Everything breaks down with him, he’s no pace, he can’t play a final ball, he’s too slow in possession - he’s league 2.
  23. He’s not a league one player
  24. Fair enough. For me, there’s a far better balance in midfield with Lee next to MJ. Sheehan is a far better footballer than Sarce so the 3 of them would be my preference. Add Baka up top and a left back who can kick a ball straight and we might be getting somewhere
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