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  1. A mate of mine has just taken Gutti in a taxi to catch to next flight to Manchester, you heard it here first....
  2. It's just made my Christmas and what with Sky's current comments Portsmouth being wound up (minus 20 points??).
  3. And that's just for holding a season ticket...!!
  4. Strap on beer makes big impression in Lisbon
  5. Guess you are just talking about Huddo then...!!!
  6. Huddo's mate Jeff pi**ed as newt in the old part of town on the Thursday night and chatting up a 'real' labrador in one of the bars. A few hours later they left us to get some grub in an Indian, a good 40 minutes later we bumped into them and they still hadn't found the curry house. Huddo having a 1 foot Sporting Lisbon pen confiscated when entering the ground, only for him to pick it up out of the bin and walk into the ground with it. Dr F phoning Kite to say I'm lost, Kite replied where are you....Dr F don't know....and the phone cuts off, still don't know what happened next The dancing girl....!
  7. Spot on....all in all memories of the Whites that we are probably not going to be seen again. Heres hoping for survival and turning the club around and next season the players fighting for Euro football again with BW... As per other comments made in other threads today Why when you see Hunt at the end so devastated, for some reason the powers that be and/or Megson didn't feel the same and put a better team out in the first place.....
  8. Looks like all the coke in Mexico had an effect on SG more then first thought, no emotion, no singing....wonder if he accepted any of the real coke being offered by the locals, our table was approached at least 50 times in 2 hours by the ssshhh hash, coke guys
  9. Just after the big tits section at HT you got Martin Parnell, Jeff, Huddo and me
  10. I saw a group of 4 who had been done on the tram. The problem is in major cities this happens all the time and even more so when you have a larger than normal influx into a town, of which one or two might well have had a beer or two and don't think anything of when someone bumps into them for the goods. All very sad especially after having made the journey over, can't expect clubs to let you in for nowt as next the whole crowd will have been pick pocketed and getting in for nowt.
  11. BOSS: Now Satan you have just returned from Mexico and deserve to see the famous Bolton Wanderers in Europe SATAN: Well sir I'm really tired and have low blood sugar BOSS: Never heard of mars bars and coca cola lad SATAN: No it's OK boss I'm a wimp, I'll stay at home and do my washing and ironing
  12. Can you pick us up at Sanlucar de Barrameda and drop us off at the Seville airport on Wednesday morning?
  13. Tap airlines, cost to Seville is nowt as the Mrs will be driving me the hour or so. You can also fly Barca or Madrid with clickair, EasyJet etc or even air berlin via Mallorca...!
  14. Seville to Lisbon 172 Euros Out Wed Back Fri
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