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  1. Will anyone ever beat Poland 2014?
  2. Yep I agree, the DIPAs are superb, but that beer is their finest for me too
  3. Shite, Adidas Powerphase, they were about 30 quid in the sales rack, which is where these will end up
  4. 2021 has been a terrible few months personally But yesterday was just amazing, what the players and staff and owners achieved and the pleasure they have given back to the fans is hard to put into words That was a huge tonic, I've been smiling ever since We turned up last night to celebrate and it was amazing to be part of that atmosphere You've gotta love Eoin Doyle https://streamable.com/yfoac4
  5. Rivi have done a new DDH pale which I picked up today that's a cracker - "the guy was an interior decorator" (nice nod to the Sopranos)
  6. I'm booked in rivvy tap for pizzas and beer next week, can't wait, Blood Machines on keg. Got a few from Wrights on Friday, Pomona Island Chainhouse again and tried a couple of Arbours, decent value IMO if you choose right, 568ml 👍 Also another Vault City delivery is in Might call in and see Raz at Leyland tomorrow
  7. I've had about 6 of them in the last few weeks One of the best I've had for a while
  8. Pasha Turkish grill, been a few times Chicken Shwarma (wish they had lamb) Grilled chicken and kofta All been good 👍
  9. Had the first one last night Guava, Kiwi, Melon, Mango 10% but couldn't taste the booze Was absolutely brilliant
  10. Raz told me about that, said it was a bit volatile and to make sure it was in the fridge, decided not to partake in the end Ordered some Vault City Sours yesterday, they get some great reviews
  11. Sunset 102 for me Used to be like cracking a safe getting the right frequency though
  12. That new Rivi DIPA, hills have eyes is one of their best I'd say
  13. He's so enthusiastic about it you just really want it to work out for him He was looking at how he could maybe depart from BB clutches as I don't think they are in favour
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