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  1. Brilliant So lucky to have these players, owners, management and staff What a club
  2. Not logged on for a while, extremely sad to read this. Thinking of Neil and his family at this time. Made a donation, hopeful that the number of donations and messages gives the family strength during such a difficult time X
  3. 2021 has been a terrible few months personally But yesterday was just amazing, what the players and staff and owners achieved and the pleasure they have given back to the fans is hard to put into words That was a huge tonic, I've been smiling ever since We turned up last night to celebrate and it was amazing to be part of that atmosphere You've gotta love Eoin Doyle https://streamable.com/yfoac4
  4. Same here, think I'll turn the sound off next time
  5. I'm running Windows 11. No issues since.
  6. Haha I remember him Christ
  7. Bigtoe


    Yes, 999 is the retail
  8. Bigtoe


    If you look at a new one I bought the new M1 chip Air for my daughter. The missus works in a school so with her email address i got it with a decent discount, even though you still feel like you've been bummed. https://www.theedustore.co.uk/mac/macbook-air/13-inch-macbook-air-apple-m1-chip-with-8-core-cpu-and-7-core-gpu-256gb-silver-4-year-warranty
  9. Nearly time to get the jelly mould ready
  10. Couldn't get a hard on though
  11. In the Tutte fanclub Cool and calm everytime He can play
  12. Fucking poppadom wrists Sorry but send him back to the fish fondlers pronto Then ring up Dave Felgate or something
  13. Bigtoe


    Well it certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
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