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  1. my daughter is an newly converted bolton fan after all these years, and she wants to meet the players before the a match could anybody point me in the right direction of what time they turn ujp to the ground and what time they turn up please. thanks in advance
  2. its got to be said having watched young luke at colls,what a fantastic career i think this lad has got,dominates his area great shot stopper a strong kick on him, would not think twice about havimg him on the bench now.
  3. bloody hell your not taking my wife again are you 🤣
  4. have gilks on the bench and mentor for new younger keeper,if i was looking at a keeper the young lad who played for cheltenham on loan from west brom or villa looked a class above anything else in the division
  5. free george jackson on the tail of the shirt
  6. for me kevin rose was worse than those a poor keeper when we were shite
  7. for a team with santos and baptiste we look so inefective from corners,cue scoring of a corner
  8. would like to maddison play the no10 instead of delfounso,
  9. man of the match wayne jacobs. followed by 10 minutes of laughing and taking the piss
  10. all for british clubs doing well in europe, apart from our 2 anti british teams ,the red filth down the road, and the green bunch in scotland, both dispicable clubs who will never get any support of me, even cancelled a phone contract when vodafone sponsored them down the road
  11. fester58

    Salford (A)

    no games in the top 4 divisions should be called off for a waterlogged pitch, they have more than enough resources to keep the pitch from getting that wet.
  12. ricky otto with a double hatrick for the o's and neil fisher sent off
  13. iam new to all this podcast lark. been listening to the undr the cosh ones recently theres some lunatics played this game dean windass,gerry taggart,paddy kenny but andy johnson tops the lot an absolute head the ball and a great listen, also the one with supa john nearlly had me in tears and he should be the next lord mayor of bolton
  14. fester58


    heard his naans the problem
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