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  1. i thought it was a thread about dr hook
  2. iam only doing what most decent sons/daughters would/should do. lifes a bit of a grind at the minute iam on the pat and mick for a while,while shes recuperates and then ill sort myself out after that.
  3. she just been signed of from the nurses having had her staples out, bolton independent living are coming doing an assessment in a few weeks, iam waiting on age uk to call said it could take 2 weeks. bolton council have been superb through all this, we had a careers assessment before she came home, we ve had key safes fitted a smaller zimmer and a seat round the bog, god help when i go on. just find it bizarre than somebody whos worked all there life and paid into the system,cant get a pip because shes over pensionable age, i will discuss that with my local mp. cheers for all the
  4. she has carers but no social worker, iam awaiting a call from the financial advisor from age uk bolton to call me, could be upto 2 weeks though, will contact citizens advice thanks
  5. same position as my mum although she hasnt had to go to a rehab house, iam sure mr and mrs morris would share there secrets. 😀
  6. following a recent accident where my mother fell and fractured her hip, iam looking at what benefits and financial support shes allowed to claim for, ive looked at attendance allowance and the forms have been done, also looked at pip/dla which she is not entiled to because shes above pensionable age. i would like to get her a mibility car which would make her travelling a lot more comfortable and safer in the future but the attendance allowance doesnt let you apply for it, so far i keep hitting a brick wall. cheers in advance
  7. shes got carers in morning and night,and the bolton council have been really helpful,but its the bits in between morning and night that iam doing, its a slog but i only got 1 mother who looked after me so its my turn now.
  8. ive also been struggling with stress and depression and iam sure its all down to being locked down,over the past 2 years ive become more and more unlikely to be bothered to leave the house,which for me is very unusual, i have since phoned the doctor and they have given me some numbers and web sites to have a read off, also recently mu mum had a fall and fractured her hip which has made me have time of work and made me do all this.
  9. another one for susanna hoff still fit these days
  10. kate pierson of the b 52's has an amzing voice, also rowetta from the happy mondays
  11. i think most companys now feel they have a divine right to treat there employees like shite these days, most employees 50 plus end up costing the company they work for more money, pensions,time off with elderly parents,time on sick,and they dont want you on the books
  12. iam exactly the same,just had 4 days off and all 4 days dreading the fact i have to go in work, anybody know of any jobs out there that dont involve working weekends
  13. cant help thinking he would have made a good presenter on homes under the hammer
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