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  1. i reckon santos will score before kachunga. for what its worth i think kachunga will be offered a new contract,he must be doing something evatt likes
  2. fester and miss fester are in
  3. 2 -0 after 75 mins then early dart for the tram
  4. could see us taking 25000 easily,not been for a long time so alot of the younger generation have never been,
  5. would love to get to the final so miss fester can experience bolton at wembley
  6. fester58


    i said that to my daughter after he went down in the 1st half, his left thigh was strapped up, but then he made them saves in the 2nd half, just goes to show how good a keeper he is. as fir yesterday i think were just missing a bit of a spark to fire us,and now confidence, 0-0 away should be a good result but cambridge were fuckin awful. santos and jones need a rest for me, charles needs aspell on the sides, kachunga does ok when hes not playing for fouls but offers us about as much a goal threat as trafford does. these aimless long balls upfront to our strikers is never going to work, dont understand our reluctance to shot but we keep passing it out wide to try get behind them,when we do its either a shite delivery or cleared iam still evatt in,but sometimes he needs to have a look at himself and his comments
  7. not a problem with 5 at the back,but then for me you dont need a holding midfielder like williams, if we go 4 at the back make it our 4 best centre halfs jones santos johnston and iredale. the nyou probably have to have williams in, i thought yesterday we started well,but were just not quick enough with the ball,and then take too many touches, 1 bigproblem i think we have is our reluctance to get a shot away,
  8. in +1. early rattler
  9. argentina for me, portugal as outsiders
  10. fester58

    Oxford H

    joey beauchamp out injured for them.
  11. in +1, looking like driving or werthers and fleece blanket travel club for this, trains a ballache
  12. are you running a coach to cambridge  ?  



      A decision is being made tomorrow 

  13. diamonds arena yhihf, pre match dances to get the crowd in
  14. hoping for a decent crowd for this,barnsley doing well should fetch a few thousand, 6-0 bolton
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