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  1. its on my bucket list to go and have a mooch round there
  2. have gilks on the bench and mentor for new younger keeper,if i was looking at a keeper the young lad who played for cheltenham on loan from west brom or villa looked a class above anything else in the division
  3. free george jackson on the tail of the shirt
  4. big natural knockers all the way, no implants are allowed
  5. having my first dip into all this, invested small amouts into doge and bittorrent, been reading about safemoon but iam fucked if i know how to buy these, looks like the next thing thats going to go big
  6. for me kevin rose was worse than those a poor keeper when we were shite
  7. got finau and schauffle for the final 2 rounds
  8. i have the odd accident one calling and decide to play along, what type of accident have you had sir? i shit myself is often my reply , i very rarely answer the phone these days
  9. for a team with santos and baptiste we look so inefective from corners,cue scoring of a corner
  10. would like to maddison play the no10 instead of delfounso,
  11. heads in bin today, 4 bottles of wine with a friend,with me having the majority of it,
  12. cancelled our trip to cape town due to being on the list of the 33 countries which require isolation, but booked for sidari in corfu again end uf july, ended up getting a free child place which was a massive bonus,
  13. been listening to these Dry Cleaning - Magic of Meghan (Green Man Festival | Sessions) - YouTube
  14. golfing agent andrew chubby chandler is a wanderers fan i think, iam sure ronnie irani is a bleeder (red) once remember len fairclough on car park at burnden, just after his thumbs up incident, somebody shouted to him, thumbs up len, which he turned round and gave the v's to said person,
  15. man of the match wayne jacobs. followed by 10 minutes of laughing and taking the piss
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