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  1. I've got same setup as bigtoe but with F3s box. No issues had it over a year you have to do a channel update every so often. I've also got a now TV box that has plex on it that has full sports in HD and works via broadband and being connected to someone's server. I also have a mx android box for all films and boxsets probably cost me 200 quid for the lot that's it then.
  2. 1 ticket same day return for the times I put on previous
  3. Just want my money back £40 mate
  4. Took my little one (5) to his 1st away game other week at Blackburn he loved it
  5. get a now TV box and get someone to connect you to a server with plex on it. It's perfect all sports in hd I've not had 1 problem with mine had it a few months now loads of on demand stuff too like with the android boxes
  6. Does anybody want to buy my train tickets for the game something has come up and can't make it now. Leaves Manchester at 7.55 and coming back leaves Euston at 19.40
  7. Booked train last night for this one 40quid return cant knock it at that price
  8. I use streambox TV it's a premium add on don't know if there is any free ones out there
  9. 1st game for a while thought we battered them for 87 minutes one lucky deflected goal has beaten us. In need of someone who knows how to finish but thought we played really well tonight. No need for the boo boys at the end was just one of them nights
  10. I've got a one had it upstairs and down never had a problem with Virgin broadband when using it wireless
  11. Get a Xbox network adapter
  12. I use streamtvbox for all my sports never once had a problem
  13. Just got a now TV box with plex on it brilliant bit of kit anyone else got one
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