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  1. Condolences to all Neil’s family. RIP Happy
  2. Good on you m8; taking grandson to his game because my daughter is in Ireland or I would be there. We will be outnumbered by the non league team with the looks of it
  3. Just looked at the website and it looks we have only sold about 500
  4. Same starting 11 then but with George instead of Kieran
  5. 5000 Stockport; 1000 us because it’s not appealing playing a minor team. We batter them 5-0 would be lovely
  6. Surprisingly I didn’t think we would sell that many for the reserves cup
  7. This; we only should be concentrating on the FAC
  8. Well we lose Jones and turn proper shit. Relegation fight ahead unless we get a decent keeper, CF, RB and another defensive midfielder
  9. As long as we batter them I couldn’t care how many they bring
  10. Defensively we are very weak; just have to take the game to them
  11. 15488 cancer research 988 away fans
  12. Mods should ban them from wanderersways 😎
  13. Yep it’s on their website
  14. So it’s November and it’s cold and England are playing a WC qualifier that can be watched in the pub or home. Say your not a season ticket holder; pay £25 quid and travel to watch our game or watch England - many will stay away plus people who travel 3 hours both ways will think twice. I will probably see my mum in the day then go to the game but wouldn’t travel up that M6 just for a Friday night game. At least 1000 less like I said
  15. England vs Albania in WC qualifier. That’s going to knock at least 1000 off
  16. Sarcevic started up front. Looks like Greenidge played midfield and both teams had a straight red
  17. Only for Bolton fans who also like manyoo. Have they got yours yet? 😎
  18. Prisons always have ID on their inmates
  19. Takes 30 seconds - I am a member
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