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  1. No he didnt, but he was not on his own. You will all know how good Kachunga is when is contract runs out!
  2. I think brilliant and Kachunga should never be said in the same sentence! I do agree though today Bod was poor, Dion, not his normal self, but still getting into areas where he should score. Cant fault Kachungas work rate,but is that enough? Why not try Sadlier with Dion?
  3. Great comeback. Thought Dempsey was immense. Need to find a way to accommodate Dapo wide left.
  4. And what makes it worse is Accy are fuckin shite!
  5. Dont know what system you have, but its on channel 155 and 156 on " live football on stream"
  6. And in Tenerife, if anyones on holiday here.
  7. Would be good if we could start with 12!
  8. Similar record as Kachungas! 6 goals in the last 145 league games in the last 5 seasons. Hold on a minute, one is supposed to be a striker!
  9. Be careful! your not allowed to say we are shit on here! AKA happy clappers arana y queso!
  10. Do you think that shit is acceptable?
  11. Did you enjoy that Spider? This is the 1st time this season FGR havent conceded in the 1st half at home? They have been beaten at home by Morecombe, Shrewsbury, Exeter, won 1 out of 6 homes games. No shots on target for us in the last 1.5 matches. No player comes out of that with any credit, with the exception of Trafford. We are far to laboured, to slow getting forward, to much back and sideways passing. Dont think we need both Thomason and MJ against these lot! Get Dapo on wide, go back to a flat bak four. 2nd half cant be any worse.
  12. Worse than Tuesday, losing! No positives.
  13. Why would i want one of our players sent off? I said he could quite easily have been sent off. Facts tonight. 1st time we have lost to Cheltenham in the league, no shots on target, we was dire, all facts i think?
  14. Just sheer frustration and passion! My apologies!
  15. No i dont, but these are games we should be winning if we aspire to be in the top six. I can accept defeat, ive seen enough of them, but anyone defending them tonight need to take their rose tinted specs off! We was poor in every department. We got what we deserved.
  16. So by that way of thinking we are going backwards, as im sure we won there last season!
  17. And not one shot on target! Against fuckin Cheltenham!
  18. 1Absolutely piss poor. Got what we deserve
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