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  1. Very fair post. Its very concerning that Evatt cant get the players " up" for games like this. By the same token, the players also need to take responsibility as well, but im not sure his players are up for a fight, the only way we will get out of this division.
  2. The players in front of him where the problem, not his!
  3. Werent there 10 " weak as piss" players today?
  4. Absolutely! How you can say Wigan is just another game is not what 99.9 per cent of other Bolton fans think! there are another 22 teams i would have preferred to lose to!
  5. Fuck knows? im just angry and demoralised! Its a bad day!
  6. They was all bottled it today, weak as piss against big strong academy players!
  7. Weak as piss, no passion, no fight, fuckin shambles against these cunts, again! These players need to realise what these games mean to Bolton fans. If we dont sign a defensive midfielder, who can actually fuckin tackle before the window closes, forget automatics. And, any of you happy clappers that think that was acceptable, fuck off!
  8. Yes, we are mate thanks for asking. We have been in an hotel up North for the last 4 days, ash everywhere, fires still burning, 7.000 people evacuated from their homes, but its fine in the South, just getting ready to go out for the big match in Los Cris.
  9. Of all the years watching Bolton, that must be up there with the most comprehensive away performance ever.
  10. Great half. Some more goals please at the Bolton end!
  11. And many others i suspect mate.
  12. Yep, cup games royally ruined. Remember us taking 19,000 to Huddersfield in a crowd of 27,000, think 1976. Those days are long gone mate!
  13. No Idea tomski, but, i presume there are not many big crowds at this stage of the cup competition. I dont know any other crowd from last night, really not that interested.
  14. Fair comments Traf.
  15. Im not suggesting anything Gonzo, i dont know whether it affected it or not! I was merely stating i thought it was a poor turn out, thats it really, and the fact i havent a clue when Bolton holidays is.
  16. No idea? was it holidays last Sat when there was 20,000? Serious question? I dont know?
  17. And me. Dont know the relevance of school holidays though? Unless 14/15000 Bolton fans have gone on holiday in the last 3 days!
  18. Yep dont get it as well, especially when there was nearly 19,000 home fans on Saturday. Think you might be right with regards to which cup competition it is.
  19. Thanks, thats disappointing as well. Was expecting 500 minimum.
  20. Thats really disappointing, especially as its not on ifollow or dodgy boxes! Anyone have any idea how many Barrow are bringing?
  21. Not sure about that? Bristol City only had the far end of the embankment, the middle section was empty. Lever end only held 4,000 due to seating. Biggest crowd of the season, 32,000 against that shite from Stretford. Probably right in my old eyes.
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