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  1. I agree, all big boot, but, unfortunately this is how teams win in this league. The best "footballing" teams, with the exception of MK Dons, didnt even make the play offs, which, in my opinion, was us Oxford and Plymouth. So next season, we need to mix it up, need to be physically better, show more shithousery, and be at it from the off!
  2. Anyway, back on topic. Hope Sheff Wed can do it tonight, and think they will at home.
  3. Yep, sad knowing it was our last game there! Wished we was still there, but, obviously time as to move on.
  4. He just cant defend, which, although i know im a loon, is his primary job!
  5. Reminds me alot of Declan John!
  6. Was you pissed? He was his usual self! Shite!
  7. Sadlier, and Bako, both goal scorers, and Bod, MOM at Donny, dropped, didnt work. Charles cannot work the line on his own, felt again for him today. Different team when the 3 come on. Anyone thinking Kachunga is fit for this club, get real. Hes had enough chances this season, hes exceptionally poor, and dont expect Ameachi to be here next season, both players much of a muchness. Poor!
  8. over 18,500 sold according to Iles.
  9. Shite, weak, uninterested, no passion, and lazy. Nothing to add really!
  10. How many did they bring in the end? 1,000?
  11. woolli

    Wigan (A)

    His body language was shocking!
  12. woolli

    Wigan (A)

    A big factor for him being subbed is he was shite, and half hearted. Things picked up massively when he went off, hence the equaliser.
  13. woolli

    Wigan (A)

    Hes that poor he played for his country mid week!
  14. woolli

    Wigan (A)

    Evatt thought Kachunga was shit as well! thats why he was taken off first. Evatt dropped a bollock playing Kachunga from the start, but he corrected his fucked up.
  15. woolli

    Wigan (A)

    he give 100% shit or not. Cant set that about Kachunga.
  16. woolli

    Wigan (A)

    Good shout.
  17. woolli

    Wigan (A)

    Dont even know where he should be playing! I dont thing he does! Weak as shit, body language terrible. Get him off!
  18. woolli

    Al Mather

    Awful news, especially just after Kirky. RIP Al, one of the best.
  19. Cunt of the highest order! Involved - somehow, with Anderson, but, more importantly, that miss!
  20. Poor miss whether it was the goalie or post! Should have scored from two yards out, no excuses!
  21. Cant argue with that, i would just say ones been more shitter than the other! Like i said, my opinion is none of them will be here after next season.
  22. " Hopefully" and " sometime" being the key words. Its all about opinions. Another season he will be gone!
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