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  1. Greaves wore the number 9 shirt when i first started watching in 1969, prob until 1971/72 season if i remember rightly,.
  2. Yep, he got some abuse, but was the player that made us tick. Dont know if you remember, but they used to say if Roy had a bad game, all the team did. He was a great servant as well.
  3. Happens at every club. UTDs international stars are all getting shit! It is what it is!
  4. I dont know of anyone on here saying anything personal or nasty to any players! Now then, im sure some posters get alot worse off certain pedigrees on here, but such is life, get fuckin on with it! Not at you Paul, a generalisation.
  5. Again you are another one who struggles reading comments. I stated job done, we should have scored 6 or 7, Dan is poor. I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Been quite a while since i said that, but it doesnt go away!
  6. You should have paid and watched it then moron!
  7. Think you have mis read queso? I stated we should have had 6 or 7. Is that wrong? I did say job done.
  8. Truthful followers! Not could have been 6 or 7, should have been 6 or 7!
  9. We all do, but its just not happening! Reallly dont know what the management team saw in him?
  10. Normal, shit. Scared of shooting, got in decent positions. Passed the buck. Wasnt on his own though. The really worrying part if we have to rely on him and Jerome, if Charles is injured, we are fucked. we should have been 6 up, and thats the bare minimum. Job done, but, fuck me, we was so much better than them.
  11. Sorry mate, it must have been the seat next to you? 😜🤣
  12. I was Sat very near to that corner on Sat , row y seat 1. Just thawed out!
  13. He cant if theirs nobody injured!
  14. Poor half from both teams, not one shot on target from any! 2nd half cant be any worse, these are there for the taking. Get the final ball right we will be fine.
  15. Any highlights from Saturday? Not seen the goals on any programme?
  16. I did think this myself, we couldnt get the Boro game on in that other cup, used to be the league cup. Wasnt so sure about the FA cup though?
  17. Does anyone know if this game is on Wanderers TV?
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