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  1. Then the board need to come out and tell the truth! If this hadnt have happened we would all still be talking about what the truth was with the Sarcevic saga!
  2. Carrying ID is law where i live!
  3. And what about fan consultation? Looking at posters views on here, more fans are against than for!
  4. He was piss poor! and as been most games! On par with the Comley signing!
  5. Behind Lee, Dapo, and Williams. Deluded.com!
  6. Me to. And a great crowd of 13,500 Bolton fans is a great effort considering the last few weeks. Lee MOM for me! Such an intelligent player, and, as fit as for his age. John, good today, and Williams as well, just the bad miss! Lets now hope this is the turning point we need!
  7. Agreed. Cannot fault his effort, both defensively and offensively, but final ball sometimes woeful! Kachunga needs to be shifted out! Hes had enough chances to perform now, cannot see what Evatt was chasing him for?
  8. Great and very truthful assessment!
  9. Great last 20! Well done!
  10. Get fuckin in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  11. There are issues all over the park at present, void of confidence straight through the team, body language not good! Santos, is constantly having to come to the right, as no cover there, leaving Johnston exposed. If Evatt cant see that Kachunga is not good enough, we have serious problems!
  12. Cant stand my team struggling mate! But, when will some people realise that some of Evatts decision making is questionable. No right back as cost us the game already, keeps persevering with Kachunga, who is really not good enough, even at this level, as he his proving today. He his worse than any forward we released last season. We are being outplayed by Gillingham, some on here need to give their heads a wobble, that, at this rate, this will be a relegation fight. I predicted 10th at the start of the season, would take that now!
  13. The Sarcevic saga! It hasnt happened overnight!
  14. Has i said no right back! Thats what you get!
  15. So you prefer a weak right winger at right back? They are not the only two who have been shit!, you can name another eight others!
  16. Thought you would be here Mr positive. I think there are two on the bench? Also whats happened to Baptiste?, not even on the bench?
  17. Yes, i did, but you will see alot worse today, against far inferior opposition. Steve Evans will be all over this like a rash!
  18. The worst right side duo of the season! Isgrove right back, Kachunga in front of him! Isgrove will give a pen away today, and, before you ask, i would have any right footed defender at right back, not a weak winger!
  19. And we didnt get a fee for him when he was in contract!
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