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  1. Cant have been. He doesnt know where the goals are!
  2. Absolutely. How Sadlier cant get in the first 11 before Shitunga is mind boggling!
  3. Ive enjoyed the last month sailing to and around the Caribbean, lots of wonderful evenings, and your still obsessed with me you prick! Great win against Fleetwood by the way! Enjoy your evening, dont be late for your paper round tomorrow!
  4. Paul stop it! You may upset some on here with facts!
  5. Yes, so lets start with the 11 who finished last night. Neither Kachunga or Dion are firing, lets give Sadlier a start. Always looks influential when he comes on
  6. Of course we have. Weve played well in games this season, but last night, for 80 minutes wasnt one of them. In reply to your "wheres woolli" quote, actually, if you had looked back on the thread, you would have seen i was the first to comment when we scored the second, something like "get fuckin in", but slightly more passionate, because thats what i am! Ive also never been an " Evatt" basher, but IMHO, changing half of the team most games isnt the way forward.
  7. But thats all it was, a win. We was shit otherwise! Or are your rose tinted glasses still on? As for liking Bolton teams, i have "liked" every Bolton team since 1969. It doesnt mean that those teams havent been poor at some stage, or fantastic for that matter. Dont forget to get me a ticket, i would so much love to be in your company! Now go and find something constructive to do, im off to the roof terrace to catch some rays! teedlepoops for now!
  8. You seem to have a very strange obsession with me? See you on boxing day eh? On the football, 85 minutes we was piss poor, as everyone, except for you have said. Great comeback, but we shouldnt be playing catch up at home to a team in the bottom three. We really need to start on the front foot, we only put the time-wasting cunts under pressure for the last 10. And please, can we start having some shots. Dont think we had a shot on target until Baka scored. A wins a win though.
  9. Get fuckin innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
  10. So now we are playing at home against Burton with no strikers?
  11. Time wasting cunts these, but can we please have a shot around the box!
  12. Absolutely. Great shout
  13. No he didnt, but he was not on his own. You will all know how good Kachunga is when is contract runs out!
  14. I think brilliant and Kachunga should never be said in the same sentence! I do agree though today Bod was poor, Dion, not his normal self, but still getting into areas where he should score. Cant fault Kachungas work rate,but is that enough? Why not try Sadlier with Dion?
  15. Great comeback. Thought Dempsey was immense. Need to find a way to accommodate Dapo wide left.
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