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  1. Congratulations 👏👏👏
  2. Looking forward for tomorrow's game.9.50 train Grandson's buzzing
  3. Currently listening to Gang of Youths. Let me down easy and Angel of 8th avenue are some top tunes Oh and heart is a muscle
  4. I've no problem with this post as you've at least tried to explain your reasons.It's the other 99% of your posts that seem to be done for attention/wind up
  5. 1969


    Think it's them saying if you don't get the jab this is one of many things you won't get to do so get fucking jabbed
  6. 1969


    Rudy or the security guard
  7. Couldn't log in so went for reset password.Now the only way I can get on is by following link reset on email then press banner at top of page
  8. Just got my 2 tickets for barrow Cheers cjg
  9. 1969


    Well I see Grealish did exceptionally well again 🙄 Thought Walker was superb, his pace got England out of trouble a few times when they broke
  10. How do you say oops in Spanish
  11. Toby Brittan liking Paul Mullin's rejection of a new contract at Cambridge. Last time he did similar to Sheehan's post
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