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  1. 1969

    Ipswich (H)

    good performance that Morley has abit of everything likes a tackle,bundles of energy and can pick a pass Overall thought we just about deserved the win Trafford has got abit of a gob on him Forgot how good a win feels coyfwm
  2. 1969

    Ipswich (H)

    2-1 dapo double and freezing Crazy corner here I come
  3. Depsey fee agreed £1,10000 According to twatter
  4. Nope first and foremost you need a strong back line and build from there
  5. 1969


    Just back 1st half played quite well in spells,2nd half absolute dog shit Baka should never play out wide again,John needs dropping he was shite and fozzie mom.Santos needs to go back to basics and stop thinking he's got all the time in the world and speed his fucking passes up.Mj was OK but thought he was part at fault for the 1st,just close the man down
  6. For once I agree with you
  7. Or he's injured/covid riddled
  8. Mmmmm Cut your nose off............
  9. Can't see this going ahead Games are now being called off due to lack of preparation time with agreement from efl
  10. Things like this help to make it a good day rather than being treated like a criminal when most are their to enjoy the game and have abit of a laugh
  11. Saw them before the match seemed like they were enjoying themselves without getting gobby
  12. On a side note Thought their stewards were top class took abit of banter in the way it should be Crown pub was descent with a mix of supporters (about 80% bolton) My one gripe was only 12 Bogs for 1800 fans in the terrace.Christ I've not danced like that for years in that que
  13. That was 95 minutes of my life that they owe me No attacking threat,dodgy as fuck at the back and no fight in midfield Pissed through,pissed off and getting a little fed up with my team rolling over and having their belly tickled Quiet a few fans near me were beginning to get abit anti Evatt,he needs to turn this form round and pretty quickly or it's going to get ugly.2nd half was absolutely appalling
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