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  1. No,but he is now saying she's his mature bit on the side
  2. Grandson's helping lay new carpets in all the suites at the stadium.He's just rang me saying Sharon and sjm turned up and she stopped and had abit of a chat with him,he's now buzzing his tits off.It's the little things like this what cost nothing but are worth a fortune to people
  3. 1969


    Just put £5e/w on Bolton, Bradford &Burnley over 9k if it comes in
  4. 1969


    Fuck me he looks like a umpa lumpa
  5. They should weed out the culprit
  6. Please stop trying to make out all LFC fans are whiter than white cos they are far from it
  7. 1969

    FV and IE

    Eh Got it now
  8. Fossey apparently been offered £20k a week and shown round the ground by the pie eaten cunts
  9. Minutes silence incoming
  10. Fuck me hats off to city they never give up
  11. 1969

    FV and IE

    We really have some brain dead fans.Just over heard 2 so called bwfc fans saying Evatt should go because he's a bully and it's his way or know way and we should pay Dapo want ever he wants,his tactics are all wrong for this league and we should be signing proven championship/prem players God give me strength
  12. And to think some people say if Rangers were in the prem they'd finish mid table.Not a fucking chance
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