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  1. Mrs worked last night at BRH 12 patients with covid in Over half of them under 30 None vaccinated Think this speaks volumes for the reasons they're their. imo
  2. If they lock us down again (bolton) I for one will not be following their ruling.Like a lot of others I've followed rules to the letter and had both jabs.So is they do lock us down what was the point of the jabs.They can get fucked
  3. Not thinking about next season until I've got my head around this season Htf have we turned it round 🙃
  4. Credit to those fans who went Enjoy ,get pissed and get home safe
  5. A proper pro performance Amazing considering the pressure they would have felt before hand
  6. Fucking shite 12 shots and only 3 goals Evatt out
  7. Fucking dream land
  8. Tom Nichols (their top scorer)supposably out for tomorrows game
  9. My lad and his family live round their.Been told the lad got a phone call in the early hours off the the other 2 lads to meet them outside to sort out some petty little comment on Instagram. All this over a comment Jesus christ
  10. Renewed me and grandson esl near crazy corner.Gonna feel ancient
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