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  1. Why not? We take two coaches from the south every home game! i can sort that as well!
  2. Tenerife at home on the 30th of Sept if you want tickets?
  3. Fuckin temazzys i think lol!
  4. So why are they not playing then?
  5. On here, obviously yes, but lets be honest, every person on this forum as only ever seen one Queen, and will never see another one, which to me is very unique. Everyone will pay there respects at next weeks football, and im surmising that everyone will take the Bank Holiday next Monday on the back of the Queens death. Again, my opinion.
  6. We all have our opinions, mine is only the same as the governments, football authorities etc.
  7. Its on, games restart on Tuesday
  8. They didnt have time yesterday to postpone the games, if they had have had time, they would have been postponed, like tonight. So what would the teams who have been postponed tonight thought if tomorrow went ahead? Cockwipe!
  9. Its not every day the Queen dies. Show some fuckin respect!
  10. No Dapo, no Dempsey, no Morley, equals no creativity. Baffling!
  11. Not a Declan John fan. ok going forward , poor defensively. Having said that im sure we should have been looking at cover for Williams, which we dont have, and a decent keeper, as priority. A bit baffling really. Im sure Evatt will explain this in good time.
  12. Wouldnt score in a brothel!
  13. 2 goals in 36 league appearances since he joined us suggests hes not plenty good enough! And by your logic, he his good enough, so we will get money for him!
  14. Need to get some money for Kachunga whist he his under contract. Not good enough, and never will be.
  15. Sure last seasons game was a night match as well.
  16. I have a Barrow fan who reckons hes 5ft 10, 5ft 11. Dont think hes 6ft 4!
  17. woolli

    Port Vale Away

    Correct Max. The cunt, and the linesman, should be made to look at our goal that wasnt. They need demoting. Not just that tho. Vale where playing the game from the off, falling about like fuckin Harry Gregg!
  18. woolli

    Port Vale Away

  19. woolli

    Port Vale Away

    No change there then!
  20. Me to, had a season ticket since 1971, never missed, and didnt get a ticket. I did manage to " obtain" one though!
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