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  1. bwfc87

    Ipswich away

    Same, any stream would be much appreciated?
  2. bwfc87

    Ipswich away

    Is this available on iFollow, can only find an audio pass?
  3. I know, was hoping for something going on. Is it usually on when it’s £10 tickets nowadays?
  4. Anyone know if anything’s going on around the ground before the Huddersfield friendly? Got my young nephew coming to his first game.
  5. Turned up yesterday to get tickets for Huddersfield, just by chance they said we just about print your season ticket cards hang on for one min you can take them now. Little result that.
  6. bwfc87


    Gavin Bazunu, on loan at Portsmouth last season, think he’s gone to Southampton
  7. bwfc87


    Morley about a month ago
  8. Think I’d have gone with a back 4 today, think Aimson would more comfortable in a 4, then the onus on MJ to do most of the playing out from the back instead.
  9. Not often IE gets it wrong but putting Kachunga on for Dion was a bad decision. Dion scores that header all day long. Momentum would have been with us then.
  10. Why they so wound up about Trafford?
  11. I think I’d have took a chance on Pettifer in midfield instead of playing Delf. Looks to have something about him in the brief times I’ve seen him. Dapo number 10 role today?
  12. Why does bn only show first paragraph then asking to subscribe?
  13. Is it only the east stand open tonight?
  14. Ben Amos gone there as well.
  15. Politic only been an unused sub so far. If that carries on he might as well come back here.
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