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  1. Young George doing a Campo in injury time 😂👍🏻
  2. I’d be playing Hickman instead of Jones. Frustrates the life out of me.
  3. Anyone got a stream for this? tia
  4. Probably because they were bitching in the wrong thread.
  5. bwfc87


    How much is it to park on Car park C on match days now?
  6. Who is 12 Chicksen, am a being a proper shit fan here?
  7. Just to be sure, as long as you didn’t cancel your direct debit from last season, it will auto renew with our same seats?
  8. We not counting Politic against Bradford? Anyway Politic again, from half way line
  9. Juke was good, liked him, agreed shame we couldn’t keep him longer.
  10. I think if anyone thinks the players aren't fighting for the team see when 4/5 of them all threw themselves in to block a shot a once.
  11. Both games in Italy finish 3-3. Someone’s won fuck loads
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