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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Sure I’ve read before that under Ralph Hasenhüttl at Southampton there was a spell Dan was playing Premier league games. So he’s not the only manger who sees there is a player there. Be interesting to see how it turns out. He seems a genuinely good lad so I hope it does work out.
  2. bwfc87

    Salford (h)

    Could just go 4-3-3. Give either Williams or Cogley a rest. Would mean Mendes-Gomes could play his more natural position wide in a front three
  3. Smith looks like he’s carrying an injury
  4. Toal mom for me. What a difference having him back. Class above.
  5. The ref cracked down on time wasting all game then lets them get away with it last 10 minutes. Work that one out.
  6. Wouldn’t have subbed Dion off, when we still need a goal.
  7. Set pieces been shocking today.
  8. If not Saturday I reckon both will start against Boro
  9. Fucking fuming, just once at home to these can we actually turn up.
  10. Some article either from BN or some group posted a link from somewhere on FB.
  11. Ref admitted he made a mistake giving Dion a second yellow. You can appeal a straight red (IE) card but can’t do anything about two yellows.
  12. Carlisle born. If he’s another Dempsey he’d do for me.
  13. Think a remember he looked a decent player but like others I think I’ve either blocked that period from my memory (on pitch especially) or I’m just getting old without realising. Looking at those stats maybe his body isn’t up to professional football or just extremely unlucky with injuries.
  14. Same got it on dodgy in Spain, they must have the WTV stream 😂. Anyway nice move good to have Dion up a running with a goal.
  15. Reckon Matherson could get a chance in pizza cup, be a good chance to see if he’s ready to challenge for first team.
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