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  1. Why does bn only show first paragraph then asking to subscribe?
  2. Is it only the east stand open tonight?
  3. Ben Amos gone there as well.
  4. Politic only been an unused sub so far. If that carries on he might as well come back here.
  5. What happened with Baka? Wonder if we’ll recall Politic or Darcy if serious
  6. Anyone know if anything will be announced today?
  7. When will tickets for Blackburn at home be on sale. Gonna take nephew to his first game before season starts properly?
  8. Anyone know when they give you the opportunity to swap where you sit?
  9. Young George doing a Campo in injury time 😂👍🏻
  10. I’d be playing Hickman instead of Jones. Frustrates the life out of me.
  11. Anyone got a stream for this? tia
  12. Probably because they were bitching in the wrong thread.
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