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  1. Leeds haven’t got a win in them poor side . Spurs we’re hanging on today against Burnley and won with a dodge pen . With both Everton and Burnley having 2 games left they both will crawl over the line
  2. Yep you don’t need to agree with everything that goes on in the uk but to boo the National anthem of your own country just shows ignorance. Funny how most of there fans didn’t want to be part of the European league and stay in the English premie league last summer. May be throw them out till they show some respect
  3. And the reason the Manchester ship canal was built in the first place was because mill owners were being held to ransom for importing cotton from the docks in Liverpool so they decided to by pass the place .
  4. Got to agree with that it’s like fans of lower league clubs having a second club so they can celebrate a win with the big boys very sad . Support one team to the very end win or lose 👍
  5. If you take the disaster out of it which was the sun newspaper they haven’t been treated any worse than the rest of the north under thatcher and definitely not as bad as coal mining areas under them . probably had billions in investment since as well like Manchester
  6. Work with a few of them and they did it in the last final league cup asked one of them ( he as a passport with the cover the peoples republic of Liverpool on it ) and he said because most of them don’t feel English and they get a rough ride from the rest of the country and government for fucks sake . Went to Liverpool for a weekend when the Euro was on last year when England played Scotland thought the pubs would be packed like every were else and might have to book a table went in one pub to watch it in the city centre at Hatton gardens and there was 6 people watching it when I walked in . aren’t United fans the same also anti England
  7. Now tutte as gone we do have Johnston who played there when Williams was injured. I think iredale can also play the same role from what I have heard of him so we should be covered for that role hopefully
  8. Wouldn’t surprise me if city score they have been the better side far more dangerous going forward . Liverpool will give Madrid kittens if they turn up in Paris playing like this
  9. Farnywhite


    There average is 2,152 lowest in the football league . So take away the away support they get in the ground they probably have about 1500 fans . And they want to move to the rugby ground a much larger Staduim for them to rattle around in 😂
  10. Deal to be done later this week for the club by all accounts Rooney sounding confident when asked and the council to buy the stadium for them . Not sure how that bit works
  11. I don’t watched it unfold Bolton stream kept freezing and turned it over . Ref gave a decision could of gone ever way and a couple of knob Ed’s used it as a reason to run on the pitch one looked about 50 and the other a kid then the rest followed never more than a hundred or so on the pitch the police should of fucked them off and got on with the game no arrests or attempts to move them . Totally different policing to a BWFC game
  12. Didn’t here that interview but it does look like they have been carrying the club for a number of years debt must be massive owed to them
  13. Forgot about Oldham what a mess they are in ready for the drop out of the league. Would put them above Wigan all things being even support wise
  14. I heard that rumour from a rovers fan at work in January don’t know if there is anything in it but it was going the rounds
  15. Ok let’s put them in order of the worst shower of shit of our Lancashire rivals for support I would say accy dale bury wigan blackpool preston and Blackburn and Burnley can’t really separate them
  16. Yes . Next appointment going to be massive go down don’t bounce back and debt will spiral quickly . The thing is they have always been run well for years get owners In without a clue and your in trouble . Read a interview with the owner mentioning the glazers borrowed money to buy United as is defence if it’s normal so nothing to worry about there then 😫
  17. Had a quick look and 85 percent of there income is through premier league payments so parachute payments won’t cut it if they go down . 60 million pound loan taken out to purchase the club by the owners at 8 percent needs to start being paid back . On top of my debt the club was in before it was purchased total debt 90 million
  18. Think it’s the opposite of chucking the towel in it smacks of desperation to stay up at any cost and the last throw of the dice . Was speaking to a Burnley fan a couple of weeks ago and he said there American owners didn’t have any money to invest so it’s probably run on premier league revenue to keep them going
  19. There finishing was shit worst I have seen this season can see why they are going down
  20. Both strikers linking up well like there inter play bako should of scored two already
  21. 3 tackles 3 yellow cards
  22. I thought we flocked him a bit saying he hadn’t played all season came in played. Saturday , Tuesday for a month on some shit hole of pitches at the likes of burton . When Charles who also hadn’t played was subbed last 20 minutes or dropped for a game
  23. Sounds like he is from Chorley when I heard him
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