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  1. The day that happens and it might well be a home coming for English football and like you said you won’t see the players and owners for dust . Premiere league football is a bastard child for world football but till it goes bust if it ever does then everyone who is benefiting will ride the wave . And if you win like city ior Newcastle or Chelsea will still count in 100 yrs
  2. It’s true people complaining about Newcastle you might as well say about the World Cup and no demonstrations about slave labour from India to build the place if people want to be fair let’s put a salary and transfer cap into football . But there is no desire from the fans or the top owners so fuck it
  3. The Qatar World Cup is a very good point what a fucking back hander appointment that was
  4. Once you went past the maximum wage for players back in the early 60s or whenever it was the game changed and it’s gradually changed to the point we’re players get paid millions and owners are worth billions . if we want an even playing field we would have to go go back to the maximum wage and transfer fee I would’ve against it but the world is now all about greed so it’s not going to happen in our life time
  5. Everyone needs to be honest if it was there club and the richest people in the world want to buy there club and it went to the vote 99 percent would go for it . Let’s be honest like Newcastle Bolton have won nothing for 50 years plus . I would love to see Bwfc win something before I die and the Newcastle fafull are the same
  6. I was hoping for bako and Doyle at 2 nil down just to try something a bit different probably something we should consider
  7. And if they had bought palace instead of Newcastle would the same people of been protesting . Not a chance
  8. Did well got to start next game or baps . Johnson not impressed at all with him might be better at fulll back
  9. Under the cosh podcast episode in 12 months probably to find out what as gone on
  10. Remember when fergie ( don’t like to mention the fuckers ) but fucked whiteside , McGrath off and was a bold statement at the time for the drinking culture at the club as a statement and it worked
  11. Only just heard about this so had to go back through the posts to get up to speed This guy who as posted on twitter about evett and gambling and a Court case sounds bizarre but I was told by a mate who worked at Blackpool fc when evatt was at Blackpool he was barred from all the casinos there . it all sounds murky
  12. Not a meaningful shot on target in the whole game . Corners a total waste of time yet again can’t defend for the first 20 minutes of a game week in week out changed the team and back up is wank kagunga has played in premier league fuck knows how . Baka is poor , brockbank and white can’t defend . The rest are no better at the minute shambles
  13. Dapo got booked for the cunt obstructing him
  14. Can’t trap a bag of cement
  15. Feel for anyone gone down game over after 15 minutes
  16. Groundhog Day with these fuckers
  17. Not sure of kuchunga not done anything up to now we were told he wasn’t match fit earlier not a winger and not a striker can’t see were he fits in apart from the bench
  18. It looks like refs look at dapo as a diver he is probably going to ground to early
  19. Nothing is worse than Stoke 200 mile journey on top . this is a blip in our history but it shows evatt needs to learn and move forward he had them cunts taking the piss out of him today and us as well . take a minute re group and make sure we have the last laugh
  20. MJ was poor also we’re over reliant on him playing well every week with no alternative and it’s a level above
  21. I just hope these Arab cunts are raping them behind the scene s and it all comes to a fucking mess was talking to a Burnley fan today and he said the Americans there have borrowed money sweaty Ken style not looking rosy for them if they go down
  22. Evatt is starting to look to one dimensional . Back 4 give to many soft goals away every week Bako was a waste of space out wide isgrove is the man for there today could of tried Bako up front second half with Doyle and took sarcevic off and hit it a bit long for a change also for me Johnson is to light weight baps in Johnson. Johnson looks more like a full back and get a no nonsense centre half in January
  23. Definitely a poor mans sky sports 😂but at least there trying
  24. This Charlton tv is a step up from coverage from ifollow . Half time panel with Alan curbishley and highlights
  25. Everything coming down there right hand side we can’t cope with
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