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  1. not faulting Ngogs work rate, just dont think he's very good. petrov's never really convinced me, has the odd good game but he's far to inconsistant.
  2. no fight, passion or commitment. ngog couldnt control a bag of cement, petrovs a lazy bastard and coyle needs to FUCK OFF.
  3. its all david murray's fault that rangers are in this mess, living beyond their means, same as motherwell, dundee, livingston etc. the only reason they will get away with it is cause they're glasgow rangers and the SPL (including celtic) would die without them.
  4. me+3 so far including a hibs/hammers fan
  5. agreed. both of them are scum. every supporter of the old firm that i've met have been utter wanks. fuck the old firm.
  6. fuck them, gers fans are a fucking disease, glad they're gonna go bust.
  7. blerim dzemaili gerald cid ariza makakula mario jardel wasnt a fan of johan elmander either
  8. just seen on sky sports news that bolton have bid 6 million pound for rhys williams from boro, anyone know if this has any substance or is it just bollocks?
  9. i am in as i will have passed my driving test by then
  10. fucking hell rooney!!! nervy to say the least...the torture starts for me tomorrow away in lichtenstein
  11. I tried telling them but they weren't having it
  12. that was what i originally thought but it was surprisingly good
  13. ever had a cheese and pickle toastie?
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