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  1. Like a football club we know, it’s been a bit up and down but ok at the moment. Thanks for asking. 👍
  2. I see what you did there.
  3. He means you missed the ‘b’ off.
  4. Ha ha! Git. I hadn’t spotted that.
  5. Daryl Morphine Mikel Opium Purple Hearts of Midlothian
  6. Ah, those glory days... Boom. Boom. Boom, be boom, boom boom. "Cheat!"
  7. Agree with Cas. Dick move by their lad. Didn't detract too much from a good game and atmosphere. Couldn't have got much closer to winning it. Fair play to 'em all. Politic MOM for me.
  8. Near us t'Roverrrs are always advertising special offers, events and deals etc on posters in all bus shelters. I've often thought that was quite effective. Well, for the ones that can read anyway.
  9. That is definitely Jack Walker.
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