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  1. It's like I'm back int ground with the bloke and woman sat next to me screaming FUCKING PASS IT FORWARD" everytime we dare go sidewards 😂
  2. Pretty sure they won aswell, still got fined for playing a weakened team
  3. Best bit of the game from crellin that 😂😂😂 Just brilliant
  4. I'm sure Mansfield came to defend and get something from set pieces, about 25 mins in they've realised how shit we actually are And thought, fuck this we'll go for it
  5. Weird then. Never had an issue before.
  6. Is anyone having trouble playing on a TV via a laptop through a HDMI? plays fine on laptop but the video just appears blank on the Tele?
  7. Darcy and Gilks absolutely must start Tuesday.
  8. I doubt they're that arsed, he'll be released as soon as his contracts up
  9. Hopefully evatt just realised the game was gone and wanted to save tuttes legs
  10. Probably being Darcy's biggest fan boy here, bit I really do like the look of him And he's the only one whose still looking desperate to get one back
  11. Still think he's the least of our worries
  12. Still think Darcy looks a player you know
  13. Could be 6 or 7 this. They must of recognised they just need to shoot from anywhere and make sure it's on target
  14. Probably not you to be fair. Just people in general
  15. If he's playing above the sixth tier in 5 years I'll show my arse on the town hall. Don't give me the Jussi looked shite bollocks He's shit, simple as
  16. Pray for lockdown. End the season PPG for all I care
  17. Aye that was embarassing, he was fucking dog shit apart from the penalty save. He just is fucking shit. He's not even stood in the right position for both those free kicks. The first free kick I'm convinced the wall should be the other side. We simply have to go out and get an out of contract keeper. That or Gilks will have to step up.
  18. Literally no point in bothering with him in net.
  19. And should have scored, never offside
  20. The best performance of the season by a fucking mile. We win the game without the howler
  21. Getting absolutely nowhere with him as our number one
  22. Pretty happy with that. I think our pressing has been superb. That's what I expected from the start of the season
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