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  1. The only positive from today so for has been thomasson That lads been immense today
  2. This Williams has been a passenger so far
  3. The ball was in play for about a minute during that injury time
  4. Having no left wingback fucks us over so badly. Missing kioso too. Both wing back positions really costing us today
  5. Greenidge at centre half. Oh no.
  6. We are going to batter them all half and score 0 They battered us first half and scored 3. That's the difference. I'm a genius
  7. I mean, the wind is bad...
  8. You only have to have part of your foot touching the line I believe
  9. Fucking hell just seen Wigan got spunked on 5-0 at home aswell, Jesus 🤣😅😂
  10. My living rooms took an absolute battering there
  11. I've decided our whole game should revolve around getting the ball to delfauneso. He's been quiet tonight, but when he does get the ball he's head and shoulders above anyone in this league. I very much like isgrove too. Although he should of scored the numpty
  12. Yep, finally lost patience with him now Isgrove in please
  13. As he goes off injured 🤪
  14. We are soft as fuck here. Going down and staying down when losing, you better be fucking injured... And I don't think they are half the time
  15. Fucking shambles start to this half.. nothing less than we deserved that
  16. It's soft from Crawford But you can't blame him as 9 times out of ten he buys a foul
  17. This is at home and a league lower. This is the worse ever
  18. I've said it before, if you're captain of this club and getting twatted 6-1 at home, sarcevic hasn't opened his gob. Decent player, but never a captain
  19. So at least we've learnt this group has got fuck all about them then
  20. Is it that, or have we just been fucking awful at the back? Don't know where it's come from, but we've been as open as a whores minge
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