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  1. The politics thread will be 7 billion pages long
  2. We need the PROPER FOOTBALL MEN to save us.
  3. Baffles me this. Southgate has found a way of approaching tournament football that is successful. Has he made mistakes, yes? Is he given us some of the best England moments of the last 10 years, yes. You don't get second chances in a WC or Euro, so you have to make sure you do what you need to to progress, its called being pragmatic with the resources you have at hand. Germany are absolute past masters at it, and the country celebrates them for it. The idea that we have a team of world beating attacking talent is a myth, our midfield isn't one of the very best and so you have to provide some extra cover. Could he be less cautious at times? Certainly, but I'd rather have this game plan at the moment. We are doing well at the moment, there is more to this than just football, that's obvious. I think the real concern is that this team has been together for a good while now - since Russia - and I actually think as a squad the Euros were our highpoint - I'm not sure this is our WC, and I'm pretty sure if its quarters or less Southgate will walk. Some people will be very happy, personally I think he's done a very impressive job after years of dreck leadership and management.
  4. Some of the posters working themselves up into a giddy lather have brightened up a rather dull Tuesday evening.
  5. Best thing I heard this week was a suggest that whoever gets brought down in the box and gets given a pen, they have to take the penalty rather than anyone else on the team. I love that idea.
  6. We never went anywhere during Bolton holidays as my Dad was working at Cadishead Secondary, I just remeber it being shit, no kids TV as no one else was off and having to watch loads of Wimbledon as nothing else was on. Then back to school for three weeks, whilst everyone else finished. Was glad when they changed it, bit slow off the mark considering we didn't have any mills to maintain by the mid-90s
  7. And this, along with not being 12, is why I never wear a Bolton replica shirt. Imagine having a lovely evening stroll on holiday and getting mithered about Halliwell.
  8. It's the funniest thing I've read on here in a good while.
  9. Couldn't be anything but!
  10. I think that might be best for you, keep to your lane and all that.
  11. I didn't say it was the right thing to do, that's your asssumption as per the rest of your post. I've done a bit of work and worked in oprganisations that deal with how organisations/public bodies look at problematic hisorical representation from a funding point of view and also how it is promoted and explained. Funnily enough its a huge topic and people are paid to look at how we don't ignore issues with the past, but how we treat them to give a true telling of the facts. Your bias against me is clouding any point you are trying to make. And its Mr. Creepy if you don't mind.
  12. Keep going...if you want.
  13. You can look for yourself, the fact that it had been long debated and the city was going through changes to address some of the more problematic parts of its history, whilst not ignoring them. Colston Hall is now St George's Hall in the centre and this was on the process of removing it to a museum to discuss and give it context rather than just having it up as reverence. The idea that history is modern sense is 'fixed' and there is only one reading of it is a nonsense, and as I say is propagated by folks in this strange culture war that we seem to be in.
  14. Although, ask yourself, what are the issues with those statues that are pulled down. Is it just because people took the law into their own hands? I'm not convinced. If folk have an issue with statues of slave owners being removed (and let's not forget that Colston in Bristol was going to be removed anyway) then I'd suggest they have a rather weak grasp on the history of our country. But was ever thus.
  15. It's laugable because there is so many holes in that argument that its funny and not worth really engaging with. Very much like your last paragraph.
  16. With all due respect, its complete inside the point. Racism in the game wasn't taken seriously enough (hence the slight nod to it with Kick It Out, but nothing really changing), and now the biggest asset the FA have (the senior men's England team) make it a central issue has completely changed the way its dealt with and its place on the footall, and social, agenda.
  17. To be fair it was less in your face because it had the funding of a one-legged donkey sanctuary in Blackpool. Given the money swashing around football the FA gave them very little (I think at one point they had three staff and an office above a shop on TCR or maybe Goodge Street)
  18. 'Kin hell 😁 There's missing the point and then not even being on the same planet as the point. Funny though.
  19. I don't think he's a great football manager, but he is a great manager and England - fans and players - need that more than anything. He also is good at bringing together a country, and a team.
  20. Is the shirt white. Does it have our badge on it. Design over
  21. That's a million miles away from what actually happened. But don't let your bias stop you from reasoned thought.
  22. Spot on. Those just moaning about Liverpool fans have a grudge and dislike. Madrid's entrance to the ground was very different. Anyway, kids, and people just queuing to get into the ground should not be teargassed and peppersprayed and if they are that's a failure of the organising and policing of the event.
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