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  1. Oh fair enough, just remember him.goal.hanging during all the league games 😁
  2. Not quite, 3 goals in the league Cup the year we got to the final. Without those we wouldn't have made it there, so fair play to the rotund rebel.
  3. No he wasn't. Odd that folk think this.
  4. I remember coming back from uni, last holiday in the third year just after Allerdyce had just joined and him saying, we will be the new Wimbledon, on the sports quote on the BEN.
  5. This is what I mean, just old fashioned football platitudes. Not good enough.
  6. If you had grown up with nothing up us being shit, you'd do it. At least they aren't supporting glory clubs. I don't agree with it, but it sounds a bit shit singing we're a great team when we just aren't.
  7. I agree with Gonzo and Farny. I'm never one to call for heads or doing something stupid (mainly because we are fans and we don't have the full.picture) And also, I don't go to lots of matches, I'll always take advice from those who know much better and see more. But I'm sorry, I've never bought into the Evans thing. We have good owners, and a nice manager but he's not a bright young thing I'm afraid. You only have to listen to his pre and post match comments. I wouldn’t get shut now, but next season, with more changes unless there is an improvement; there would be better managers for us.
  8. Love to see a few of ours try and manage a team...
  9. Well, I hope I'm utterly wrong about this and its just a really bad day at the office. Fair play to Stockport, onwards and upwards. Round of applause for those who went tonight as well.
  10. It's an opinion, no need to start calling folk names for having one, even if you don't agree, is all I'm saying.
  11. So no? I'm not smug, I just know stuff innit.
  12. No need for that, we've all got different views on the team. Soon as we start being proper dicks to each other, we really are lost.
  13. Oooooh exciting. Kachunga in the six yard box with a sliced kick.
  14. I fear we might be halfway through the book already.
  15. I'm all for being calm and not being knee here and all that... But, I just don't see it with IE, sorry. I know we got promoted and he has credit in the bank but even last season I just didn't see this 'style' he likes to go on about. What are we tactically? Also the weakness of our defense, but also midfield, letting teams bully us or just walk through us again and again. He is paid to address this, and I don't think he is.
  16. But look at teams who do press, and do it well. You can see the patterns, the way they know how and when to go. I just don't think thats how we play at the moment.
  17. Yeah. Sorry I meant when teams give them time with the ball.
  18. Are they playing a 'pressing game' though? I didn't see any practiced team press at all, looks like a team set up for front foot with wingers. All good with the ball, but fuck all idea without it. And that is down to the management and coaching.
  19. I know all managerial jobs end in failure but given I've never warmed to IE and his game plans, do I get to be smug yet? I just don't think he's up to it. Of course, I'll be more than happy to be utter wrong and be eating a crate of humble pie at the end of the season.
  20. So....whose on view from the other sight tonight?
  21. I'm not blaming the players on this, what was the system? How are we competing? Where is the defence? Not one player looked like a leader tonight, there was no visible plan. I'm just not sure that IE can adapt beyond a gameplan that won't work against every team and with the players he has.
  22. Yup, and we're still stuck trying to play it out from the back. Sorry, but IE has a lot of work to do. Still not convinced.
  23. Yes but this doesn't help and the lack of fight just compounds it. I know IE has bought himself time but the rest of the season will be big in terms.of how he refreshes the team after setbacks.
  24. We've not had the ball enough to hoof it all night
  25. I know IE wants to play attractive football but there are times for a different way if you can't control the game. We just look really lightweight
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