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  1. The 2022 racist post winner 🏆
  2. Yeah, still not his goal though.
  3. Well it's their population size, that's why, it's proper science.
  4. Clinton Morrison...nope, off you pop.
  5. On a coach listening to the radio isn't much fun, especially when stuck in rush hour traffic...urgh.
  6. I'm sure on that point they totally agree with you, and thank goodness for that
  7. I've either watched or listened to every game, but I work at home so it's easy. Tomorrow I'm going back to Bolton so I'll miss my first day Also, only getting back at 8 on Friday so I'm missing the England game as well.
  8. I could see Frank Spencer in it during his white dreads period.
  9. Just worried about us conceading, can't see us keeping a clean sheet against them so it's all we're going to have to score more...let's see!
  10. Nay - that were very good and didn't have to really push on. I'd stick a pound on France.
  11. Danny Murhpy's little tick is to say, 'As we were talking about earlier...' dreadful in its meaningless. Not quite as bad as Morrisons, 'Nah, nah..I'm just joking...' We know Clinton, we know.....
  12. Most of the squad are that young, not sure they'd be able to grow one!
  13. Die drei Lowen if my GCSE German serves me well?
  14. This is WW, it's the stock in trade!
  15. It's just Partridge filing airtime and it sending me nuts after 3 days. Not only have we had you couldn't write this script, then we have hundreds of he's writing his own script..which is it? WHICH IS IT? I think I need to give it a rest for a few hours.
  16. Keown... 'Argentinnia' Since it's started I've heard you couldn't write this script' at least 5 times a day. Yes, yes you can. People write about moonmen living on the backs of dragons drinking the blood of their enemies. A man missing a penalty isn't beyond the realms of the human imagination. An underdog beating a favourite happens in every world cup. My favourite today was. You couldn't have seen that shock. Well, obviously, otherwise it wouldn't be a shock would it?
  17. John Hartson is making my ears bleed. Had it on in the background but this is duller than the Netherlands match.
  18. Not only is it pleasing when England win, we now get the added benefit of supporting a nice bunch of players instead of the likes of the 'golden generation' and tripple bonus it winds the likes of Bolty up seeing Southgate succeed. Happy days.
  19. This is better - Lars Siverson and Nedum Onuoha, people with actual brains between their ears.
  20. Just finished morning meetings - trying to listen on 5 live....but Noooo! Clinton 'To Be Fair' Morrison is on there.
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