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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Saw King Gizzard on Thursday - one of the best gigs I've been to. If you've not yet welcomed them into your life - do!
  2. Not a gif as such but Standing at the Sky's Edge this afternoon at the National using Richard Hawley's music about the iconic flats in Sheffield. Was very good.
  3. He thinks it's like betting, you back the 'winning' side rather than the one your own personal politics most closely align with.
  4. Have I? Didn't think so.
  5. Booth? I don't even leave my sedan chair, Mr Chuckles.
  6. He didn't even make it into the booth - the poll clerk asked him his name, and he just replied, what's your name, though?
  7. I honestly didn't know Plymouth were that big. I mean i know there's not much competition down there for support but I didn't think they would outsell us.
  8. No need to, read the article when it was published, last week I think.
  9. Quite true, but with a nationalist one policy party like the SNP, grassroots are much more important. As with everything, it's about the context.
  10. He's not left wing, he's gone full on conspiracy wild.
  11. Yup - get more Labour seats...
  12. People should listen to the whole thing. It's a classic, I'm not a racist but.... Even Big Break fans will shake their heads.
  13. I'd stick to putting out fires
  14. Soz hard 😉 Yeah I like to eat food.
  15. The Royal Oak is my favourite pub round there, along with the Volunteer. Both do decent food as well.
  16. Just booked in for Wheeler's Oyster Bar for the other half's birthday. If you are ever down that way, and like seafood, it's a must.
  17. Bit like the free roaming tofu eating wokerati, you might say.
  18. 3.33 It was just after he said someone dressed like a bowl of fruit. Bet he never thought he'd go from primetime to ranting in his dining room against a greenscreen.
  19. Series three of the Mandolorian is looking good - much more like Andor.
  20. The childcare thing will be huge for many.
  21. Keep on at them. Seems to me they hate arranging it!
  22. Yeah - think that podcast is from 2017. When you are down in that there London, have you ever walked from Embankment tube to say somerset house? Baffles me why it's not made more of but the enginering to reclaim land back from the Thames and the sewage system created by Bazalgette. Thirty odd acres were reclaimed back from parliment to blackfriars. So the gardens you can walk through today at embankment were all reclaimed prior to this on the banks of the thames were grand houses that went to the old shoreline - of which somerset house is the only one left. Which fries my noodle when you see how set back it is today. Anyway, I digress, but its something that we should make more of like they do in other european cities but it's just sort of a hidden bit of London history. https://portoflondonstudy.wordpress.com/2016/10/31/sir-joseph-bazalgettes-embankments-by-sue-littledale/
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