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  1. Your right to be wary , looked through my Rothmans and his return was 10 goals in 29 games over a season and a bit . The season he joined us he started the first 6 games scoring 2 goals . I think he jumped at the chance to rejoin Rioch and in later interviews he spoke about how he wanted to play for us ( didn't stop the sod scoring against us though ).
  2. Well getting in from work and this news immediately popping up on my phone is certainly one of the more WTF moments following Bolton . Sad to see him go and it doesn't seem so long ago since the winner at Lincoln and the Euphoria in the stands , the difference a few weeks make in Football . But I.E has to be backed on this one , especially if it regards lack of discipline , more so from your captain .
  3. He's just being taken off.
  4. In fairness mate he isn't even close to winning any of the balls hoofed down to him.
  5. Baka seems to be doing a poor Emile Heskey impression.
  6. Well that corner was different.
  7. We're getting battered here.
  8. A ball got played across the goal and he just missed it , and we look lively around their box , but we look like conceding everytime they attack.
  9. We are causing them a few problems and I can see us scoring , but likewise I can see them scoring more.
  10. Good post , last season proves how a good transfer window can inspire even the most hopeless situation .
  11. I think 10th is pretty much spot on for us , but for a promoted side it is a steady start.
  12. Sadly the writing was on the wall as soon as Jones & John were unavailable, Brockbank & Gordon are questionable League 2 standard at best , although in fairness nobody comes out of that shambles with any credit.
  13. Some different footage from the Friday night Hull Game , the footage is slightly ropey but interesting all the same.
  14. Your absolutely right , but that twat had no intention of giving us anything and certainly not in the 6th minute of injury time.
  15. But on the other hand that shows we aren't a million miles away , especially with the defeats all being ( pretty much ) smash and grabs for the home team bizarrely. Just a bit more luck and better final balls show how deadly we can be , if we scored first yesterday it probably ends up 3 or 4 . The playing it around at the back infuriates me in injury time though , especially with a unit like Baka up top , just get it in the box.
  16. Very frustrating to dominate so much and come away with nothing. But on the plus side we are creating chances and on another day we'd have won comfortably. Doyle desperately needs any kind of goal , even though personally I thought his second half chance was a good save rather than a bad miss , but he's then replaced by Baka who in 20 minutes of being on I can't remember him touching the ball . Still we dust ourselves off and go again next week .
  17. He did , looking at Google he played 400 games for Swindon , Mansfield and Carlisle. He played against us along with Whatmore in 1986 for Mansfield , I'm sure Ian Greaves managed them also.
  18. This Saturday at 10.30 am on the big match revisited, it is showing West Ham v Bolton from October 1980 .
  19. That was the risk we took when we decided to go with what we'd got at the end of the transfer window , despite the injuries in the forward department. Hopefully some of the injured should be back sooner rather than later , and also Kachunga should be approaching full fitness .
  20. Absolutely, only ran for 7 years which surprised me . Did Football Focus come on at a slightly earlier/later time ? , I seem to remember watching both
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