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  1. ChippyTea

    Soccer Aid

    That's all its ever been. Can't stand the smug cunt
  2. Bit of a strange one this http://the72.co.uk/56455/bolton-interim-manager-phillips-to-be-offered-croatian-role/
  3. Not what we need at this present time
  4. whats the fucking point of starting with that useless cunt Heskey. Woolery and newell on the bench give em some experience ready for next year
  5. Wankers. I hope they all get fucking shingles
  6. This. Just hope we can clear the decks of all the dead wood in the summer (manager included) and start again
  7. To be fair it's been over since 10 past 3
  8. Rotherham just gone 1-0 down
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