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  1. ChippyTea


    Arsed. You'll realise when it's too late
  2. ChippyTea


    Mock all you want. Just don't whinge and moan when your daughters/granddaughters are growing up wearing hijabs or burkhas whatever the fuck they're called
  3. ChippyTea


    If one of your relations had just been skittled by some madman in a truck I think you'd be rather irate. There's too much talk. Fucking ACT and deal with these cunts
  4. ChippyTea


    How do you suggest we stop these cunts then?
  5. ChippyTea


    Said it on here in numerous threads. Nuke fuck out them
  6. Because Sickipedia has been down for months. The good 'uns mainly come from there
  7. Leaves two young kiddies, just 3 and 5. Absolutely heartbreaking. God bless her
  8. Rod Stewart? Jesus H they dish them out like fucking smarties now. What that fake jock twat has done to earn a Knighthood baffles me
  9. ChippyTea

    Soccer Aid

    That's all its ever been. Can't stand the smug cunt
  10. Bit of a strange one this http://the72.co.uk/56455/bolton-interim-manager-phillips-to-be-offered-croatian-role/
  11. Not what we need at this present time
  12. whats the fucking point of starting with that useless cunt Heskey. Woolery and newell on the bench give em some experience ready for next year
  13. Should I not have a choice though? The royal family benefit me and mine in no way whatsoever. They are a bunch of sponging cunts with posh accents no more
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