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  1. I renewed my season ticket weeks ago In my same seat and unfortunately that's where I sit
  2. don't you just love it when the players prove them wrong 😆
  3. all the very best from me, I've never enjoyed the same experience, but hope you come out Happy with the outcome
  4. Dapo Av a lie on (top of another man)
  5. I reckon fans of whoever Everton are playing away should be allowed to let off fireworks all night outside their hotel, fairs fair.
  6. Spurtie Mee (said to Don Revie)
  7. Could of said Gerry, now he could get stuck in with his hard tackle...
  8. Spunk-on Ferguson…
  9. Bukkakeith Brannigan
  10. Cloughy would of handed out a few slaps to the back of the head if he was still around.
  11. I’d like them to win nothing more. GSOGQ. Someone will be getting a early morning knock for doing this to Billy Sharp
  12. EFL HUB on Twitter announced a hour ago Fossey has joined on a two year deal. I don’t know how reliable they are?
  13. I’m probably miles off the mark with this one, it’s only a sneaky feeling, it’s them bringing the Silverwell Streets out raised my eyebrow when the club announced a new stadium and shirt sponsor too inside a couple of weeks of each other. Not a clue to your question by the way.
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