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  1. Nobody’s mention our most hated, id love to see them go pop, attendances across the nation would fly up
  2. Santos with his last wage at Barnet and how thankful and privileged he is to be playing for us now, that's what I want to hear....
  3. We’ve done everything spot on up to now this year. We’ve got promoted, kept half the team, brought more in and getting results. Going off that kind of logic I’d be happy to leave everything to IE to be honest, can’t fault him in the last 9 months.
  4. I hope we beat them and I see the fat bastard who was waving his wallet at us from the home end at their place, that smug shithouse needs putting in his place. Our kids got the piss taken, would be nice to make it 1-1 and stuff them
  5. One of my brothers lives just outside Norwich, he’s going to be very popular at work on Monday. His messages are great, over the moon the lad, can’t shut him up at the moment 😂
  6. 3 mins injury time, where’s he got that from 😂
  7. Wouldn’t mind, but that referee looks like Barry Knight, got the baldy head
  8. There’s going to be more goals in this, proper open game, with us edging it that first half. COYFWM
  9. In the club shop now, just been announced, obviously these are going to fly out, Xmas just around the corner
  10. MJ Williams and Isgrove stood out for me, the pair of them were outstanding. 0-0, but a entertaining 0-0. I feel very comfortable with Dixon between the sticks too, as does our defence they way they comfortably sprayed the ball about.
  11. It was gut wrenching leaving there. As a 4-5yr old kid living opposite Leverhulme Park looking over at the floodlights lighting up the sky, the roar that travelled over when we scored. Then the night matches when I could go as a 7yr old, alcohol free ground, bovril, pipe tobacco smell, pale ale breath on our fans all mixed up, tremendous. My first match in the Great Lever with my brother-in-law, night game, in awe at the amount of people watching what my brothers told me as my bedtime story. Fabulous, I can still picture the ground from every stand, etched in there.
  12. That’s better. I honestly think any fan who’s negative towards his own team needs straightening In the bogs at half time, it’s not constructive and solves nothing, just makes matters worse. Glad nobody did, makes me feel better anyhow.
  13. That sums up my exact thoughts, but I’m sure the chairman at Accrington needs adding to the cnut list
  14. They’ve done well in defence, blocked the lot, Doyle’s not had a chance, they’ve done well all 90mins
  15. We pass the ball about, they’re more direct than us
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