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  1. Breightmet Boy


    They’ll get helped out with a few loans from better clubs no doubt.
  2. Get well soon Happy, I hope your getting there pal 🙂 i’ll happily donate a few bob to the site too, had some great memories on here and it needs to keep going.
  3. Congratulations to you and all the family and i hope baby Albie turns into a proper Wanderers fan 🙂
  4. Last Night Of The Proms would be the ultimate, id happily retire from gigs.
  5. over 9,700 sold to date. not bad considering another lockdown could happen at any time
  6. Him and his wife strongly denying it. It’s a minefield, I’ve not a clue what a nonce looks like, but I’m pretty sure he could click his fingers at most ladies and fulfil his needs.
  7. They always seem pressured into giving them away, and that must be dreadful. When they find out they have brothers and sisters must be a buzz. Kills me this programme it really does, staring at these 4 walls for 18 months is taking its effect.
  8. Any of you lot involved in anything like this? Just watched tonight’s and it’s unbelievable how many folk are living their lives looking for their mums and dads, yet it's never the other way around, even though the parents wonder how their adopted kid is doing. I like to think of myself as far from being a soppy sod, but I watch nearly all of these and I’m a huge fanny and yet to not get a tad emotional.
  9. KIRKHAMANY, if that deserves caps pal 😉
  10. How uncanny is this, he was apparently Mickey, not sure how much truths involved as he seems a belting chap, so hard to believe such a upstanding member of society would be involved in such shannangins, just walking his British Bulldog on Leverhulme he was.
  11. Straight over my Frank Zappa that’s gone, not a pot of glue what you mean?
  12. It is, he spent his weekends in Germany instead of going to the game for some silly reason
  13. this bloke with his dog was telling me that he got banned from England and BWFC matches 15 years ago and that the club have to get the nod off GMP so he can get his season ticket.
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