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  1. yes, some of our fans need to stop the 'whipping boy' obsession and our young lads will deliver. I hate negheads, they spoil the matchday experience. Was thrilled to bits today and if it carries on like this some of our injured lads will struggle to get back in, Cheltenham are a form team at the moment and we did a job, didn't get the full 3pts, but with our horrendous injury list we showed we can bring in hungry youth who are discipled enough to get something from a game and are eager more.
  2. R.I.P Speedo, the above messsages echo my exact thoughts, fabulous bloke who wasn’t up his own arse, right up there with the greats 🙂
  3. It’s horrendous luck we’ve had with injuries, but like IE said there’s players who have come in who are getting better with game time, so the injuries could be a little blessing in disguise. I really do want Kachunga to do well and shut the negheads up, he was superb against Doncaster, hungry and good teamwork. I think a draw will be a bad result, but this kiss-of-death isn’t predicting anything. COYFWM
  4. Leather Card Holder. Do folk carry a wallet and one of these, or do they just use loose change and use a card all the time? Sounds a bit of a daft question, but I honestly don’t know?
  5. If Kachunga had scored that then, what a goal that’d been
  6. just acquired my ticket for this
  7. Yes, it’s a open enough game, it’s end to end this
  8. Still in this, it’s open enough
  9. Kachunga is having a decent game, stretching his legs carrying the ball, it’s making a difference, playing with a smile the lad
  10. Baptiste having a very good game, our passing in midfield has been good in spots to, inter passing really well at times. It’s a open game
  11. Thank god that wasn’t a league game. We looked shagged after 45mins, breathing out our arses. After Sunday I was expecting much more than that, togetherness for a team member and the club earning our respect. Something isn’t right, something has upset them players because we know they can play, there’s no way they was playing for the manager tonight.
  12. Jesus wept. Aunt Shaz must be wondering what the shitting hell shes bought
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