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  1. Put a brick under each leg at the top of your bed to help you sleep. I went to see my doctor about 35yrs ago and told him I didn’t want anymore tablets, I wanted a cure. He tapped away on his computer and told me to cut out tomatoes, cucumber and oily fish and not had omeprazol, Tagamet or anything else since. I suffered from helicobacteria, acid reflux, hardly had a problem since.
  2. If I had to pick three it would be Brentford, Lincoln and Tranmere. Hope I’m wrong with Tranmere, but they’re binned KH and because of the way it was done they’ll be the most fired up to prove to the ex-gaffer wrong for upsetting the dressing room. I’ll probably watch them all, but won’t get excited about it, means nothing to me.
  3. After what we’ve been through I don’t give two shiny shits about anyone else, totally meaningless to me. Getting my season ticket this week is far more important, only my club matters to me.
  4. exactly, i like a womans Nicky Hunt to look like a womans, it needs Nicky Weaver protecting the goal.
  5. Yes, i lived opposite Leverhulme Park and plenty blokes lobbed their mucky mags in them bushes, my 7 year old winky got giddy a lot, it was ace. Didnt bother reading any stories mind 🙂
  6. As long as it doesn’t smell like a fishmongers apron they’re fine
  7. Margarita for me, a woman should be a woman, plenty of grass on the pitch, mowed once a month on a high setting
  8. Really gets my goat up this. If you can’t afford vets insurance don’t get a dog because some folk won’t if money’s tight.
  9. Still up and watching the videos of the coach arriving back at the ground, these scenes are fabulous, god I’m one happy chappy. It’s great this isn’t it 🙂
  10. Auntie Shazza looked delighted then COYFWM
  11. Well it looks like the chance to even things out against the plastic scousers has gone. Gutted
  12. Got to love Ian Evatts and his understanding of the fans, losing at home to Exeter City so Gary Neville’s lot can’t get into the play-offs. Hats off sir 😉
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