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  1. I’ve got three pairs of dubs, 2 of the 2014 release and a pair of the Argie Dub CW.
  2. Apparently the best ones 08s. I complained to SNS about Evri by phone, they sent me a nice email thanking me for feedback and sacked them off 😆
  3. Adidas Dublins on SNS raffle, £89 + £12 postage. I know the postage is a bit steep, but can't go wrong with these.
  4. Considering the amount of players we have cup tied I'll be gobsmacked if we win this. Promotion for me, yes it will be nice to beat Plymouth at the same time
  5. Happy 23rd Birthday for yesterday Dennis 🙂
  6. Excellent place to go if you fancy a bit of skirt...
  7. Two tickets needed for Morecambe if anyone can help, one would be helpful. Thank you gents 🙂
  8. https://www.boltonlock.co.uk/auto-trade-locksmith-services/automotive-lock-and-cut-key-order-form/ Always found these very good, we use these for work.
  9. Wasn't able to get tickets for this, disappointed is a understatement, wouldn't let me buy accusing me of being a bot
  10. I couldn’t care less, I’m happy it’s a Bolton company and they’re ploughing money into us, I respect everything they’re doing for us.
  11. George Thomason back to full training now, we need them back for the run in, competition for places is healthy. COYFWM
  12. 3 tickets for this popped through my letterbox whilst I was in Peterborough. As per usual I'm not predicting the result, but they're on free fall at the moment, just hope we can keep this momentum going.
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