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  1. Think it’s mainly a confidence issue , not being picked & the last option from the bench has probably sucked all the confidence out of him .Evatt doesn’t seem like an arm around the shoulder type & with some players the ‘show me what you can do’ doesn’t always work.Don’t think it’s a ‘can’t be arsed’ issue .During the Doncaster game when he missed a sitter he was punching the ground in frustration even though we were three up.Probably time for him to move on though.
  2. It really pisses me off that any women’s football gets higher billing than the men’s league pyramid ( BBC results pecking order.) Absolute shite , they are all virtue signalling to a point of banality.
  3. True but we are going to need him for the foreseeable future , Baka is injury prone Doyle does give reliability limited or not.Can’t see us pushing the boat out in January .Patience required as we are a definitely a work in progress. Should have scored yesterday from Kachuga’s pass but all strikers miss chances & he doesn’t get that many.
  4. I to would take a draw from this one as it will be long throws set piece scenario & a certain level of shithousery from our opponents who won’t be a pushover like Donny.Plus they have that annoying little player May who will irritate the fcuk out of Santos & co. 1-1
  5. Ok Mr hindsight what happens next ? Do you want Evatt to fck off or are you just blowing steam out of your arse. We all know there’s a problem I just get pissed off reading your negative monotonous tirades against one particular player.
  6. Miller who went to Nantwich ? l liked Arthur & would have kept him , better than kachunga ? We’ll certainly find out because he will play given our injuries.
  7. So was Dafo , if you get free transfers 50% right your not a bad manager Maybe Doyle will take Kachunga’s place when fit ?
  8. Marque signings WTF .Evatt’s had to scrape & scrounge the free transfer market trying to improve the squad.Beggars can’t be too choosy , all his summer signings are rejects from their previous clubs & that’s the market he is in unfortunately. Going to be a battle now to stay in this league so we had better get behind them maybe we can strengthen in the next window, problem is Evatt is in the same market.
  9. Yes, slip of the pen , chufty badge for you though I don’t remember it being very safe?
  10. The most worrying thing about last night is we started lumping the ball quite early not surprisingly we were losing 50-50 tackles all over the pitch .It Was so unEvatt like in every respect . Their right winger had to have taken some performance enhancing drug , he was manic , skinned John obviously. Agree we need a large beast to accompany Santos in the back four. Jonstone was way to weak in his challenges. Some sympathy for Isgrove playing out of position , one of the few to put a shift in. Bottom line is most of Stockport’s team are league one standard & that’s where we have just come from.
  11. Don’t normally do testimonials friendlies etc.Last minute decision to take my grandson .Glad I went ,my grandson is really on board now , any doubts about his football loyalties absolutely nailed. As others have stated quite emotional & combined with such a good cause it’s heartening to be involved , credit to the players who travelled long distance .We finally got to say our farewells to Campo in particular.
  12. Slightly different topic the Beehive is open again & Stockport fans were In early Given the scarcity of pubs in the area should we be making efforts to secure it as a home pub rather than wait for the gazebo type fanzone.? Just a thought.
  13. Copper on a horse told me not to argue with him , & told me to do one. Female officer responded to my polite request to let myself & my grandson through as we were parked on Tesco , she hadn’t had the full frontal lobotomy like the Cnut on the horse and applied some common sense .Rare these day with our increasingly paramilitary police.
  14. We could have been two up before we handed them the lead. Fought back well to get in front. That dozy moment in first half injury time cost us big time .Second half was laboured but we still had enough of the ball in & around their penalty area to have won comfortably. Regardless of formation etc our set pieces are lamentable.Surely we can improve on these & crab a few goals like our opponents seem to do. Was John sub through injury or because he wasn’t playing very well? Thought Gordon did ok.
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