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  1. Didn’t know him personally but it’s a tragedy for his family R.I.P
  2. Not really arsed about Everton staying up , remember Leicester & their not paying creditors etc. & wiping the smug smile off Linakers face .
  3. Not for me , never a goal scorer in the memory of man .Decision making in the box woeful & as for the shuffle step-overs , no thanks . I think we can do better.
  4. Another tactical mystery is why with only five minutes left , & the fairly statuesque but tall Jerome on , do we not shove Santos forward & sling crosses in like every other team does In similar circumstances, second balls etc. Our long list of 0-1 defeats would be much shorter if we went agricultural for the last minutes of a game , surely ?
  5. Definitely for me too , Jones is top notch tactically gets the best out of Bradley not as good a defender as Toal but streets ahead in terms of positioning & making the right runs ,might have been a tough one last night with that shithouse Kane lumping & bumping Bradley .Certainly missed last night. Our left-side looked more productive in the second half , & I can’t understand why John didn’t take that titty line freekick, crying out for a left pegger ,maybe he just wasn’t arsed?
  6. The Denis Smith I remember would be at least 75 years old & used to travel on the supporters club coaches , always wore a suit , even though he usually ended up in a scrap.This would be late sixties .
  7. Feb 1967 , Lee 3 (1 pen) including the leaning on the post back heel at the Town End.
  8. Yes , nov 1968 (Byrom 2, Rimmer & Gareth Williams) Hunt’s debut was 3-1 (Manning Byrom & Hurley) Boxing Day 1969.
  9. Think that was Denis Smith he liked to take on numbers , once rescued a few of us at Boro. Saw him a good few years ago in WS upper. Obviously quietened down a bit. Franny Lee hatrick game was 1967 .Sir Rogers debut later either 69 or 70. He didn’t score that day , & I for some reason wasn’t there.
  10. Not a great fan of the monarchy myself , but surely they realise that their not just booing the King but also their own country, it’s clearly an attention seeking thing.
  11. Your right & plenty of reminders over the years , although in mitigation Sir Roger was having a stinker right up until that moment.
  12. We are going to miss him the long streak of pish
  13. Cheers well remembered, not like Bolty to jump to conclusions though is it ? For the record this moniker is about me making a c##t of myself when I shouted quite loudly from the Lever End that Hunt (Roger) should be subbed , seconds later he thumped the ball in the net & yes I got loads of ‘good natured’ abuse for months & even years after.Well deserved I suppose but my mates never let me forget it. Think the match was Torquay in the FA cup.
  14. Where have I slagged off our own players ? Tool.
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