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  1. Can we still donate via Neil’s PayPal account ? Best wishes to Neil in his health battle.
  2. Would be happy with 10th realistically.
  3. Lever Ender as well in his youth RIP Paul.
  4. Humphries is VERY decent at this level.
  5. RIP Paul .Horwich lad very talented schoolboy footballer who somehow slipped the net of the scouts including the Wanderers.He was a time served engineer & eventually played non league at Chorley .Tony Waiters spotted him there & took him down to Plymouth. The rest is history.Condolences to his family.
  6. Always thought he was decent for us , scored plenty the season we got promoted under Parkinson. Some decent memories. I’m not mithered that he was the ‘strike ‘ leader he wasn’t the real villain was he? We have moved on though .Don’t think he will get much of a deal anywhere now given his age & cv.
  7. Aye not a great loss but was a 100 percenter. Probably our only threat in the opposition box from corners. Without his last minute equaliser at Cheltenham we don't go up. Good luck Ryan .
  8. How dare you talk sense on here! ps got mine Friday and being owd & single it was a bargain. Bigger queue for the covid jab though.
  9. The problem with identity politics is that it is designed to be divisive such is the role of organisations such as BLM & Extinction rebellion.Wether or not they are Marxist or Globalist or even Deep State is debatable , but they provoke reaction because people don’t want to be told what to do , it’s got nothing to do with actual racism more a conditioning process to conform a certain way & not think individually , part of the ‘great reset’ agenda. Fwiw my take is it’s counter productive to the actual problem & sooner or later will have to cease.
  10. According to tricky Nixon wiggin have made a 400k bid to MK Don's for one of their players. Are they not subject to an embargo?
  11. Had to pay £84 to the company where I was contracted or get binned .....thought I could get away with calls from the workshop to clubcall but the fly in the ointment was the fact the company was located in Skelmersdale & I was the only Bolton fan on site ....mmmm
  12. Right sort of age + plenty of experience for his age.+ right pedigree + competition for Baptiste Jobsaguddun
  13. If we don't sign him Wiggin will . Bit of a gamble but not as much as Maddison was.
  14. A couple of vaguely familiar faces on there , looks a bit like the bog wall on the Embankment. The ones with no roof like a open German bunker.
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