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  1. RIP Syd , cool player never panicked always used the ball well, played with a smile on his face.
  2. Always finished some awesome physical feat with a flask & some butties.
  3. Really is an insult to the professional game , but not the only example.
  4. How many did you take ? must have been a few as the pie suckers managed 14k good luck in the playoffs.
  5. 44 points since January w13 d5 l4 Commendable effort & we aren’t the finished article yet. Roll on next season , get Santos re-signed & a couple more in , we should be flying.
  6. Which 5 or 6 ? I know you will place Katchunga at no.1 I didn’t think SW were poor, and we did get out of jail.
  7. They were decent . Our lack of balance tonight was obvious .We seem to have a few that can play in the no.10 role but only MJ is a defensive mid.We improved greatly when he came on in contrast to Saturday when Dempsey replaced him . Competition in the defensive mid area will be needed but wouldn’t write off MJ just yet. Bodvarson our best player tonight overall. Two new CB’s needed as well. Fair result despite the offside goal. ps. How good was their goalkeepers distribution! as someone stated they targeted our left side but it was mainly through the accuracy of the goalies kicking. On one occasion in the second half they were in our box after just three passes the first being the goalies kick.
  8. Starting line up was wooden , don’t blame Aimson as he is bog standard CB Sadlier as lwb was pushing it a bit , he was clearly uncomfortable & Johnstone seemed dithery.No balance in the team & hitting it long was a waste of time Subs changed the game so at least Evatt got it right in the end.
  9. Christ Mr Sunbed , keep out of the sun Then again go to Barrow.
  10. You know the youth are going to sing it whether you like it or not Terrible , crass , cruel, cringing etc Its a learning curve , we have all been there.
  11. They are full of it marketing wise , don’t seem to realise that our liveliest fans are youngsters & they might not be capable of differentiating sometimes that grey defining line between acceptable & not . The club need to stop their patronising social media bullshit. Cheese , gonna get my fck off in first .
  12. As has been said previously games like yesterday show our limitations particularly in defence.Johnstone has been a disappointment Plymouth targeted him yesterday long balls around the back of him & he looked uncomfortable in a back three . Aimson is a bog standard squad centre back with poor distribution skills , again not suited to three at the back.I am sure this will be addressed by Evatt in the summer.Agree Dapo is not a no.10 even though I thought he would be . Rest of season now is about assessing our playing staff & formations. Sadlier has to start along with Dempsey .We are short of top six quality , but not that far short .Top ten finish would be a good achievement & of course it would be nice to roll out the A team at Wigan & stick it to them . Onwards & upwards next season.Keeping Santos would be a big plus.
  13. Don’t understand why for Christ sake we should alienate any support we can get even if they are young & stupid ( just like us back in the day ) It leads to a lifetime of misery & disappointment so why should these southern cnuts be immune. And when someone in London asks for the time you can say ‘ faark off u cant’
  14. Not to mention the 14000 ethnic Russians killed in the Donbas since 2014 mainly by the Neo-Nazi national guard (Azov brigade) Personally no time for Putin or the invasion but this type of virtue signalling pisses me off.Simplistic button pressing.
  15. Your a visionary, same thing happened to me with my drinking , kept falling over the pram not expecting it to be there.
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