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  1. Wycombe are a credit to the football league whereas Derby have a list of shithousery as long as the Leeds Liverpool canal.They need taking down a peg , even though as someone said we usually get Jack shit at there.
  2. Another seminal moment in the life of our great club . ‘They all laugh at us , they all mock at us They all say our days are numbered Oh to be a Wanderer victorious are we ‘ Enjoy fellow wanderers , this is only the beginning (sorry)
  3. Good effort Mark, see you in the NSL next season ......L Favourite flag , sometimes really worth the effort of lugging it about!
  4. Early doors had a bet on betfair it flashed up Bolton 1 Oldham 2 about two minutes before they scored in injury time.Its a sickener in ifollow time , never mind being forwarned!
  5. Didn't realise that little shithouse Nichols was banned for our game That's a bonus definitely , he caused us no end of problems at our place .Plus his shithousery which got Greenidge sent off. Just got to watch Nadeson who was very useful for them COYWM
  6. Won again v Oldham 3-1
  7. I would pal , bottom line 300 sobs towards next season tickets as against the double whammy of a failure to get automatic promotion & 300 down the pan. Not disloyal just pragmatic.
  8. So in essence the early bird discount has been renamed the loyalty bonus...mmmm not too impressed by that if that's the true interpretation. But won't stop me renewing
  9. I can understand folk being slightly underwhelmed by a 10 % discount given their commitment this season However the owners have to make a call on what the existing season ticket holders will do , given they have to run the club on the proceeds . I think a few will jack it ,that's their prerogative.I will renew but the thought of another ifollow season fills me with dread.
  10. Would it be paranoid to suggest Sky live coverage will motivate their half arsed players a little more?
  11. Should be part of the plan to get Dapo more central & more forward .When he picks the ball up deep he has to beat two or three to get even a sight of goal. Crawley will no what to expect & set up accordingly. Millar & Arthur up front early doors might introduce some uncertainty in their defence.
  12. Don't totally disagree with some of this however we have ground out a few one nillers have we not? Yesterday Exeter nullified our normally excellent lhs attack by actually going offensive.We are predictable so teams can set up accordingly. Agree Doyle is limited as an outlet when we try to go more direct. The subs yesterday did not help .Isgrove subbed again is a head scratcher although Sarcevic was blowing a bit so you can understand Thomason coming on.
  13. Psychologically they had nowt to lose so they attacked second half relentlessly A team with a goal difference of 20 was always going to be problematic for us given our lack of goals. Think Morecambe will win next week as their style of play will exploit Bradford who are decent football wise but will be physically undone. We really do have to go for it next week like Exeter went for it today.
  14. Just had my second crap , nerves are jangling .Shouldn't be the case as I am veteran of these situations. The first game I remember was v Spurs in 1962.We won 1-0 & Jimmy Greaves got grollied at by the Great Lever ruffians as he took a corner. Next season I started to attend going on my own or with mates from Horwich. That season we went down but I missed the final game as it was played on a Friday night something my old fella didn't tell me. The long list of ups & downs is documented elsewhere but the feeling never changes it was a big deal in 1963 1978 2000 etc & it's a
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