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  1. Probably was technically, but didn’t really get raised as there were no safeguarding concerns on the team and the location was public . was kids from one team filming another and their coach using it to influence his training was the unbelievable part. the only thing it really lead to was the give us a clue “ it’s a film” style hand motions on celebrating the goals against them
  2. it happens regularly, you wouldn’t believe it. Happened to my lad once in the BBDFL. local rivals, well lots of lads in the same school on two different teams. Due to play each other in the cup, they were a section above. not only did they come to our league game ( sometimes players would watch each other’s as they knew each other anyway) but the coach came watching and lads video’d it on their phones and their next session the footage was gone through in a team meeting by all accounts ! Absolutely unbelievable, especially as most knew each other in any case but apparently they were looking at the ones they didn’t. This was u15 ! we won the cup game so it didn’t do them any good , but yeh, notes on who to watch, tactics to deal with certain players all very premier league .
  3. Yeh get that, it was more they were all sat there and all got treated the same no matter which team, the sweets were only a small part of it at the end , sat in the centre circle with all parents gathered around . I’ve coached kids for years too and know only too well the minefield it is, from offering lifts to even consoling one who’s upset etc but this was more a comment on this particular coaches desire to improve the game as a whole rather than his result on the day 👍
  4. My daughter played Morecambe academy once. U10 so 4 years ago due to only having one coach, the other coach from Morecambe took our subs with his and was doing drills while waiting and telling our girls tips on how to defend against their fast winger etc after the game all the girls sat together , each got offered sweets from this box and the main Morecambe coach went through the game from both points of view and gave a lot of advice/ praise to each of our players as well as his own . Emphasis was developing girls playing, not the result or which team they were on. Always had a lot of time for Morecambe after that experience.
  5. He’s the u13 age group secretary for the BBDFL. may be the ref appointer in the south Lancs too obviously. Edit: just seen telling you stuff you already know. Didn’t see the other post .
  6. read elsewhere that as well as a broken collar bone he had a broken nose, broken ribs , concussion and whiplash ! the FA “enough is enough” got involved now as well as the police . Basically GBH . also read this team is made up of people banned from other teams for violence, not sure if that’s just internet talk though.
  7. Would never laugh at abuse of refs, but this topic reminded me of a time I took an u11 team to play Whelley Alexander in Wigan years ago. as was often the case, coaches reffed . Their coach was reffing and one little scrote of a player of his team was effing and blinding at the ref, that’s a “fucking joke ref “ “ are you fucking blind” etc , ref shouts at him, if you don’t shut up I’ll get Jason take you off doest listen, ref gives a throw in to us that this little lad doesn’t agree with, shouts out “ yer a nob head ref that was ours” Ref says “ right that’s it , Jason take billy off sub him for Charlie , had enough of his cheek “ little scrote then says “ aww Dad “! 😁
  8. Was on a local pitch in the summer having a friendly, pitch next to us was having a 3 way round robin, I’d say u7 but certainly no older than 8. while the kids were playing, some balloon was shouting over to the coach on the opposite side, the coach waved over with possibly the mouthy gesture , next thing this balloon is on the pitch doing the pavement dance “ cmon then “ in the middle of the kids , others had to go on to keep apart an the teams playing got taking off crying while balloon had to be restrained and dragged off. due to age of my kids, been involved in kids football constantly since 2002 and still am , have seen loads over the years but nothing as bad as that .
  9. St Catherine’s used to be open and free to play on when no paid bookings had to lock it up as someone wrecked all the nets and set fire to the 3G on regular occasions. credit to the people who own power league, or the people that work there at least , they let my lads and their mates kick about on there if there was free pitches during school hols and the like, only asked them move if someone else paid to go on but there was always a good gang playing on there for hours.
  10. Really surprised people on here don’t know the offside rule. Facebook rants I understand, but here? I am genuinely shocked
  11. The Wild Rover and it Bolton Wanderers Bolton wanderers fc …
  12. Still there that , if it’s the same one you mean , Ainsworth fc pitch is up the lane . yeh remember being in as a a kid / teenager . not been in use as a club for a bit and only used as changing rooms for last 10 years , shame really as you say it was a great place
  13. I remember your dad playing for them and that occasion vaguely Used to be a good social club back in the day, was very popular , especially in the days when the pubs shut in the afternoons
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