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  1. To be honest I don’t know who Jack Dorsey is, I,m not pissed off or outraged , but if it’s general advice to all rather than me, then yeh I agree totally with the above only really follow grassroots coaches and general football stuff and for some inexplicable reason, Neil Bonnar ...
  2. Twitter is strange and it’s effects on people as said above. News channels report what is said on their as if it’s important, it is really bizarre. Think it’s generational to an extent, I was discussing something with my lad, think it was something around a transfer a few years ago, I heard it on the BBC NW news, he said “ well there’s nowt on Twitter about it , so will wait and see” in my opinion, I would wait til I heard it on the news after reading on Twitter But he would go to Twitter to check something he’d heard on the BBC. Not really that important but releva
  3. Can read the news threads like this now but the older ones still come up blank. Before I could see that people were posting nee threads but couldn’t read them, now I can . That info doesn’t help any one just replying to see it works
  4. Not dangerous anymore at the moment think the risk is that as the young ones spread it and develops a mutation that is then either a risk to them , makes them seriously ill or a risk of avoiding the vaccine that can put us back again. I have no idea, and want everything open, but, can see the possible reasons why they might be concerned
  5. Aye, so would I, it was more the surprise at people being so pro Israel given the history, enemy of my enemy was used, that means you’d be pro Palestinian in the past and shows why taking sides is futile in that dispute
  6. Jewish terrorists have killed plenty of British soldiers in the past, more than Arab terrorist have in that dispute
  7. Well yes, the court case and initial steps about not following the protocol both sides agreed to. What do you think will replace the current format ? genuine question as I think it will go around and around this
  8. The eu agreed to the protocol and its current form implementation. so did this current British government The eu would be happy if it was followed as agreed the government don’t seem to want to even though they agreed it it seems following concerns/ protests from DUP that’s not a pro eu statement, that’s just seems to be the situation so can understand the frustration with it from the EU
  9. Maybe I had it as a starter then, was before the pandemic but sure it wasn’t that much. Then again it could’ve been and I just didn’t realise quite like that place too for a bit of simple style grub and a few pints
  10. Had a corned beef hash cake in Mr Thomas’s Chop house. absolutely fantastic it was, can’t remember how much but wasn’t that much
  11. More or less said the same, but it’s the fact they insist it’s still Gods will whoever gets it , so if the whole country got it, that would be what God wanted and who are they to interfere with what God wants . it is their belief but that’s the problem
  12. Work with a Muslim lad . discussing this with him today, the ethos of “ Gods will” is strong in his family and community when it comes to the vaccine. He said his dad doesn’t fear the virus and if God wishes him to get the virus then that is Gods will , when I asked him about the others his dad might pass it on to, then that would be Gods will too . couldn't answer when I asked is allowing the creation of a vaccine also Gods will , but basically people of that mindset aren’t going to get a vaccine as they are not worried about it and also see it as an affront to Gods will he
  13. not so much making me feel old but making me realise I am actually old Talking to a new commercial manager at work , general chit chat . Her: oh, did you go to Thornleigh ? me :yes, trying hard to think if I knew her, didn’t recognise the name , she looked a little younger than me ( in my mind) maybe she was in my sisters year or would know my youngest sister or one of my cousins ... Her: you might know my mum, she went there ... turns out I did and she was in the year below me ...
  14. Broke and dislocated a finger , the nurse putting in a splint told me it would be out of shape a little when set but fully useable asked her “ will I be able to play the piano when this splint comes off ? “ Oh yes she said , no problem I replied, that’s funny, I can’t now ... I thought I was funny as fuck, she smiled a little but mainly gave me a “ shut the fuck up nob head” sort of look.
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