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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. The Wild Rover and it Bolton Wanderers Bolton wanderers fc …
  2. Still there that , if it’s the same one you mean , Ainsworth fc pitch is up the lane . yeh remember being in as a a kid / teenager . not been in use as a club for a bit and only used as changing rooms for last 10 years , shame really as you say it was a great place
  3. I remember your dad playing for them and that occasion vaguely Used to be a good social club back in the day, was very popular , especially in the days when the pubs shut in the afternoons
  4. Don’t think it’s Dobbies, that measurement brings to more or less opposite the top bull , behind the car place area . think it’s just a field , used be cows in it when I was young 😁
  5. Seen that mate, between those and motorbikes it’s hard work talk of wyresdale going ‘600m due east of the current location, south of A58 Bury rd “ that would be the fields north of star mount by that measure
  6. Wyresdale have agreed to sell I am told. Full detailed plans gone in, traffic impacts etc has been surveys on the site over the last year or so . talk of wyresdale relocating relatively nearby
  7. It’s proper name is either, whichever one you want to use. But it was called Derry long before Londonderry but this isn’t the thread for that discussion, or even the poppy/ McLean discussion ,IMO that’ll no doubt come up again in a few weeks as it always does. until then, let’s all just concentrate on beating the pie eating fuckers .
  8. fatolive

    MK Dons (H)

    Just loved being back in there.loved the fact we scored a brilliant free kick Loved the fact there were dickheads talking shite behind me again, Loved the fact I was frustrated by a ref, loved the fact I was annoyed by opposition shithousery, loved the players running celebrating in front of us , loved seeing my 10 year olds joy when the equaliser went in in the last seconds , loved the fact I was nervous when they went forward from their kick off with about 10 seconds left , loved the atmosphere , loved the fact it pissed down walking in, dried up a bit then pissed down again walking back to the car , no negatives at all for me today, next game maybe there will be but loved every bit of today.
  9. The scenes here are fucking fantastic. no walking onto the coach with earphones on for these lads. pizza and beer and then the owner hugging the fans remember a few years ago when we had owners and players who didn’t give a shit and seemed to treat us with contempt ? no, nether do I tonight , fuck them we’ve got it back
  10. Mentioned it before but my lads played Charnock in the LSL before at u18 and it’s a great set up, was really impressed and been to a few good ones in that league but they were stand out in my opinion
  11. It is , we have played Charnock as we’ve mentioned before. Some good teams in the league, as well as Charnock I’d single out Clitheroe and Cradley as really good teams . Atherton Coll’s too have one this season , but only played them once so hard to judge as both had lads isolating
  12. Yeh the ones that stay will probably head that way, the others will be pissed up in some uni hall throughout the country no doubt making unfit guest appearances occasionally.
  13. Yeh possibly, open age and u21 maybe, but a lot of these lads will be off to uni and won’t be the same group is what I meant, their last season as a group
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