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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. snackum

    Take Over

    They can be submitted but held until funds available.
  2. snackum

    Take Over

    This. I've been reading (stalking) this post for weeks / months. There is lots of supposition and it's been both educational and entertaining. But don't let it get personal. Can we keep it on/near/close to topic but let's not lose the the amusing digressions.
  3. Need MK & Bristol to concede a few more. It could all come down to goal difference and goals scored. I'd rather we simply keep winning though !
  4. I live 20 minutes from the stadium and detest MK with a passion! So much so I've refused to go and sit in their stadium, even to watch my own team! They are not getting a penny from me! Plus I'm surrounded by their brainwashed supporters who are tempted by cheap season tickets and parking in Asda, convinced that they are "a big team" and "going places" all based on "my council tax"!! So... for the first time this year... PLEASE let everything come together and lets stuff them out of sight. 55% possesion away from home, 0-2 to the Wanderers.. COYM !!! (Please!)
  5. I guess it shows how subjective football is. Took stats from BBC Website...
  6. Hopeless??? BBC Stats don't say that (Never let facts get in the way of a good story!) and the commentary on 5Live says Bolton look more likely to score !! Possession 58% Shots 10 - 7 On Target 2 - 4 (No changes there then!!!) Corners 5 - 3
  7. Soon as I saw the fixture list I thought.... Oh Yes I'm in for some of that. At those prices.... I'm out.
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/13988656.stm
  9. His name is synonymous with Bolton Wanderers and England. His passion to succeed for his club and country should be an inspiration to us all. The stories of his days at Bolton were passed down from my parents to me, and from me to my children. Our thoughts go to those close to you who you have left behind. He will walk forever with the fans of Bolton Wanderers.
  10. Must have a link to us somehow !! (Other than the fact that there are no decent Welsh clubs).
  11. Anyone listening to 5 live Film Reviews right now?? The writer of Africa United (new film) is Rhidian Brook. Asked "Why are there so many Arsenal shirts shown in the film" he began his reply with..... "Actually I'm a Bolton Wanderers supporter"...... Now... who the hell is "Rhidian Brook" and what links him to the club ??
  12. Times today said 20% of image rights etc
  13. Can't go. They are due a thumping from us. 5-1 (SKD, Elmo, Petrov, Elmo, Muamba) - Knight OG N'Zogbia sent off, frustrated at 88 minutes of no service so he clogs Robinson. Alternatively (and more likely) 1-1 ( SKD & Rodallega )
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