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  1. Atmosphere vs Bradford City was top notch. Only lower tiers iirc
  2. Ryan Taylor off of Wigan and Newcastle was a lefty
  3. Bruno N’Gotty. I recall us loaning a Guatemalan striker called Dwight Pezzarossi. There was also an Italian, Pissano I think was his name. Both yielded nowt.
  4. I did find it bizarre that they used the metal detector on my 6 and 3 year olds. Don’t get it at all. Kids were a bit intimidated by it all. Is the the Trust or the Club who run Fanzone?
  5. Dowie lives on Chorley New Road, near Lostock Junction Lane
  6. Went out, had a meal and a beer but didn’t get laid unfortunately.
  7. Shit fan, stuck in Cheltenham. How does one keep up to date, other than twitter?
  8. Team bus outside the macron 20 mins ago
  9. Just spotted Ched Evans at the Burger King on Middlebrook
  10. The Preston game was due to be played at Leyland wasn’t it?
  11. I’m sure the hotel at Norwich’s ground is a Premier inn. Stayed there the year we had blizzards on the A1
  12. What about Zlatan Muslimovic? Always signed him on my Inter crusades
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