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  1. Exactly. Faith restored after last few posts (in this place btw not the team or Evatt - no doubts there!) We will continue to improve. COYW
  2. I know fucking Piddle. just what you need. Doyle is crap Evatt is over rated. Jeezus we have some fans with not much intelligence. I will leave it at that. We are a work in progress. these men have been promoted the last two seasons they have been in this league. Only relegated from Championship by 2 points and a canny manner. Get some perspective FFS
  3. Max Cherry


    Me too. I dont know why but I dislike Derby & Forest intensely. Bout time they suffered a bit they have been mis managed for years
  4. Remember that lol. last time I went there I think.
  5. TBH I didnt read it all. Will let others respond. Eoin Doyle has been brilliant for us last season and I believe he will be this season.
  6. My "point" was that I knew youd like it. In fact I thought it had been written by your good self. Right on.
  7. So top womens team not much more than non league then? Be wanting equal pay next though
  8. Got folk 5 tickets Inc 3 juniors hopefully fans of the future . let's hope we get more that 20,000 on. Then let's hope we play as well as we have been and it isn't another Chesterfield/Grimsby bottle job COYW!
  9. You are entitled to your opinion even though it seems you can't appreciate his overall game.He was fantastic on Saturday IMHO even if he hadn't scored the penalty. As for being rude I try to only give it back to those who dish it out and you have been very insulting in past so there you go.
  10. Only the same idiots as last season . Yes Piddle that's you
  11. It's after Prem on BBC scores & fixtures and before the Championship. Frightened to death of some wokey wet wipe (crawley?) accusing them of not giving it same platform as mens Premier league. Plus it's in UHD on Sky!!Football League isn't as a general rule. Fuckin joke I don't even class it as Football and like been said watched by one lesbian and her dog. Just fuck off with it. And before the usual "well just ignore it" getting to stage they are pushing it so much you can't! lost count of times I've seen Chelsea v Arsenal flash on SSN and you think oh I didn"t know they were playing and then realise its that dogshit. They even drop the "women's" bit when it suits. Proper bugs me lol
  12. Them and Barnsley always seemed to bring a few to Burnden. Usually quite tasty when we went there as well. Remember Rotherhams old ground. IIRC there was a scrapyard or similar behind it. Anyway enough of ancient history we owe these a thumping they've given us a few in last few years. Time to show we are back
  13. Sorry meant we have moved on to a point where Darcy is not in contention for first team (at moment, I really hope he improves to a point he is ready and Politic too) Just think those championing him last season were jumping the gun a bit.
  14. Complete Nonsense statement Miller is playing where? Nantwich FFS. We have moved on Johnny just as we moved on from your heroes Delaney & Darcy
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