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  1. came on as a sub against us I think. looked OK IIRC. attack minded certainly not defensive midfielder thinking winger even?
  2. Millwall fans said Rioch, McGinlay and Branagan were awful!
  3. Makes me admire them even more that. I think many of us suspected this would be the case but when we needed it these lads turned out. Thanks and best of luck to them
  4. Correct and it does pain me a bit when some who should know better on here (we are not Burnden Aces or BN letter writers after all) slag the younger players off. Best of luck to them all.
  5. Max Cherry


    Spot on I used to love it when the 'fans' (often the plastic social media type) of Liverpool, Wet Spam, Newcastle etc used to say 'we should be beating these' when we were in the prem. yes you get bigger crowds you have more money etc but we still beat you! Good luck to the likes of Accrington, Wycombe & Brentford smaller well run clubs who are punching above their weight. Bollocks to Derby who have cheated blatantly since at least 2018 (hence the Boro situation). Dont want em to go bust but let em suffer a bit!
  6. 🎣 Ha ha if I did take this seriously I would say so what if he was a bit part at Tottenham? I saw him play and he helped establish us in the Premier League.
  7. Max Cherry


    He is actually. Everton should be getting him in sharpish instead of chasing Roberto and his dream team. Bloke can't win anything with De Bruyne, Hazard Lukaku etc and already sacked once by Everton? Get the granny shagger in one thing he will give it his all should be entertaining to say least.
  8. Yeah the Icelandic lad would stretch us financially and we want another like Dempsey. If we could get Dempsey and someone to partner Charles would be more than happy with that. I think we missed out on Stockton last summer once he started banging them in this season soon beyond us. If he doesn't go in January maybe we could go in for him in summer after Morecambe go down.
  9. Well I hope Evatt knows what he's doing. Don't agree with dropping Dixon, Aimson or Dapo but what do I know?
  10. Doyle gone. Need someone else to fix on now. Dixon is not our biggest problem IMHO. The defence in front of him needs sorting surely everyone agrees on that. Being judged very unfairly. Every single player at moment has room for improvement and some a lot more than Dixon. Getting blasted for that first goal ok but their guy waltzed through our 'defence'
  11. Surely Evatt isn't going to throw the new lad in on Saturday as per the Bolton News? If he does then that really crushes Dixon. Cant see that?
  12. That there African kick about is a goal fest isn't it??Funny how nobody on TV dares say anything negative about it. Has any match produced more than one goal?
  13. Whichever way you look at it he was dropped by Accrington. I'd say I trust IE but on goalkeepers after last season I'd be mad! Good luck to the lad though
  14. Ridiculous and petty - sums up wales tbh
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