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  1. We did play only 3 of the side who beat Italy last week so perhaps took them a bit to get going?
  2. Watched this from about 70 mins. Really impressed with some of our lads, passing movement top notch. our young lads now coming through are definitely as good as the Germany, Italy, Spains etc. Proved it by winning competitions too. Great to see Traff play, from bit i saw good distribution and coming confidently for Crosses. Top lad
  3. Aye that'll teach me! Watched it till we went 2 down and then switched over . Saw an alert on my phone we'd gone 3-2 up WTF I'll have some of this turned it on just to see Jerries score. Lesson learned don't watch and we will piss world cup
  4. And now Mount. Fuck off Southgate.
  5. Too late for anyone else surely? Why has Tomori not been given a go in these 'friendlies?' What happened to the lad from Palace? Any other alternatives coz going with Maguire ends only one way. Got his favourites Southgate he should have been giving other players chances but WC it will be Pickford Maguire Shaw Sterling James Baka Dier etc and be biz
  6. Sterling is shite. 2 chances never looked like scoring.
  7. Some on here panned for doubting Sterling last season. Pep had already decided he wasn't good enough he didn't start city's biggest games last season. Infinitely better without him this season and got a great deal for him Southgate meanwhile will be starting him in Qatar. And maguire and Shaw and at least 2 defensive mids Shite
  8. Will keep this handy for Qatar along with Cheese comments basically calling anyone who doubted Southgate utter morons a few months ago. Gone a bit quiet lately which is strange for him. Yes great to see us still top of meaningless gestures league tho.
  9. Especially the select 30,000 in Dinghies? Think we were much better off attracting the folk we want when we were members of the biggest trade block and free movement area in world. Ok it wasn't perfect but at least the crops were being picked, hotels and hospitality had enough staff to operate and we were attractive to European IT workers and the more skilled workers Liz Truss is now crying out for. I was fooled by the Brexit bollocks didn't look behind Farage and that lot to see who was really pulling the strings. Well they have all been richly rewarded by Kwasi Kwarteng now.
  10. Think I'm just gonna try and watch it for the football on offer from the others. We seem hopeless at the moment can even see us struggling to get out that group! We just seem to be clueless. Am hoping Southgate has a masterplan but even allowing for our last two tournaments can't see it
  11. Police stopped a few mini buses/vehicles last time
  12. Whilst most Asians in Bolton are indeed from India they are predominantly Indian Muslims. Not sure which team they'd bat for but guessing it wouldn't be with Hindu's. Also a mate in Police tells me it's feck all to do with Cricket. More to do with the situation in India where extreme Hindus have been attacking Muslims and got nasty on Social Media and spilled over here.
  13. Spot on lol. I nearly considered it until I properly thought it out!
  14. Cack that. Cant spin owt positive and can't see how we can win it from the bench like we did against Crewe IIRC
  15. Can't listen to these 2 scallies all game. Going on mute now. Knobs. Although have praised our away support
  16. I only remember folk saying sanctions would take some time to have an effect- long game scenario.
  17. Well it's a free country. Why you think anyone is interested in what you are doing is another matter
  18. Makes him feel superior. Ironic that someone who is supposed to be so for "the people" comes across more snobby than Lord Snooty.
  19. Was as bad in West Lower. Total waste of time. Announcer might as well stayed at home. Don't know if he makes it worse or it would be shite whoever used it. Never been good the system but somehow has managed to get worse this season
  20. Ignore him. I do. Wasn't a pretty game but a real battle and I enjoyed it even though they made it frustrating at times. All games not going to be same and we need to win games like this and we haven't in the past.
  21. Aye wheres James H Riddle? Whites63 fucked off to Belgium?
  22. Why not? Just a bit of fun. Rangers are Queens X1 referred to probably to get a reaction from the anarchist, communist, republican rabble.
  23. What about the woman on news (in Scotland) who said she'd been round seven times like its Alton Fucking Towers!
  24. Aye biggest turnover in players in league MK. Expected them to drop off but not in bottom 4 after 8 games! I took us just adding a few and keeping our squad together as a massive positive. I am hoping we get stronger as confidence grows and IE selections policy becomes second nature to players
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