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    Thanks for taking the trouble to find this. How wrong he was but not changed his tune.
  2. Thanks Zico. Fuck em it's what you get when you support a corporation rather than a football club.
  3. Watched a discussion on united (by united fans actually) sorry but loved seeing them laying their shitshow bare after years of arrogance and entitlement. The contracts offered to crap like Phil Jones and to 30 odd year old players is crazy. There has been no transfer strategy since Fergie left whereas City & Liverpool have been bob on. The Jesse Lingard farce for example. West Ham offered good money for him last season they turned it down he played in about 10 games this season and then leaves for free! Pogba wasted £90 million on RE-SIGNING him and he goes for free. Maguire for £80 million Sancho £70 million and no idea how to use him.There are so many you forget It fair warmed my heart it did.
  4. Max Cherry


    For fucks sake we had dickheads on Bolton News demanding Evatt make a statement over Blackpool job when there was nothing to say. Now Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley ,Barnsley and fuck knows who else have all got new managers recently and still we get unfounded bullshit about him leaving. Do some folk want him to go secretly? W63 you talk some absolute shite on fact you mostly talk utter tripe but that last post about Evatt & Derby . Do you just do it for a reaction Do you feel ignored otherwise? The Derby job perfect for Evatt? Just fuck off you moonman doesn't make sense on any level. You are rubbishing everything he's trying to do and has done here.
  5. Aye remember some wit saying at time it's not a computer game it's Scouse Slags on a night out
  6. Have Richaison & DCL decided where they are playing next year? Oh and re sponsors Angry Birds?
  7. And Fossey is going Wigan nailed on. They will offer him stupid money to sign.
  8. Personally don't think he's good enough for us now never mind in Championship. Rotherham coming back down. They were poor second half of season and lost 3 or 4 of best players since
  9. Some cheeky carrot cruncher saying they got an easy start. Hope we can stick it up em again
  10. Big hopes for Dempsey. Be like another new signing 😁
  11. Think they will be one of our promotion rivals next season but watched them in play offs and nowt special. If get that Micheal Smith from Rovrum up front big physical team to deal with
  12. Doesn't work hard enough 😆
  13. Brett aside (who isn't main Warburton anyway) Warburton's have given far more money to the Conservative Party than BWFC. Not interested in us.
  14. Max Cherry


    Yep cross another off list. That's crazy money if true for injury prone Nobber
  15. Max Cherry


    Really? Wheres that from?
  16. Aye good luck to them we have some bell ends even prem teams have logos on sleeves of companies I've never heard of. So what like I said as long as it wasn't poundland or bums & morons not bothered in slightest. And any fans taking piss who sponsored by betting firms can FRO
  17. What is actually wrong with it?? I don't see it as that bad tbf. We are not fookin Barcelona
  18. Max Cherry


    The EFL wanted to be involved to save time. Have a look at the prospective owners and say yeah they will pass the test and we are confident of funding. Now they will have to wait until bid accepted by admins and will then be under pressure to read it through and then grant approval. Derby papers now saying virtually impossible to get takeover sorted before season starts. Only takes EFL to lose patience and in shit. Plus need £1.6 million to cover this months wages or 3 point deduction held over from 2020. Anyway fuck em Mel Morris caused this cheating fecker.
  19. Aye can't see him fitting in football wise with the chuckle crew. Just lumped it up to that Smith galoot up front didn't they? Actually he's leaving and so has Ladapo and another decent one of thees so they are probably able to offer Fossey a big wage. Not sure they are going to transform into a footballing side under Warne tho.
  20. Well sound Mounts. Plus if it's true we could be swapping places with them next year
  21. Just how I imagine him! 😁
  22. In your opinion. Just as not being able to afford Luca Connells wages was in your opinion. Sound a fun guy
  23. Thought with Blackpool bollox being sorted we can at least leave the Evatt stuff out until next year. Or until Appleton gets the boot!
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