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  1. Bollocks to Bury and wish Wigan had gone same way. Only other ones I'd say same about are Tramps. other than that wouldn't like to see any other club go bust.
  2. Ha ha thanks . keep hearing rumours of someone else being booted
  3. can't be arsed reading all the way back. has anyone else other than Sarcevic gone as well?
  4. Great result tbf. Buys Ole more time.
  5. Twice as many as Wiggin I reckon if we were top 4 going into the game
  6. Sadly Ole ain't gonna see Christmas. He's done a brilliant job. Spent an absolute fortune and won fuck all.
  7. Baka gifted them first and was awful.out of position
  8. It's not really if you grew up on the other side.
  9. This is one occasion where the owners should have sacked him as soon as the take over was completed even without a replacement ready. would have made them look decisive. everyone knows that they are going to have to pay him off anyway. Unless the new owners decide to send him to the Saudi embassy and save themselves the money.
  10. Would that pair of plonkers who incidentally have managed who between them? walk away from the millions of pounds Bruce will get if he is sacked as opposed to quitting?
  11. To be honest I can't be arsed with them and this "rivalry' at all. Too old for all this aggravation. Saturday was shit in so many ways and not all of it on the pitch. The behaviour of large numbers of our lot and theirs is just embarrassing. Getting to stage where away fans will be banned for this fixture its turned into Scrote Central.
  12. Does shouting fuck off you cunt at Meat Head count as racist? if so guilty m"lud. if you score a goal and goad the fans fair enough but on their first he was goading the North Stand before even congratulating his team mate. He will get his come uppance someday.
  13. Spot on. Galling but very true
  14. Rotherham yes. Shrewsbury no way. I think Wigans defence is their weakness but those two up top are best in this league. We just couldn't get it going today at all.
  15. Think its from when they annexed North Turton in 70"s. Old Bolton Water Works and Bolton Sailing Club now officially over the border.
  16. and wearing a Germany shirt when England were playing them and ballooning about it on social media. Is that excusable due to his upbringing as well? The guy is a meat head full stop. Hypocritical one as he takes a nice living from a country he reckons he hates. Just know he will have a stormer Saturday but he's still an utter prick
  17. Biggest Jackanory wind up Dirty Red on here. Deffo worn thin now.
  18. Spot on and bang on!
  19. Hope so. Unless Newcastle nab him. Now that would put the cat among the pigeons. With Brendan Rodgers as manager
  20. Residents only after I think
  21. Didn't work for Baptiste at full back when he first came here. Does Evatt trust Brockbank? I think he does Brockbank for me
  22. was that one were ref missed the first foul on him I think then booked for second foul which he obviously saw. happened a few times Saturday. I kept thinking Santos and MJ were next so small mercies I suppose
  23. This knob goes on Sunderland forum giving it billy big bollocks. Must enjoy winding folk up with his rubber kecks.
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