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  1. We were playing a very average team today who were there for the taking, unfortunately we never looked like we were trying to win the game. We have to have a go against average teams instead of hoping to nick a point, it’s not like they were Wolves. Clough, Ameobi and Walker should have all started today.
  2. I took my son on Thursday, he never had the pleasure of watching Youri or Okocha play for Bolton. Luckily we were sat near the French team and Youri happily signed his shirt. At the end of the Nigeria game and once his TV interview had finished, Jay Jay was walking off, a dozen or so lads wanting his autograph on one side, we were on the other. Shouted his name, draped the Bolton shirt over the barrier and he walked straight over and signed the shirt. Top bloke, our club meant something to the pair of them
  3. Our forward are hampered by how we play; rarely do our wingers/ wide midfielders skin someone, get to the byline and pull it back. Most of the balls to Davies on Tuesday were played with his back to goal, he nor anyone else has much chance.
  4. Drove down from Watford for the game, took my 9 year old boy down and was the first time he's ever seen bolton win in the 10 games I've taken him to. Christ Bolton's been a hard sell for him, 200 miles away and surrounded by Chelsea and arsenal fans but his faiths been restored! Onwards and upwards!
  5. Jussi Bergsson Ben Haim Cahill Gardner Hierro Frandsen Okocha Stelios Bobic Youri
  6. I think Paddy had gone to Sheffield Utd by that time, he'd come back just to watch the game expecting us to have a go at em and was pissed off none of his "replacements" did, no idea who was in centre mid that day but Paddy wasn't happy. In hindsight whisky chasers in cattle Market 4 hrs before the game started wasn't the best of ideas
  7. Yep, he just ran the game. Class above anyone else on the field
  8. Jay Jay at White Hart Lane was a good shout. Saw Tiger Woods destroy the field at The Grove in a WGC tournament, bit like Rory tonight. He was absolutely awesome. Leigh took the piss winning the RL Division 2 in about 1985, Steve Helliwell scored about 50 tries in that season.
  9. I'd say about 1500, like others have said decent turnout and vocal support. Let's hope for bigger and better at brum
  10. Premier Inn at County Hall by the Millenium Wheel and opposite Parliament is in a good spot for all the sights.
  11. At the moment the Jubilee is closed at weekends between Stanmore and West Hampstead so you'd have to get a replacement bus service, so if you're going soon it would be no good. Watfords not a bad call- 3 or 4 trains an hour to Euston and just off the J5 of the M1
  12. Blackburn wouldn't have played in the top league in the 80's nor Stoke in the 90's. Not sure about West Brom
  13. Reading and Everton were up there. Hull City away on THAT Friday night, a game we had to win
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