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  1. Exactly. 17 teams, double it for away only. Bit embarrassing being pedantic and then incorrect ????
  2. 18. Accrington Stanley 20. Bury 26. Grimsby Town 27. Lincoln City 28. Mansfield Town 29. Morecambe 30. Notts County 1 in 5 chance of one of them away. All would do me.
  3. You should tweet that.
  4. Shit haha Didn't realise I'd left Madine in.
  5. Howard A.Taylor Pepe Silva Wilson Alonso De Rossi Robben Cazorla Honda Torres Madine That'd do me!
  6. Okochas goal against West Ham. Great goal and huge importance. Eagles and Holdens goals against Rovers get special mentions. Goals aside, it has to be this moment.... https://youtu.be/VY1u43Hhd0U
  7. Stick £100 on us to go up and buy 5 ST next season with your winnings
  8. This. I've had a spare for every game for the last two seasons br a handful, and still buy a season ticket. Some matches you can't give them away. But those who don't fork out always moan loudest.
  9. This. It's rare that a player in league one drops deep, receives the ball to feet to turn and run at our defence. Beevers and Wheater had it easy just heading and kicking everything away. Next season will be a real test. I'd take 21st now.
  10. Burton the only new one for me, including whoever is relegated from the Prem. Hoping Fleetwood come up cos I missed that this season
  11. http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/15248160.Finance_firm_pursues_winding_up_order_over___5_million_Wanderers_debt/ More drama?
  12. I'd be well chuffed with anything above 23,000. Still 4 full days of sales to go and most of the usual blocks are down to limited seats. Get on to everyone you can, I've bought tickets for my grandma...she's not been since Villa at Wembley. 23,456
  13. This. I was looking the other day...not much to go at really, especially if Wigan and Blackburn drop.
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