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  1. 86/3 off 99 overs. I've got it on in the office and can hardly contain myself. Sensational. Geoffrey Boycott will be masturbating himself into a froth. Any batsman who's ever made the excuse of playing his natural game for getting out should be watching and learning. De Villers once got 149 off 40 odd balls, now he's 21 not out off 176.
  2. Another A&T link with the current series is with Charles Dagnall, ex club pro now part of the Test Match Special team. As an aside is anyone following these impressions of Fred Trueman David Lloyd is doing? Piss funny. Look on Michael Vaughan's Instagram.
  3. I played at A&T as well. No international call up yet though.
  4. Not a bad guess, but not the one. My bloke played only two seasons in first class cricket, the rest of the time was selected from clubs or the Minor Counties.
  5. And other than Jim Laker, who is the only bowler to feature twice on the top ten innings bowling performances for England list? No cheating.
  6. Then you wouldn't have done your research. I went to a day of the Pakistan v New Zealand test match at Sharjah the day Phil Hughes died. As the first ball was bowled I reckon I was one of about 100 paying (£3) folk. By mid afternoon the place was half full and the atmosphere was great. No ale and no food for sale. There was a mosque though. Ground miles from the town and miles from public transport. And it's had international cricket played there for decades - Dubai and Abu Dhabi are brand new and even worse. The UAE is the last place I'd go for cricket unless passing through. In fact the whole of the UAE is shit and should be burnt down.
  7. That does help, thanks mon. I'll be on my tod so I reckon Navan on the Sunday and Belfast on the Saturday when Naas is on. Anything to avoid Dublin.
  8. I have a choice between Naas on a Saturday or Navan on a Sunday in November. Anything any of you bomb clodders can think of to recommend one over the other in particular?
  9. That will be that for that horse after a run like that in class 5, the sort of level where it had reasonable form. All its bad runs of late were in better company. Hey ho. Anyway I think Presence Felt has a much better chance in the 5.05 at Wetherby, in fact I'd be amazed if it doesn't win so long as it gets round. Decent prices may have gone though...
  10. An email arrives from a mate which simply instructs a look at Lewisham in the 4.30 at Newcastle. Once had a mark of 107, won its maiden off 92 and races today off 68 despite being a former group class 2yo. Has no form whatsoever of late which is why it is available at 14/1 in a race which mightn't take much winning. Do what you will. I will accept all plaudits for a win and no responsibility for anything otherwise.
  11. Michael Owen says these things: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/germany/10962088/World-Cup-2014-Why-selfish-England-must-learn-from-selfless-Germany.html English football culture is selfish and there is an obsession with the individual 17-21 yr olds get no opportunity in the prem No team ethic That's my football post for the decade.
  12. I went today. Somerset were 23 off 21 overs at one point
  13. Of course he didn't captain very many you great majnoon, why would he in the era of Taylor, Waugh and Ponting? And vice captain to all three, incidentally. He knows whereof he speaks, and he's right about Cook, who is rubbish and what's more is becoming a batting liability too. A replacement captain should be identified by the winter.
  14. It'd probably be England if I cared enough. The worse they do the more chance there is that 'this time we'll win it!' hysteria will not occur next time. It's a good thing we seem to be along that path. The Afghans are supporting Iran, Algeria, dusty places generally.
  15. Who are the daddies nowadays as far as throwing garden furniture around at football tournaments is concerned? Each world cup they always say the English hooligan has had his day and the real threat is from the Dutch or the Germans or neo Nazis from Lapland. I just hope enjoyment of the fighting is not spoiled by a mindless minority of idiots who insist on playing football.
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