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  1. Not stalking him - just know who it is - reg is meant to read Mix Up rather than MixuP Hope that helps
  2. That car belongs to a bloke who lives in Leyland - not Mixu P
  3. Apart from a Goalkeeper, not sure who else we could be linked with???
  4. I have sat on the row behind this bloke for 10 years at Reebok and every year said I wouldnt get a season ticket in the same seat again as I could no longer put up with his vitriolic abuse of every player and manager we have ever had. At the end of last season he won and I have spent this season watching matches from various parts of the ground. His seemingly pure hatred of anyone who puts on a white shirt is really something to see. The 3 of us who go called him Quasimodo - hence my username.
  5. Last time United failed to score in league was against Bolton Means bugger all tomorrow but will at least allow me to kid myself we have a chance until 3pm Will be there (on a freebie) - 4 - 1 to the southerners
  6. I didnt intend to tickle you George . . .sorry. What I meant was that becasue Steinsson cost ?4million and is a foreigner who looks a bit more comfortable on the ball, people rate him more highly than Hunt. Take a look at the games since Steinsson has come and a huge number of goals have come from that side of the pitch (Villa away last season / Arsenal last week). Just think Hunt is a better defender myself Its all about opinions
  7. Agreed . . .have said it before on here but think Steinsson is vastly overrated and Hunt gets a hard time because he is from Bolton. To be fair, it has all been downhill for Hunt since his ill fated Phil Neville You Tube appearance
  8. Dont rate him as a manager but seemed alright as a bloke until he nearly crashed into me over the summer driving the wrong way around the de vere hotel one way system (him, not me). Did he reverse and apologise for his error?
  9. Snow I think And he wil licky boom boom down
  10. On Oct 7th ITV4 for those interested Classic documentary and, if my memory serves me correctly, we played Wolves soon after with Taylor as their manager in his first game in charge. Crowd seemed to spend most of game chanting Do I not Like That at Taylor. Carlton . . .go long
  11. Is this a finish the sentence competition? I understand your point of view because . . . . ??????????
  12. Thanks Biff. I will stick my neck out following your vote of confidence and say i think that Hunt is a better player than Steinsson Cue abuse Hopefully Jonathan can back me up with the Champ Manager stats
  13. Was also at game last night but left at half time Agree with Biff it was a shame the 4th official couldnt get on but it may be worth watching the reserves more regularly if she is the 4th official all the time Thought Hunt played ok from what i saw and actually think he is a better defender than Steinsson (though les competent going forward) but thats just my opinion Vaz Te was ok from first half but clearly a long way off first team level at the moment - won a fair few flick ons with his great big afro though
  14. Does anybody know if; a. tickets are still available for Saturday and b. a direct telephone number for the ticket office Just called the number off the main website and it takes me to TicketMaster who didnt seem to be aware we have a game this Saturday. Cheers
  15. You could go for a drink in the new Iranian restaurant on Middlebrook - Ando's I think
  16. Hull City away - 1992 ish - beats them all
  17. It isnt quite as simple as saying we will be ?8 million better off as there are all sorts of things to take into account. For example, do you really think Chelsea paid us ?15 million up front? No. Do you really think we paid Villa ?5 million up fron for Cahill? No. There are agents fees, parachute payments, bank interest, potential merchandising revenue etc etc to take into account. Before saying things about shortsightedness, perhaps understand that a football club doing business is a bit more complicated than Primary Schol Maths.
  18. It makes sense to do this for the Madrid game when people have to purchase tickets . . . . see if it works first If it does, peole can then continue to do it for league games I think its more realisitc to try it now, prove it works, then implement it next season when people are buying season tickets
  19. Also agree with you there My rant was more at the fans not getting behind players. I think we need to remember its not just Gartside who picks the new manager. It is him, Eddie Davis and the board so we cant lay all blame at one mans feet. However hard it seems, we need to trust them to make the decision in the clubs best interests. If they get it wrong again, someone will be hel accountable and it will probably be Gartside. Personally, i think the Souness talk is nothing more than guesswork on the part of certain journos. As for Megson, i agree he is a bad choice. Unfortunately, and
  20. Couldnt agree more zozzy. Why would players want to play for a club where fans do nothing but moan. When Nolan was subbed a couple of weeks ago, there were cheers. Dont get me wrong, he should have been subbed because he is not playing well and doesnt deserve to be ni the team. But what do supporters think the effect of their booing will be. He is clearly lacking confidence so to boo him will do more damage. On top of this, our bette rplayers must think why the **** should i play for a club where fans dotn get behind their team. The fans have every right to give abuse when players
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