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  1. http://blog.paddypower.com/2012/12/04/not-big-sam-its-too-late-for-andy-carroll-but-heres-my-christmas-party-advice/ I just wish I had been at that Wanderers X-mas shindig!
  2. There aren't a lot of inspiring choices on offer at the moment. Brown-eye might be OK, but he is still associated with Big Sam. We aren't going to get a big name manager. No doubt the directors haven't even drawn up a shortlist yet!
  3. OC was only part of the problem at t'Reebok. The biggest problem is upstairs at boardroom level as we all know. Until that changes it will still have the 'feel-shit' factor!
  4. They had to get out of their timewarp first!
  5. They always said they would do this if the big fella scored, and they were true to their word... Now where was Pablo in the throng?.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnkfwGagVQY
  6. It's today. You have an excuse now.. http://www.internationalbeerday.com/
  7. That is Haiku in it's purest form. The man is nowt but a genius. Top that everyone!
  8. I pushed the dinner plates to one side, polished off the glass of Chianti, and gazed manfully into her eyes as the sound of Adele gently caressed our ears. I just knew I was in for a damn good tromboning that night. Nah, that's not right. I took her in the bushes behind the Tesco car park. After a bout of vigorous finger-sex she couldn't wait to hose me down with some natural champagne...
  9. He don't half polarize opinions that lad!
  10. Launched today. Interesting stuff, whether you like him or passionately hate him. You can't keep a big gob down.. http://www.joeybarton.com/
  11. Just caught the news today. Sad but true. A true musical hero of mine. RIP Adam. Namaste.
  12. Instead of fending off the argies threats to God's little islands, let's turn the tables and let the Falklands lay claim to Argentina. Now then...
  13. Bolton bound. It's just a smokescreen. VITK!
  14. Perhaps you should all watch this. It's errr, educational! http://www.buzzfeed.com/robbiesh/3-types-of-girlfriends-based-on-pooping-habits-5wqn
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