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  1. I’d happily take their number 28 Crowley? Off their hands. Thought he was excellent.
  2. Got zip as well. I applied for any category ticket to about 5 different games under 3 names. I don’t know of anybody successful.
  3. Possibly not. But maybe not starting Foden or Abraham was a strange one. And in the France game bringing on 2 strikers with 10 men and playing them out wide.
  4. England u21 on the brink of going out after 2 games here. Have to say some of Boothroyds selections have been odd. Particularly against France.
  5. Was in Wigan this morning and there was around 50 in the moon under the water before 9.
  6. Chorley now played 7 won 7. A cracking start!
  7. I’m split on this. On the one hand what’s the point! On the other this is an opportunity to have our best World Cup since 66 still.
  8. I might be wrong but to have the fan ID. All you need is a ticket reference and that can be for a game that has already been. That reference can be used for more than one fan ID. Might be complete bollocks but I’m sure I read that.
  9. My son with tears in his eyes at 2-1 turned to me and said I want to go! I told him. Never give up. We stay until the end. Didn’t believe anything other than the usual would happen. Im still in a state of shock!
  10. Was about 15 for the Arsenal game. Think me and my mates went down in a minibus. one of my mates couldn’t handle his drink and by the time Pederson equalised he was fast asleep on the front row.
  11. Derby have been a disgrace. It could have been much more. Maybe it’s as a result of not playing for 3 weeks after the Cardiff debacle.
  12. Cheers, I'll look into doing that one. As I said my lad was buzzing this season to be playing teams he'd actually heard of instead of the likes of fleetwood etc...
  13. Really gutted at the prices. My son seriously got the bug last season. Paying £40 for some games for myself and a 5year old i can't justify that amount.
  14. You have to wonder if the gap between the semi final and the final is too long. The amount of misplaced passes in this game is unreal.
  15. Fair play to Blackpool. Sticking to their principles unlike Coventry. Although not sure I could miss it.
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