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  1. Dempsey has a very poor win percentage this season.
  2. Aye, total nonsense decision. Jota runs into the keeper. VAR is absolute shite in the Prem.
  3. Thanks are in order to you also so well done👏
  4. VAR will decide who goes down. Yesterday absolute stone wall penalty for Newcastle missed by the ref (fair enough) so why does VAR not ask him to review pitch side ? It was glaringly clear and obvious even to mr magoo!! Newcastle won 1-0 anyway but VAR is being applied poorly and will end up being the decisive factor.
  5. Fantastic goal. Great start to his Wanderers career👏
  6. Farrelli


    Noel Brotherston looked about 55 in his early 20’s.
  7. Ok cheers. Brockbank has been very naive if he has sided with Doyle and Sarc.
  8. Farrelli

    Ipswich (H)

    That is a relief, well done all 👍
  9. Farrelli


    Well said Fartelli
  10. Welcome Aaron! Good signing👍Does anyone know what his win percentage is?
  11. I’ve been whooshed, again🤣
  12. They stopped the game for over three minutes when it was not an obvious error or offside but still decided the ref had to look at the replay which is nonsense IMO.
  13. Has VAR finished contemplating Villa’s equaliser yet. Absolute farce. I’m sure It wasn’t intended to be the case but VAR is ensuring the top teams get most of the decisions and it stinks.
  14. Seriously you are a buffoon.
  15. Using win percentage to judge young players FFS, you are off your trolley. One of Seniors was away against top of the league. Gareth Bale had 0% win rate after 20 games for Spurs, maybe they should have got rid. Goon🤦
  16. We wouldn’t be giving him away IMO, he is still improving.
  17. You said the same about Thomason last season, he would certainly command a fee now. You said we would never get promoted before a ball was kicked last season. Your crystal ball is useless mate.
  18. I’m sure a midfielder will be the next one in. We do need cover for Jones though and whilst other positions are more urgent this should allow IE to bring him back gently rather than risk playing him too much straight away.
  19. That’s how I see it, each window we will get stronger, that is the direction of travel. It was a big job when he came in and mistakes have been made with transfers. IE is getting more right than wrong though and after next Summer I believe we will be top six material in this league.
  20. Aye barmy. You have to give young players like Senior and Thomason time to develop before writing them off. They are both improving all the time and their attitude and commitment deserves a lot of credit.
  21. Thomason was written off as a pub player by Horwich last season.
  22. I have to disagree, he has mostly done ok and made loads of blocks in the MK game as I recall.
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