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  1. Anything more than 12 points would be good.
  2. We are getting some momentum going⚽️👍
  3. It is. A really sad story but uplifting as well.
  4. No, I was taking the piss out of him
  5. Win percentage is the stat that matters.
  6. I’d rather they concentrated on reffing the game as at our level common sense is not a given. There are enough grey areas without creating another one.
  7. Stop the game for 3/4 minutes to find out what the message means ?
  8. The Champions League is not run by the EFL/Premier League.
  9. Please think of the Queen as you rip your opponents ear off
  10. Yes it is really unfortunate that people will be out of pocket. I hope that football authorities and train companies can compensate those people.
  11. There are no exact rules and it happens so rarely but someone has to make the call and I think the weekends games is about right.
  12. Of course. Pubs and restaurants may find another way to commemorate her death. However, football has a different responsibility being so public and televised.
  13. I’m not a spokesperson for any of these companies so they can make their own decisions on how to respect the Queens passing. With respect to football, it would have been poor form if our national game had not cancelled fixtures IMO.
  14. I find it strange they choose to do that but I’m more concerned with how our national game responds and I agree with fixtures being cancelled this weekend.
  15. I agree, one weekends fixtures cancelled is an appropriate sign of respect for a great Queen IMO. The ones who disagree can stay under the stand next week when there is a minutes silence.
  16. It shouldn’t be but it is, all about money now.
  17. We are waiting for VAR
  18. Re VAR. Nothing wrong with it in theory but the way it is implemented by the Premier league is absolute nonsense. How can they say that Bowen fouled Chelsea’s keeper, are they blind? Similarly shocking for the Newcastle one.
  19. Great stuff and well done Thomasson. Written off by some goons on here.
  20. Is he? Makes sense in that case.
  21. I’m another in the Sadlier fan club, he has a great knack of scoring and they are usually good finishes. He deserves a run in the number 10 role IMO.
  22. Ok interesting. Will he be a First team candidate ?
  23. We are being strongly linked with a loan move for another Liverpool defender Owen Beck.
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