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  1. Canelo's mum wouldn't have had him winning every round against Khan. The fact one of the judges had Khan ahead five rounds into the fight tells you all you need to know, given the scorecards Canelo has had throughout his career.
  2. Because going the distance is meaningless if you lose every round. Canelo has had tougher spars than the Callum Smith fight. He was talked up as the best Super Middleweight in the world, not some journeyman. At least Khan, and Billy Joe to some extent, won moments of their fights, even if one got sparked and the other got his face caved in. It's tallest dwarf, granted. Khan would've fought Wlad had been offered the chance and paid enough, it doesn't mean it wouldn't have been an absurd fight to make. GGG-Brook was similar - although Brook is bigger than Khan and Canelo is bigger than
  3. I was half joking, but that's nonsense. Of all the Brits Canelo has beat, only Rocky Fielding you could say did worse than Callum Smith. A massive Super Middle, Ring Magazine champion, and he didn't win a round. An embarrassing performance. None of them did any damage to Canelo really, he's beat them all comfortably. But given it was an absurd physical mismatch Khan did a lot better than fighters who won't get half as much shit. And Billy, by his own standards, quit.
  4. https://www.dazn.com/en-GB/news/boxing/billy-joe-saunders-id-rather-go-out-with-my-pulse-stopped-than-take-a-knee-like-daniel-dubois/1jooifstr5xlf1bvz5pvw4m0m4 And still our Amir, fighting two weights above his weight class, remains the Brit to have given Canelo the most trouble.
  5. You mean Sadiq Khan isn't a terrorist?
  6. Anyone who still supports Boris at this point, isn't going to be arsed about either of those things. If he came out and admitted both, it wouldn't make a difference. Same would be true if it were Corbyn of course, but that cult isn't the one we have running the country.
  7. https://www.ft.com/content/f9051f66-cfbe-4b36-848e-3980225ae542 From March 27th 2020. For those who's memories aren't what they were.
  8. Enjoyed this tidbit from Dom's missive... "It is sad to see the PM and his office fall so far below the standards of competence and integrity the country deserves." At which point in Boris's life has he ever come even remotely close to either of those things?
  9. https://www.espn.co.uk/boxing/story/_/id/14699965/how-canelo-alvarez-amir-khan-was-made
  10. Khan was mandatory for Canelo? Was he bollocks. He might be shot now, but anyone making out he was a bottle job, or never any good is talking nonsense. If Benn has half the career he'll have done very well.
  11. Could not think of a more stupid way to protest this than by trying to murder police officers.
  12. As has been mentioned, the evidence for any outdoor gathering leading to an outbreak is thin to non-existent. And anyone who's been outside recently will surely have seen police walk through crowded parks etc. without doing anything. The police might not be able to win, but I think in this case they've definitely lost by piling in on a bunch of young girls holding a vigil. On the flip side, I see #DefundThePolice is now trending, which is pathetic and desperately sad. It does justice neither to George Floyd/Breonna Taylor etc. or Sarah Everard to try and link the two under a trendy h
  13. It's been widely reported that he has yet to give evidence to the FBI investigation on Maxwell. The Royal Family seem happy to let him hide away and haven't turfed him out on his ear yet. Think that covers both points I made. As for whether he's guilty of any crime, if he'll never submit to questioning from the authorities, we'll never know. But if he doesn't, he can hardly blame folk for making a judgement off what evidence is available (an accusation from a credible victim, the photo of them together & his farce of an explanation).
  14. I think that criticism of the Royal Family is entirely justified. It's fairly shocking that they are enabling Andrew to evade a police investigation. My point was more about people on social media pearl clutching about the press. They absolutely have reported, at length, about Andrew. And as for creating a toxic environment of bullying around celebrities... well Facebook & Twitter are as bad as anything for that. And on those platforms Kate has had it as bad as anyone.
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