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  1. I think that is a little pessimistic. Considering the run from February onwards and what looks to be solid recruitment I think that we'll be much better than that.
  2. Jesus Christ, you may as well give it up, there is no joy in you
  3. I'm feeling so upbeat I've even taken someone off ignore, of consider it with the other 2 I have on ignore as well but strangely they don't seem to be posting after this result.
  4. Thanks for the heads up but I decided to be a vile druggie and try to sleep through it. Woke up at 2 nil and haven't really slept since. Looking forward to watching it later.
  5. Already have but it's evening here. 10am seems appropriate for you guys, or now even, you only live once.
  6. Thought I'd be able to watch live here in Australia but the game isn't being shown until 1pm tomorrow so it's Temazepam again and hopefully wake up to you guys celebrating forcefully. I'm a nervous wreck if I'm being honest but I think they'll do enough today to get over the line, it's the first time Morecambe will have been under this pressure this season so they may well struggle to perform to their normal levels. 1-3 Doyle (2), Sarce.
  7. From that picture I'd have to say 'Red'
  8. The only games I've managed to watch this season have been the 2 televised here. My Dad has insisted that I don't get up in the middle of the night to watch and jinx it. So in a few hours I'll be dropping enough Temazepam to knock a horse out. Hopefully when I wake the usual culprits will be moaning about another 1-0 win and the rest of the not rights on here will be celebrating and drinking heavily.
  9. There's rules here for that sort of statement.
  10. In that case yes but in general he was regarded as someone not to be messed with as well, if I recall correctly.
  11. I may be misremembering but didn't Gudni jump on Todd's back and he continued to advance and throw punches. Proper double hard bastard.
  12. Seem to remember he played just about all over the park for us and ended up at right back. Did a pretty good job partnering McGinlay after Walker got injured in the first season under Rioch.
  13. I know that some people will shout censorship but is there not a point when a member can be booted for trolling virtually every active thread. I have them on ignore and it still ruins the forum because they keep getting quotes.
  14. That's where the iccy van selling frozen Mars Bars was. Plus where else would teach me how to do thieving car stereos, needed to learn a trade.
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