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  1. Is there a way to explain the %age of gay people in society using twixes?
  2. perth_white


    I've no opinion to add to this thread. The rat faced cunt.
  3. What a strange way of celebrating winning a league, think he'd have better things to do than add 'funny' captions to pictures. Maybe none of his friends wanted to celebrate with him. Glad to not have to hear anything about Wigan for a season at least, feels like I've finally managed to get the dogshit out of the treads of my Doc Martens.
  4. Would be better if we didn't concede one first. Evatt, missed trick, etc. Does seem to show great fitness and determination.
  5. No idea if this is genuine or not but if it is just shows how small time he is. Imagine someone asking him the highlights of his career and having a couple of good games against Bolton in League 1 being worthy of a mention. Tinpot.
  6. The Nicky Spooner leg break game. McGinlay didn't throw the ball back and we equalised, inject that feeling straight into my veins. "We only need 9 men", not sure Spooner ever really got back, such a shame as he had a decent future.
  7. Good old twixonomics, I think we'll grab a playoff place with our (chocolate coated) finger tips.
  8. Broke me that one. Every bit as bad as the ball behind the line vs Everton. That Todd side really deserved to stay up, by the skin of their teeth maybe but either of those decisions changes the club's history.
  9. When's later though? Games have been and will continue to be Saturday and Tuesday. MJ may need a rest. Could the 3 new signings not play together, they will have trained together for a while now.
  10. This seems right to me. Views I held as a teenager, songs I sang, etc, are abhorrent to me now. He's issued an apology and this should be acknowledged and respected. As long as there is no repeat of the behaviour we should move on.
  11. League Cup quarter final in 97 according to a quick google, Wombles won 2 nil. Pretty sure that's the one. Wasn't that Todd's title winning side?
  12. Wimbledon were awesome that night. I was blown away by how fast, efficient and ruthless they were. Knew from minute 1 we weren't going to be able to live with them.
  13. Add me to the list of people you can drop a pm to if needed. I'm in Australia so likely awake when the rest of the reprobates on here are (or should be) sleeping.
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