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  1. anyone ever had a ticket delivered, sans ticket? I've opened the envelope yesterday and nowt in it other than the the address label. Will I be able to get a duplicate?
  2. Tbf, I've seen Jussi do a few of those goal kicks and promptly fall on his arse
  3. Looking at pics they all got one. Sadly fully clothed
  4. the one who scores it first i believe
  5. Soz tetchy. If you actually read anything else if posted on the topic, you'll realise I'm in full agreement. Just pointing out there is similar disparity in the men's game. Go catch a fish
  6. San Marino 0 England 10 Erm...
  7. Not my guy. As far as I know; he had a thumb in the eye socket, not said owt else
  8. You got about 5 seconds more than I did then Soz
  9. Tbf, some nice interplay- but yeah nothing more than you would see at a decent u18s. I'm an advocate of girls football; women isn't the same... Not yet I could have this argument all day... NIC will probably engage between pastries
  10. It's erm... Another bloke The guy who lifted at Edgeley Park. Turns out it was one of us. I believe him in good faith... Was walking to leave as they went on the pitch; one lad made eye contact and was giving it the wanker... Been building up a while, and he just snapped. If he was either 10 steps forward or 10 steps back it wouldn't have happened. He just lost it. Regrets it massively; had to tell his kid he can't take him for the foreseeable, and tried to explain why. I've known this guy years; think he used to post on here, for all his ups and downs he has never been in trouble with the law. Done community and 'charridy' stuff... Best get used to it I suppose
  11. CYL, Mears, Mavies, Davis, Holden and Muamba were in the space 10 months or so werent they?
  12. He is the Stockport lad- said it was a moment of madness; just snapped. Never been nicked, and was let go straight away. Even walked out with everyone else. Turns out he is 'suspended' from home games until the copper gets in touch. Still ok to go to away games though!
  13. so this lad was told he cant enter until the courts have dealt with him: yet he's not been charged with anything- is he just in limbo? nothing to do with aggro at the UniBol, so he's at a bit baffled as to whats going to happen
  14. how do these orders come about? via a court? were these people arrested and charged, or identified by the club and given a banning order from the ground? does it apply to away games? asking for a friend
  15. Their lack of goals is down to most of their attackers being out injured. Kept a clean sheet v Lincoln at the weekend. Would really love a win
  16. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10208443/Iran-accused-playing-MAN-goalkeeper-womens-national-team-rivals-Jordan.html?ito=push-notification&ci=2Nk-_kMq0V&cri=0zTAgxOSac&si=47373623&xi=52630c65-271c-45a4-8d7f-6dd231ceaf4f&ai=10208443
  17. hide it mon I knew it would be whoever NS came on for, but could not for the life of me remember his name
  18. how old is your daughter? bbdfl is a junior league? I'd be more concerned there is an adult playing At Manchester Laces we believe The FA stance on transgender amateur players and mixed-gender football is outdated, sexist and transphobic. Many clubs have reached out to tell us how helpless they feel about this stance and how they’ve been forced to unaffiliate in order to be inclusive of their trans players and their mixed-gender teams. We believe The FA have the power to make positive change by revoking these outdated laws and introducing rules similar to Hockey England which state that no transgender player is intending to deceive oppositions.
  19. their hair 😊 do you remember the Iranian national team field four men? having coached girls teams, and a proud parent of girl who scored with her first touch in a BW ladies shirt I believe there is a place for it: I also believe the standard is shit, and needs be tackled at an earlier age. However, no matter what, you are going to struggle to find many goalkeepers to fill a goal based on the mens game
  20. I fucking love this football club
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