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  1. I watched 3 final destination filums today for the first time. If I take anything from them (I’ve not), is that you can’t cheat the reaper forever
  2. That was priceless, who was that- Howard?
  3. Dunno which I would take more glee in… rocking up and smashing them, or just pissing my sides around Robin Park on the free weekend
  4. I knew of a Wigan fan who swallowed a fly. i dunno why he swallowed a fly Perhaps he’s a cunt
  5. My daughter was mascot that day, on a full team photo pre match. 125 anniversary of the league. tickets were £12.50
  6. https://www.macron.com/uk/sponsorship
  7. Here’s me looking forward to his statue being toppled like all other racists
  8. its on itvX was announced by a registrar, and family statement says he's been laid to rest; guessing this hasnt just happened then https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60393842
  9. I’ll have dibs on Poolfoot
  10. They all hit the back of the net, that’s what counts. From a keepers perspective they didn’t look at footwork and not one being saved out of 8 is disappointing
  11. Some shite goalkeeping on show in those pens btw
  12. Posted in the other thread. Was at Gawthorpe tonight, and it’s very heavily rumoured. Non committal about exactly what and when, but whispers heard
  13. Let them breathe it in, tails up- underestimate whoever their opponents may be. Hopefully Bazza gets a weave for Wembley
  14. Heavily rumoured at Burnley again- not sure if season long loan or permanent, but I have been led to believe he’ll be there next season.
  15. 1/10 corners hit in the box result in a goal. Winds me up when I see u8s coaches getting kids to launch it in
  16. is that like the catalina wine mixer?
  17. ok, i take this back off topic, i watched yesterdays game at Poolfoot Farm. First time ive actually been inside the gaff. The lad said the pitch itself was shit, but the facilities were amazing; Peroni from 11am in glorious sun probably helped, but it was a community hub; kids parties in the morning, passing traffic throughout, function in the evening, and what appeared to be decent menus (they ran out of dough), plus a mini club shop. picturesque inside and out... i've been to tournaments all over europe, and that is possibly the best environment i've seen and i believe it brings money back into the club- its a great model its Fleetwood Town btw, absolutely shits on Highbury
  18. Gutted about this… my lad has a tournament in Fleetwood- doesn’t finish until 4. No trains, so can’t do the two wouldn’t feel right going without him, but then am I letting the eldest down?
  19. This queue will be bigger than the official one
  20. Just woke up- is it worth even bothering? 2645 ahead of me
  21. to be fair we have probably one of the best facilities for a cat 3 in the north west- its not a school field etc. its the investment thats lacking, which in all honesty is to be expected given our recent history.
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