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    fuck me... i might chance a fiver! FWIW Kompany has watched and met all the academy kids. Seems a good sort; in that hes not called my lad a little curly haired prick- something which i do daily
  2. You and BP! I’ll show some support 😂
  3. 'ffs, looks like someones had a bite out of it' or 'its promoting homosexuality' worst thing i can think of is the chest getting replaced every time someone fell forward, or the kitman drying them in bowls of rice
  4. Hope you’re ok bud; it’s a right bastard
  5. That’s ace; how the hell do you do stuff like this?
  6. Oooh; new training kit
  7. @Zicois in the Bahamas after selling the rights to Battlenips to Sky. Satan is still on zero
  8. Works ok in futsal
  9. Mark Came said no, but he’ll have a look at some memorabilia
  10. be still my aching heart
  11. can take the boy out of M28...
  12. Popped in before and spoke to a girl I know who works there. She explained that there was a change in management and staff have been asked on products, hence the new ranges; t-shirts, blankets, dog beds etc… a nice reversible bucket hat too. she also said more retro kits to come
  13. How do I get the u21s on the iplayer? I’ve updated it!!
  14. They do great, bespoke designs. The contouring of the hero logo has made the whole brand look sharper. I was gutted when they were first announced, but as mentioned some absolute classics
  15. He’s ace, dunno what software he uses, but they are sublime
  16. He was captain of Salford boys when I got down to final trial. He was very promising and a top bloke. Highly regarded as a manager by those who’ve played under him. That break echoed around the ground like nothing before.
  17. Sheffield United last game before the play offs? Is that not for vapour knit version? Will be a stadium shirt cheaper. Also, isn’t that the split arse version? I’d check first pal. I admit to being a kit geek; always loved them, and mithered my mam to take a job at Front Runner years ago, just so I could get access to bespoke keeper kits. I got my lad PES Master during the pandemic, which was great fun. We played with what we thought this seasons kit should be, given its 100 years since White Horse. I’ll try and upload. Diddles; if your reading this, opportunities are not lost, just taken by someone else. Hope you’re not regretting turning one down fella…
  18. Yeah, he’s definitely no Angel
  19. not cheeper to get sofa?
  20. Bamber Bridge the night before my court date 😇
  21. we cant really blame them tbh
  22. They are in a fuck load of trouble. Letting Dyche go was apparently like a breath of fresh of air at the time. They also have Wayne Hennessey
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