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  1. Dapo 63 minutes SSAFA the armed forces charity
  2. I’ve worked in the Far East and Africa and there does seem to be a lot of United fans, even though they’ve never been. The other noticeable thing mentioned, especially in Africa was “London is the best city in the world” even though they hadn’t been to London.
  3. Sixth, scrape in on the last day.
  4. Indeed. I remember in ‘77 getting home from work, quick sarnie and off in my mini van to the league cup semi final at Everton. No ticket, no idea where the ground was in Liverpool but aged 18 and didn’t give a fuck, went on a whim. Managed to buy a ticket at the ground for the side opposite the main stand. I was so envious of the Bolton fans packed behind the goal to my left and wished I was in there. Anyway I had the sense to keep quiet except when we equalised late on and jumped out of my seat screaming, just me and one other scouser sat next to me. He was a Liverpool fan who’d brought his E
  5. Remember those days like they were only a few years ago. 1976 was when we missed out on promotion narrowly to West Brom, I was heartbroken. Then we missed out the following season to Forest. Finally managed promotion in 1978 to the 1st division (now prem).
  6. I've had this pinned on my fridge since the Euros started and never in my wildest dreams did I think England would get to the final. Still fuck the bet Come on England!!
  7. It could be the new owners want to run the club sustainably but on the other hand I prefer your theory!
  8. Brilliant Captainmed. It seems all the players apart from Gilks celebrate every goal, the togetherness of the players warms the cockles.
  9. Me too! The players must be encouraged by that.
  10. Govt ministers saying they will do whatever it takes to stop it. So legislation to stop the games being broadcast in the UK for example. It’ll be binned off.
  11. Just imagine in this league of 12 your team with say 6 games to go sat sat in 8th place playing the team in 9th place, neither team can win the league,meh! The last 5 games for each of those clubs are dead rubbers. There may be more money for how high you finish but the fans won’t be arsed about that.
  12. Maddison has since left the building mate.
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