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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. I remember him playing but was too young to know if he was a great player. He played for Bolton and that’ll do for me. RIP Freddie.
  2. I know,I was agreeing with you. I was wtf’ing at the Charlton fan.
  3. Popeye doyle


    I want Derby to survive. They’re an old club with a big fan base. Good luck to them.
  4. Nat’s stats are still impressive. https://www.myfootballfacts.com/england_footy/england_national_football_team/england-players-strike-rates/
  5. All time England players who have 50 caps or more, Greaves has the best goal to games ratio bar none.
  6. Popeye doyle


    Warm words on Friday night football towards Derby County from Neville. Don’t remember him being sympathetic to us when we were in the shit. Grade one twat that Neville.
  7. Mark Robins is quietly doing a great job at Coventry. 2 promotions in 3 seasons from league 2 and he now has Cov 4th in the championship. They were a basket case when we played them in L1 under Parky. I’d think he will be poached sooner or later probably before Evatt.
  8. I’ll say. He said his last pay packet at Barnet was £390 for the month. The board, manager and players are as one with the same aim and ambition. Bring it on.
  9. Mick the tache Mills, always thought he looked like a 70’s porn star.
  10. He did and I was right behind the goal.
  11. I know it’s 20+ years ago but fuck ‘em.
  12. Would love to see Dapo get his hat trick.
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