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  1. Me too! The players must be encouraged by that.
  2. Govt ministers saying they will do whatever it takes to stop it. So legislation to stop the games being broadcast in the UK for example. It’ll be binned off.
  3. Just imagine in this league of 12 your team with say 6 games to go sat sat in 8th place playing the team in 9th place, neither team can win the league,meh! The last 5 games for each of those clubs are dead rubbers. There may be more money for how high you finish but the fans won’t be arsed about that.
  4. Maddison has since left the building mate.
  5. The chance where Lee decided to try and chest the ball into the net instead of heading it was ridiculous. I’m wondering, with all the publicity of dementia from heading a football, if this is why he didn’t nod it in. Just a thought.
  6. I’m not sure with salary caps and the transfer embargo we were under this is correct. However Man U probably have the biggest budget and they haven’t won the league for years.
  7. I’ve mentioned I’ve met Frank on here previously. My missus and I were weaving through the furniture dept in Selfridges in the Trafford centre and a couple were doing the same coming in the opposite direction. It was Frank and his wife, but I didn’t notice until we were up close. Frank stopped to let my wife through Gobsmacked I blurted out, “it’s Frank Worthington, isn’t it”, “it is” said Frank. At this point I was tongue tied and a blubbering wreck at meeting my hero unexpectedly so I just said “Frank can I shake your hand” “course you can” he said. So we shook hands and he strol
  8. Top player, a maverick who entertained back in the day and without doubt one of the best 3 players I have seen play for the whites. Thanks for the memories Frank, gone but never forgotten.
  9. 4 months in the job! What can any Manager do in 4 months, ffs!
  10. He’s still celebrating Wigan’s win last night.
  11. Everything’s been said, that needs to be said about last night. I’m just so happy after all the shit with the previous owner. The future looks bright under FV.
  12. That about sums it up. Anyone else notice none of their players rushed to pick the ball from our next and rushing to kick off again. They were happy to get a point before the game, during the game and after the game.
  13. No fucking way are you a Bolton fan!
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