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  1. Yes, I did think when he left Lincoln he'd be a shoe in for Salford. So he'll be out of work again next summer.
  2. The other big donkey up front was Steve Mounie, they paid £11mil for him and he hardly scored. Also Van La Parra who we once nearly signed from Wolves. And Tom Ince. They had 5 Germans (and a German manager), never heard of any of them before or since. BTW, they sold Kyle Dempsey to Fleetwood for £725k around the same time they bought Kachunga for £1mil
  3. Signed a 2 year deal last May so that's a nice little pay off while he looks for another job. Not sure who they expect to attract to that tin pot club that fires managers, but no doubt they'll have someone lined up.
  4. * "sold/gave away" - they're free to accompanied U11s. £80 for U18s too. Reduced prices upto 4th June so it'd be fair to make any comparisons then.
  5. Some great spots above, loads I'd forgotten about. I shouldn't have said "championship", just anything above league 1, or Scots Prem at a push. Woollery playing in that league is a bit of a mystery, yes I get the "pub league" stuff but still, he wasn't that great at Tranmere, he's playing above that level now. Christian Doidge, league 1 level at best, scored plenty at first for Hibs but only 2 this season in 17 league games.
  6. Enough ex Bolton have sunk virtually without trace. Some haven't been great for us, then prospered elsewhere. Blackpool have 2 strikers that I'm amazed are at that level - Madine obviously, and Keshi Anderson who was dire for us. There's 2 in the championship play offs tonight that prompted this thread, Reece Burke and Danny Ward.
  7. An evening game v Charlton a few years ago was a particular highlight.
  8. Next season EFL finishes 6th May and Prem carries on till 28th May! At least the play offs are on the same weekend which means all 3 divisions regular seasons will finish on the same weekend. Premiership last day is same day as league one play off final so it won't get much national attention.
  9. Swedish left back Mohanad Jeahze is expected to sign very soon, for Celtic.
  10. Got a year left on his contract so if Morecambe want to cash in they need to sell this summer, or possibly Jan but obviously worth more now. I can't see us offering enough of a transfer fee to tempt them to sell, and as good as he is he'd be a squad player not an automatic pick here.
  11. Agree with that, its gone now, we have lost the opportunity. And for what its worth, it could never be called Lofthouse or whatever, no other stadium name that I'm aware of is associated with one bloke. Its just where it is. Daisy Hill play at New Sirs, Athy LR was always Alder House until the sponsor names, I cant think of a stadium named after a person. Our stadium doesn't own a particular place name, and that will never change now, but I'd be in favour of coming up with an acceptable "permanent" name at the expense of a £million or 2 every year (assuming that doesn't jeopardise our existence of course).
  12. I'm envious their fans are going to the same place they've been to since they were kids, never a stadium move or name change. We've moved once (and I do love our stadium) and changed names a few times. Would it be so terrible to have a name and identity that we could keep as a legacy? Not everyone has a sponsored stadium....Fratton Park, Hillsborough, Kenilworth Road, Bramhall Lane, Loftus Road, Oakwell, Priestfield, St Andrews etc etc, are they more skint than us? Or do they value their stadium name more?
  13. Agree with nearly every word of that, well said Desperado, couldn't have put it better myself. However, growing up, going to Burnden made you stick your chest out whether you were speaking to fellow whites or fans of other clubs. Then going to the Reebok, you proudly told others where you were going (a bit less than Burnden). What's the world coming to when you can't announce your stadium name without a bit of embarrassment? Why do we need a name but PNE play at Deepdale, Blackpool have Bloomfield Road, Burnley have Turf Moor and Blackburn have Ewood Park? It all feels a bit cheap on our part, personally if we had the choice of our own name or keeping Dapo or Santos, I'd go for the name every time, but I don't expect others to agree.
  14. Yes, all crowds in lower divisions inflated these days, can't be compared to previous seasons/eras.
  15. Ipswich the only fans to prefer night matches to Saturday games. I always thought they were a bit strange. As an aside, weekend games are always going to have inflated figures because of those Community games that are £10/£5, they are always at the weekend. If our extra 12k or whatever were taken off the Saturday games and put on midweek, the averages would have both been around the 14k mark (who cares? just saying).
  16. Wigan gave every S/T holder 2 free tickets v Sunderland and get counted whether they turned up or not.
  17. All 3 goals hit like exocets with his "weaker" left foot. Makes a mockery of those players that hardly get a touch then score a goal and claim to have made a full contribution because they headed in a corner. A privilege to watch him.
  18. Hopefully they'd let us put one game back 24 hours.
  19. Agree with that. And I think it adds insult to injury for footie fans that there's a huge play off game that will still be in progress when the cup final kicks off (Sheff U v Forest). And Mansfield are playing just after it finishes. If we're in play offs next season and we're playing on the same afternoon as the cup final - its just not right. What happened to the whole country coming to a standstill for the cup final? OK we know things have moved on but let's at least keep up the illusion.
  20. You can thank the likes of me and Micky D buying kids tickets that will be used sporadically 😄
  21. Presumably IE signed him for Barrow, so he must know if he's capable of the step up (we'll forget about Tom White). Had a few years at Blackburn without getting in first team.
  22. Yes Baptiste and Gilks two great examples, older players who are used to higher division football and have the right attitude/leadership qualities.
  23. Peacock Farrell is on a long contract at Burnley, he's at Sheff Wed on loan, so they don't have to carry on paying him and not sure if the £28k is partly covered by Burnley? Anyway it sounds like he won't be back next season if they're skint.
  24. Its obviously all above board, but it does make me wonder how we'd feel if the boot was on the other foot. Iredale was reportedly lined up by us weeks ago (if we believe rumours) and last year I'm sure Sheehan said he knew he was coming to Bolton weeks before the season ended. We might have played Newport in the play offs, and who knows how motivated he was against Morecambe at Wembley. I don't care, just wondering how we'd feel next April if we heard Santos was chatting with Sheff Wed and we were both in the top 6.
  25. Agree with all that, difficult to see a downside to this signing. Even if it doesn't work out for any reason he's got enough of a reputation in the game for us to be able to move him on on in a year or 2, unlike some we've had under contract in recent years that have just got in the way of improving the squad. As much as its great to sign players of the "right age", I've always been an advocate of also signing proven quality older players, going back to Bergsson and Speed etc, to the more recent Karl Henry, Bridcutt, Gary O'Neill. It doesn't matter that they wouldn't be with us in 2 or 3 years, their role would be to help get the younger players where they deserve to be and probably have the impact of playing like captains even if they don't wear the armband.
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