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  1. First time in a test where all four openers have scored a first innings century.
  2. I thought it was much earlier, having kicked off an hour before all the other matches. It was a 9 goal match too.
  3. No. Wales's population is lower, for one, and Qatar for another.
  4. Apparently Gordon had a freak serious leg injury on his first training run at Walsall. he didn't play until 23 Sept but scored last night against Harrogate
  5. The majority of England international players in 1890-95 were from the northern clubs who broke away.
  6. 7 away wins and 3 draws out of 11 L1 matches today. Wycombe not usually the first home win alphabetically. Portsmouth are at Charlton on Monday night, so could be another away!
  7. Anyone considered an autumn break in the Cotswolds?
  8. Comprehensive victory against the champions. Tom Hartley 3/28 & 5/52.
  9. Ray Parry is still the youngest outfield player to start a top-flight league match.
  10. His father never missed a game, but on this occasion problems with his ticket meant he didn't get in until half-time!
  11. I'm from Warrington, and as kids we played soccer or rugby (by which I mean league). The clubs you name have an interesting history and all need to be distinguished from RFC.
  12. This is the series before last.
  13. As she is the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport it is definitely the former.
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