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  1. Fair to say Lancs had the better of it (and the bowlers didn't put a foot wrong).
  2. MalcolmW


    Askham Grange garden centre and coffee shop.
  3. but he was only fifth in the GB Olympic Marathon selection trial in 1948.
  4. He started in this country as a bus driver in Rochdale but then saved up and bought a corner shop in Bristol.
  5. Ours are always home when Wigan are away and vice versa.
  6. I don't know if Gonzo has asked his usual question about who our fixtures are paired with as I have been busy moving house (now 5 miles from St Georges Park), but the answer, unsurprisingly, is Wigan.
  7. Later marriage. Donna went off with a Corrie actor and then became a body builder.
  8. I don't know if it has been mentioned, but Tom Hartley is the son of 1970s 400m hurdler (and Commonwealth relay silver medallist) Bill Hartley.
  9. The first second tier derby match was between Burton Swifts and Burton Wanderers - one week before the first Manc derby.
  10. London's highest placed team in 1935-36.
  11. No. Bentaleb started and Winks came on as a sub.
  12. He was an unused sub in the cup replay Spurs v Bolton in 2010. When he went out on loan to Leyton Orient his first goal was at Rochdale on the day Sir Nat died.
  13. There is an eleven hour piece on the BBC iPlayer/website running until the match called "The FA Cup Channel".
  14. The 1873 FA Cup Final was an 11a.m. kick-off.
  15. 3/1 for promotion, third favourites behind Wednesday and Rotherham. Allegedly.
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