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  1. There is an eleven hour piece on the BBC iPlayer/website running until the match called "The FA Cup Channel".
  2. The 1873 FA Cup Final was an 11a.m. kick-off.
  3. 3/1 for promotion, third favourites behind Wednesday and Rotherham. Allegedly.
  4. You may be thinking of 1908-09 when Liverpool escaped relegation on the final day of the season by winning away at champions Newcastle United. This lifted Liverpool from 19th (of 20) to 16th and relegated Manchester City, who had not been in a relegation spot until then. Manchester United had won the Fa Cup on the last Saturday of the season (24th April) at which point they were 8th in the league. They then lost the rearranged fixture from that date at home to Arsenal on the 27th and lost the rearranged match from cup semi-final day at Bradford City on the 29th, which lifted BC from 19th
  5. It really isn't complicated. Blair's lot brought it in to prevent any overall majority (that went well!). There are 69 first-past-the-post constituency seats. Then each of the 8 regions have 7 regional seats. This is the tricky bit. Each seat in the regional voting goes to the party list which most closely moves the region towards proportional representation.* If there were an massive number of regional seats this would eventually give proportional seats overall. [If you don't understand this point stop reading now. (Traf stopped several sentences ago, and he {probably} does understand.)]
  6. More like 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, with a match on the other day, for 10 years.
  7. Top team in NI between the wars and last won Irish League title in 1947-48. Withdrew from the league in 1949 (players having been attacked by Linfield fans on the pitch in their Boxing Day encounter). Went on a 10 game tour of North America in spring 1949, then sold all the players and wound up the club.
  8. Anyone remember Belfast Celtic. That didn't end well.
  9. At lunch 25 needed with 5 wickets left. Jennings still there on 83.
  10. 3 of the top 4 lost. 3 of the bottom 4 won, but Southend still relegated. Form goes out of the window and desperation takes over.
  11. at least that's the rumour.
  12. MalcolmW

    David Cox

    But it wasn't SM, it was a direct comment from an opposition player that led to his walkout.
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