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  1. Not without reason Fergie got rid of him, and then he was bought back.
  2. Wrexham v Marine replay tonight is at Nantwich.
  3. On 4th March 1977 Stretford AC were preparing for their first track season in the top tier of the British Athletics League. At an indoor meeting at RAF Cosford I was sitting at the tea bar with the head coach of Loughborough Students. Would I be interested in an Icelandic sprinter, the national record holder at 100m, 200m and 400m, oh and he's also their decathlon champion? [Is the Pope a Catholic?] When he was available he ran for us in 100m, 200m and 4x400m relay and also did the shot put and discus throw to help us to a narrow victory at home. He missed the next match because of international commitments and then suffered a serious leg injury in Bulgaria. He certainly never competed for us again - in fact I don't think he ever did compete again, although what I think may have been a younger brother became Icelandic javelin recordholder. I didn't know about the naming system there, but I now believe he may have been the son of Iceland's first Olympic medallist (1956 TJ silver).
  4. I saw him play for Stockton Heath (now Warrington Town) in the Mid-Cheshire League as a teenager. By far the best player on the pitch (box-to-box striker!). Glad than he eventually joined BWFC after his exploits at Liverpool, including gaining promotion to the top flight after several years of missing out before he arrived.
  5. Rotherham's rearranged league match at Lincoln is on Tuesday.
  6. Accy would go top in that scenario.
  7. Fair to say Lancs had the better of it (and the bowlers didn't put a foot wrong).
  8. Ours are always home when Wigan are away and vice versa.
  9. I don't know if Gonzo has asked his usual question about who our fixtures are paired with as I have been busy moving house (now 5 miles from St Georges Park), but the answer, unsurprisingly, is Wigan.
  10. Later marriage. Donna went off with a Corrie actor and then became a body builder.
  11. I don't know if it has been mentioned, but Tom Hartley is the son of 1970s 400m hurdler (and Commonwealth relay silver medallist) Bill Hartley.
  12. The first second tier derby match was between Burton Swifts and Burton Wanderers - one week before the first Manc derby.
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